12 Days of Christmas ~ Survival Style

You may have heard that our 12 Days of Christmas Event is over… 

But I couldn’t help but share this little song Danielle whipped up here at Headquarters.

Because who doesn't like a little Christmas jingle… with some 4Patriots’ flare? 

Click the image to watch the 12 Days of Christmas jingle >>

We truly believe that having a sense of security and safety is one of the best gifts you can receive.

And while it may be too late to ship by Christmas, it's not too late to give the peace of mind that comes from being prepared!

Give them the gift of freedom and self-reliance... with an e-Gift Card from 4Patriots!

From top-rated Survival Gear to delicious, good-for-25-years Survival Food — they can get their essential survival gear, all under one roof:

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Jane Nicholas - December 14, 2020

Wishing you all a blessed and holy Christmas and a happy, holy and healthy New Year !
Will keep you all in my prayers. Please stay healthy and safe under the protective mantle of Our Blessed Mother Mary and may you all be covered in the most precious blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lynn Saunders - December 14, 2020

Loved the 12 Days of Christmas remake! It was really cute. But the only reason I made my 1st order with you was because of the $1200 check we got because of the Covid 19 – with my regular monthly check – I am on a very tight budget & really can’t afford the sale prices. I will order if & when I can- but it won’t be often- unless my income goes way up.

Sharon - December 14, 2020

Great song, very clever and great advertisement for your products.

Michael Almon - December 14, 2020

Oh we just love Danielle! Oh my is that your voice Danielle or are you mouthing the words:-) If it’s you… you may have a singing career ahead of you. We have purchased a lot of food and other products from 4PATRIOTS and are very happy that we have them. I wanted to buy the power generator BUT there was no shipping to Canada?!? Is it because it is an electrical device? We can’t buy them here in Canada and I haven’t been able to find anything like it or the smaller solar powered model you now offer.
Anyhow… you are beautiful Danielle and may God bless you dear lady!

Wind Walker - December 14, 2020

Please sign me up for the 12 days drawing

ROSEMARY A Gallagher - December 14, 2020

Love your Christmas song made my day.

ROSEMARY A Gallagher - December 14, 2020

Love your Christmas song made my day.

Lynda Singleton - December 14, 2020

Love the song

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