April 19, 2018

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Food4Patriots is a long-term survival food solution created BY patriots, FOR patriots! Food4Patriots consists of pre-packaged kits of high-quality survival food rated to last for 25 years, packed in secure, lightweight, waterproof storage totes. Available in 72-Hour, 4-Week and 3-Month kits, Food4Patriots will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your family is prepared for anything. Click the button below to place your order.


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Food 4 Patriots
Food4Patriots is a long-term...
Patriot Power Generator
Don't be fooled by its small size...
Survival Seeds 4 Patriots
SurvivalSeeds4Patriots is a simple...
Water 4 Patriots
Water4Patriots is a water survival...
Aquaponics 4 Patriots
Aquaponics4Patriots Do-It-Yourself...
Power 4 Patriots
Power4Patriots is a series of...
Patriot Power Hub
This travel charger can not only...
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Sugar is everywhere in our diet. Even the simplest items, like ketchup or low-fat yogurt contain high amounts of sugar. This leads to a slew of health problems like weight gain, metabolic issues, and more bad news for your heart. Fortunately, there is a great sugar substitute that tastes just as good and can be […]

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Make Your Own Survival Pill Bottle Kit

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You can never be too prepared. Having a variety of survival kits is one way to do this. Keeping one in your home, vehicle, at work and other locations provide a peace of mind you’re prepared to encounter any emergency or crisis. Most people try to be as prepared as possible by storing generators, supplies of […]

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How Urban Survival Myths Can Kill You

  • Tuesday April 17, 2018

I’ve reached out again to our friend; Orrin, and asked him his thoughts on survival myths. After all, having the wrong information can be worse (in same cases deadly) than not knowing what to do at all. He’s going to clear up some common myths, and set us straight on what to know in these […]

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Food4Patriots hidden camera taste test

See folks from The Blaze get served Food4Patriots survival food for lunch, and their amazing reactions!

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