HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight

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If MacGyver had a Tactical Flashlight, it’d be This One. The HaloXT Multi-Use Solar Powered Flashlight has 9 functions with a single mission: keeping you safe. It's rechargeable — you can drain it down and charge it up thousands of times. But you don’t need electricity or batteries to power it up because it's solar.

  • Battery recharges by 50 mAh silicon solar panels
  • Includes alternate USB recharge option
  • Made from quality, aluminum alloy
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 9 functions with a single mission — keeping you safe
  • Ships from Utah, USA
  • FREE Shipping for orders of $97+ (USA 48)

* Battery performance varies based on charging and usage conditions. For more information, see footnote 2.

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Laura K.
United States United States

The HaloXT Tactical Flashlight, WOW!

I always like to be prepared for anything that may come up in an emergency. I am an EMT and a scuba diver. I like knowing I have a backup plan with me. Now while this flashlight is not for diving . It’s a great all around tool. Power outages, onboard the dive boat, out and about town, at home. In any emergency this Flashlight is amazing. I keep it with me most of the time. At night under my pillow, in the car, it charges in the sun. Camping, the possibilities are endless. The lights all work to see, to flash ,warning lights flash white or red! It breaks glass, cuts seatbelts. I personally don’t go anywhere with out a compass. This flashlight has a compass, and because it’s solar powered you have an endless sustainable power source. It holds its charge really well. And of course Your cell phone needs charging just when you need it most! This flash light can charge the cellphone! If necessary, the flashlight has connections for not just for charging your phone but can connect to the car to charge itself. I bought 6 this past Christmas for my kids and grandkids and friends, to keep in the truck, car, in their backpack. In a purse. My point is, in the world today, with rolling power outages, storms, any emergency, you need a flashlight you can depend on and is multi functional. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have a tool like this in your survival repertoire.



Laura, thank you for your review. We're so pleased to hear that the HaloXT Flashlight has met your expectations. Thank you for supporting 4Patriots! Best Regards ~ Brigitte

Phyllis A.
United States United States


We live in an area that doesn't have power outages very often. However, they DO happen. I gifted my husband 2 of these flashlights for Christmas. He immediately charged them up and put them away, someplace handy. About 5 days later we had one of our rare outages. It happened just as he was going to bed. I was getting ready to charge my phone and stay up awhile. Then BLINK! Out went the power. He handed me the flashlights. My phone was practically dead yet I knew our sons would be calling to see if our power was out too. I used the charger on one of the flashlights to charge my phone while I walked around with it and my phone in my pocket. The other, stood on end, provided bright light that reflected off the ceiling and lit our huge kitchen. This worked WAY BETTER than candles. Such a timely purchase. We can't know when or where something will happen. Best to be prepared with quality equipment.



Thank you for your business Phyllis, and the wonderful review! We're happy to provide you and your family peace of mind with our products. Best Regards, Kristy B.

keitth k.
United States United States

buy it. gift it.



Keitth, thank you for your review. We're so pleased to hear that the HaloXT Flashlight met your expectations. Best Regards ~ Brigitte

Tracy T.
United States United States

Best flashlight!

This is your go-to flashlight. I got this for every family member for their car and they loved it! Last year, we had a horrific storm and a friend lost a friend during the storm because she was unable to get out of her car. This flashlight has the hammer to break the glass for you to escape. This will be a lifesaver.



Tracy, thank you for your review. We're so pleased to hear that the HaloXT Flashlight has met your expectations. Thank you for supporting 4Patriots! Best Regards ~ Brigitte

Erik V.
United States United States

Great HaloXT lights

These have all you could need in a flashlight; light of course, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, SOS mode. It can charge a phone



Thank you for your review Erik! It is wonderful that you are satisfied with the HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight. Best Regards ~Ashley

Jeanette F.
United States United States


I bought it for a Christmas present for my Grandson, so I really cannot give a review.



Hi Jeanette, Thank you for your review and feedback on our HaloXT Flashlight. Thank you for choosing 4Patriots. Best Regards, Kristy B.

Marylou M.
United States United States

Well received by everyone.

I bought one each for all the driving members of my family. When they opened it up at Christmas and saw what it actually was they were really impressed. I just hope they never have to use it but if they do, it’s right there for them. Even the 16-year-old was impressed.



Hi Marylou,Thank you so much for your positive review of our HaloXT Flashlights. I'm happy to hear that we were able to meet your expectations. Best Regards, Kristy B.

phoenix l.
United States United States

Please have one of these in your vehicle!

The solar powered all purpose tool it is ideal for those times when you need to cut a seat belt or break a window or shed some light on something or actually find your way and where is your compass back home? It can be charged but it is also solar powered. Did I say it could be charged? It could also provide energy for your cell phone if you have a connector. Plan ahead and get one of these for sure



Phoenix, thank you for your review. We're so glad to hear that you're happy with your purchase of the HaloXT Flashlight. Thank you for supporting 4Patriots! Best Regards ~ Brigitte