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Urinary issues can be embarrassing, disruptive to your daily life, and can cost you precious sleep at night. U-Control is a unique natural way to gain control over bladder concerns like frequent trips to the bathroom (both day and night), leakage, incontinence, and urgency.

Unlike other bladder support formulas, U-Control has been tested and shown to be effective in both men and women. The proprietary, patented herbal blend in U-Control is designed to tighten and tone bladder muscles, and boost bladder capacity.

Originally only available in Australia, this breakthrough formula is now here in the U.S., at the exact clinical research dosage.

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U-Control Bladder Support

Overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence (UI) are two of the most pressing health concerns of adults over 50. In fact, it’s estimated that 30-50 million Americans suffer from UI or OAB — and the numbers aren’t getting better.

Older adults are most likely to suffer. According to The Simon Foundation and The National Association of Continence, almost half of older women and men suffer incontinence.

That may surprise you, as many think of incontinence as just a “women’s” issue. After all, half of post-menopausal women experience bladder issues.

But men suffer too, often in silence. Silence is often associated with urinary concerns. Only 33% of sufferers have been diagnosed, because they are reluctant to seek help.

But with U-Control, there is now hope for significant improvement in urinary issues, and it can happen quickly too.

After just two weeks using the same formula as U-Control, study participants saw significant improvements in overactivity and incontinence. And at 8 weeks, the results were even better.

But the benefits aren’t just reserved just for bladder control. Study participants also reported significant improvements in mood, coping and sleep as well.


Imagine not needed to go as much, or not being interrupted by trips to the bathroom at the movies, a ballgame or a family outing. By using the patented formula in U-Control, study participants saw a 33% reduction in daytime frequency.


Urinary issues don’t just impact your quality of life and independence, they can have a significant effect on your energy, mood and health, especially when they don’t allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. With the ingredients in U-Control, you can cut down or even eliminate nighttime trips to the bathroom – study participants saw their frequency cut in half!


Urgency is a bladder concern that impacts both men and women. Too often, men blame their prostate for urgency issues, when it’s actually a result of reduced storage capacity or an overactive bladder. U-Control helps support urine storage, and tone and strengthen muscles, to reduce urgency issues.


When you don’t know if you can fully control your bladder, many resort to using pads or even diapers. At the beginning of the research study, 4 in 10 participants were using pads. But after 8 weeks, only 6% still felt the need to use them.


Many people with urinary concerns, particularly women, experience leaking when sneezing, exercising or even enjoying a laugh. But the ingredients in U-Control showed a 56% decrease in incidents of stress incontinence, and greater enjoyment of life.

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Patriot Vital4 array - 60 capsules
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U-Control Bladder Support Information:

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Patriot Vital4 array - 60 capsules
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Fewer Nighttime Trips to the Toilet!

"I'm a very satisfied 70-year old elder who truly believes that this all-natural product works. It effectively cuts down several trips to bathroom throughout the night!"

Lorenzo L.

Marysville, Wash.

July 2021

Enjoying More Restful Nights

"I take 2 capsules before going to bed and it has cut my trips to the bathroom to 1 or 2 a night which is great for me."

Roger R.

Waverly, N.Y.

July 2021

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