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Help Reduce Eye Strain & Headaches With Hands-Free Massaging. The Eye Spa targets your acupoints with vibration, compression and relaxing heat to help you reduce strain & leave you feeling rejuvenated & refreshed. Which is something we could all use more of these days… especially with the countless hours we spend staring at screens.

Simply slip the Eye Spa over your head and adjust the strap so it fits comfortably. Then push the button on the side and the bluetooth-ready Eye Spa will begin to massage you! All you do is lie back and relax. The Eye Spa does all the work.

Its 3 different massage modes are automatically timed... letting you pick the custom massage you need. Choose from 3 massage modes — “dynamic,” “relaxation” or “sleep” — to target the acupoints around your temples and eyes… melting your stress away in as little as 10 minutes. Without even leaving the couch.


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Eye Spa

We all know how eye strain and headaches can ruin our day… and crash our productivity. But avoiding them is almost impossible these days. 

Because let’s face it: everyone is glued to a screen. Most of us stare at a computer all day at work. Then when we get home… what do we do? Relax by watching some TV or browsing the internet. Which adds to our strain.

So how do you avoid this vicious circle? Simple, just take yourself to the spa. And now you can go there without ever leaving your house.

Say hello to Eye Spa! It’s your very own personal masseuse. Just put it on… and your tension will melt away.

The Eye Spa works by targeting acupoints around your face… like your temples and eyes. When massaged, these “pressure points” help to relieve the eye aches and headaches caused by stress and screen time. Like hitting the refresh button... you’ll be back to life or work in as little as 10 minutes.

Best of all... 

The Eye Spa couldn’t be easier to use. Just put it on like you would a pair of ski goggles. (But the Eye Spa is way more comfortable.)

Push one button… and the massaging begins. It’s that easy.

And depending on the stress you’re feeling you can cycle between 3 different modes. Each mode uses vibration, heat and compression differently to deliver the relief you need.

Not only will your eyes love it, your ears will too. It's bluetooth-enabled so you can play music through the Eye Spa’s built-in speakers! Play your favorite tunes or find a relaxing playlist of nature sounds to calm your mind.

So say goodbye to fancy & expensive massage therapy. Relax and soothe your stress away in the comfort of your own home... with the Eye Spa!

Woman relaxing on couch with Eye Spa on her head.


Forget spending money on expensive massage therapists. The Eye Spa brings the full spa experience right into the comfort of your own home. Easy to use, the Eye Spa lets you pick between 3 different massage modes. With each one using a combination of heat, vibration and compression to give you the relief and intensity you desire.


To help reduce eye strain and headaches, the Eye Spa massages specific areas on your face… like your eyes and temples. Massaging these areas helps you feel relaxed and refreshed… and can even help you sleep. Making the Eye Spa perfect for relaxing from a long day at work or even the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Take the Eye Spa on your next vacation or business trip. You can even wear it on the plane and get a spa treatment mid-flight. The Eye Spa is small and foldable… so you can pack it in your carry-on, purse or backpack without losing valuable room. Or take it to work for a quick massage during your lunch break.


Eye Spa is bluetooth-enabled, so you can easily play music or peaceful sounds from your smartphone or computer while your stress melts away!


Every Eye Spa comes with a micro-USB cord that you can use to recharge your Eye Spa using your computer or phone charger. It’s that simple! And when it needs charging… the low-battery light will let you know by flashing on and off. So you never have to worry about a dead battery ruining your massage.

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