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Strength. Flexibility. Comfort. Freedom. All things we tend to lose as we age, and bothersome joints and weakened muscles are often dismissed as just a part of getting older. Something we have to accept. But it doesn’t have to be this way, not with the advanced support of Joint & Muscle Freedom.

A precise combination of supporting nutrients for knees, hips and other hardworking joints, as well as the building blocks for keeping your muscles strong, Joint & Muscle Freedom can promise real relief in not weeks, but in just a few days of regular use.

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Joint & Muscle Freedom 

For too long, the messages we’ve been getting about the health and comfort of your joints have been misleading, or just plain wrong. So we’re left to “gut it out,” or rely on incomplete solutions that take too long to work, if they work at all.

But once you understand that joint discomfort is not a “wear & tear” problem, but the result of inflammatory “dominos” in your body, falling one by one, you have the knowledge to stop it. And with Joint & Muscle Freedom, you also have the precise nutrients that can give you back the comfortable flexibility, movement and freedom you deserve. 

The formula begins with Apres Flex®, a specially concentrated form of boswellia serrata shown in four clinical studies to successfully target joint discomfort, and deliver real relief in a matter of days.

Next, silymarin, from the milk thistle plant, goes to work to support healthy inflammation and address what is known as the “Complement Cascade.”

This complex system of inflammatory markers negatively impact your joints, building on each other like a row of dominos that continue to fall. But silymarin stops this cycle at the beginning.

Putting you in control of your joint health, and working fast to keep your joints flexible, and moving free.

Finally, we include the specific carotenoids lutein and zeaxantin [zeaxanthin] to support and maintain muscle strength, which helps you stay active and preserves the integrity of the surrounding joints.

If you’re struggling with joint issues, or you want to help support strong joints and muscles as you get older, Joint & Muscle Freedom is a solution that not only works, but works reliably fast too!


Both Apres Flex® and silymarin have been shown in clinical studies to not only reduce joint discomfort, but deliver relief you’ll feel in under a week. And this relief grows the longer you stick with Joint & Muscle Freedom, with near complete relief in 4 weeks’ time.


Silymarin targets key inflammatory “cascade” molecules early in the process, with dramatic reductions from 45-81%. This keeps your body in balance, supports healthy inflammation response and prevents future issues. And Apres Flex® is a broad spectrum solution that impacts multiple ways to keep swelling down and significantly raise your comfort.


By protecting against damaging oxidation, silymarin helps support your joints naturally, boosting your body’s natural defenses, like glutathione and SOD. Lutein and zeaxanthin provide additional antioxidant support too.


To keep hard working joints like knees, hips and more strong and flexible, Apres Flex® reduces cartilage damaging enzymes, and helps restore cartilage cells… something ordinary boswellia has not been shown to do. You get the full clinical dosage in Joint & Muscle Freedom.


Carotenoid antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin protect muscles from weakness and damage, keeping them strong. High levels of these carotenoids is a precise predictor of future mobility, health and freedom as you age.


Lutein and zeaxanthin are two of the more researched nutrients for eye health, and you get them both in Joint & Muscle Freedom. It’s like getting a vision formula, for FREE!

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