Warning: Take Nothing for Granted Anymore

We take a lot for granted, don’t we?

Like enough food in our grocery stores, even if there’s not as much as before. Relatively clean water coming out of our faucets, even if it’s not as clean as it used to be. Deliveries making their way to our homes, even if the process is now slower.

But recent and current world events are changing this landscape. Our store shelves are emptier. Water is more contaminated. The supply chain is breaking down. Why? There are a variety of reasons.

More frequent and more intense storms year ‘round. Drinking water systems failing more often. Foreign wars and Red Sea terrorists disrupting the supply chain. Food shortages and soaring prices. Solar flares and cyberattacks threatening our grids. Persistent inflation.      

It’s reaching the point where Americans might not take as much for granted anymore. Survival mode may not be too far down the road. Preparedness is more important now than ever before. 

More Severe Weather Is on the Horizon

Today I want to take a closer look at some of the problems listed above. And how they are affecting us. Especially when it comes to our food supply.

It all starts with extreme weather. The El Niño weather pattern has sent many of us on a roller coaster ride. It’s been mostly warmer and wetter. But the January polar vortex turned much of the country into a frozen tundra. 

Some folks were stuck in their homes for days and weeks. With no power and little food and water. Historic snowfall in the Northeast. Unprecedented rainfall and flooding in California. Both made it impossible for some to get to stores to replenish supplies.

Recently, drought and high temps paved the way for massive wildfires in the Texas Panhandle. And weather experts are now calling for a hyperactive hurricane season due to warm Atlantic Ocean waters. And the expected onset of the La Niña weather pattern.

Some scientists are even considering adding a Category 6 hurricane designation. And we thought nothing could be worse than the 157-mile-per-hour-plus winds of a Category 5 hurricane.

Wars “Over There” Affect Us Here 

We’re all thankful that no wars are being fought on American soil. But we’ve learned that wars waged half a world away affect us.

The Russia-Ukraine War is intensifying. In addition to the horrors inflicted on the people of Ukraine by Russia’s dictator, the war is causing supply chain problems. Plus food shortages and higher food prices.

Normally, Ukraine is the world’s top producer of sunflower. And among the top seven global exporters of sunflower oil and meal. As well as barley, corn, and wheat. But Putin’s bombs are destroying crops. And making exporting goods very difficult. 

In the Middle East, Israel’s war with Hamas is increasing tensions around the world. Houthi terrorists claim it’s one of the reasons they’re shooting missiles at cargo-carrying ships in the Red Sea. And that means increases in gas and food prices.  

Water Quality Becomes More Compromised 

We hear about high-profile water contamination issues in cities such as Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey. 

But there are many other areas negatively affected by water quality. Approximately 150,000 people in Jackson, Mississippi went weeks without clean water. Due to flooding that damaged water treatment plant operations.

In Buffalo, New York, about 6% of children have elevated lead levels in their blood. That’s due to aging lead water pipes. That represents triple the exposure rate from Flint. An estimated 40,000 water service lines in Buffalo contain lead.

PFAS – also known as “forever chemicals” – are being discovered in tap water across the country. Including in Houston. One resident there described the situation as a “toxic soup” of chemicals.

Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise 

Cyber attacks on our electric grids occur daily. A vast majority of them are thwarted. But some wreak havoc, resulting in outages and costly repairs.

Tens of thousands of people reported cellphone and home phone outages recently when AT&T experienced a major problem.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio responded to the situation by warning of a far greater threat. “I don’t know the cause of the AT&T outage,” he said at the time.

“But I do know it will be 100 times worse when China launches a cyber attack on America on the eve of a Taiwan invasion. And it won’t be just cell service they hit. It will be your power, your water, and your bank.”

Previously, FBI Director Christopher Wray said China’s cyberattacks against the U.S. and its allies were reaching a “fever pitch.” 

Political Upheaval Is Ratcheting Up 

So, we’re aware of what’s been happening and what is still going on. How about the future? It doesn’t take an expert in politics to know this year will be tumultuous. Due to the upcoming presidential election. 

There are very strong opinions and disagreements regarding who should be allowed to run for president and who is competent to serve. Those feelings will only become more loudly expressed over the next seven months.

There are sure to be protests surrounding the national conventions for both the Republican and Democratic parties. 

The one thing certain to come from the campaigns, the election, and the aftermath is controversy. And vehement challenges. Fasten your seatbelts.

The world is in upheaval. And it will only get worse. If I sound like a broken record, I apologize. But the smartest thing you can do is prepare for trouble. Because it’s coming.

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