Survival Starter Bundle

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We Bundled our Best-Selling Products to Create the Ultimate Survival Trio! Because when SHTF you shouldn’t have to choose between the MOST important things — power, light & food. Instead, with the Survival Starter Bundle, you get all three... at once.
  • Solar power, emergency light & good-for-25-years food!*
  • Perfect gift for loved ones
  • Ships from Utah, USA
  • FREE Shipping for orders of $97+ (USA 48)
Each Survival Starter Bundle includes:
  • 1 Patriot Power Cell
  • 1 HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight
  • 1 72-Hour Survival Food Kit

+ You may want or need more calories or nutrients per day. For more information, see footnote 2.

* 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. For more information, see footnote 3.

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