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In a dangerous emergency situation — like a natural disaster, power outage, supply-chain disruption, political unrest, terrorist attack, or worse

A properly prepared preparedness plan can mean all the difference for you and your family. That’s why 4Patriots wants you to have the resources you need to be ready.

Online Classes to Help You & Your Family Prepare for Emergencies

Our skilled Consultants are here to guide you on your journey to independence and self-reliance. They’ll field questions and share their consulting experience with you, absolutely FREE. 

Whether you’re already a customer or just starting out
 Seth, Morgan, Shelby and their team can help you feel confident and ready for any emergency that comes your way. And they can help you unlock the full potential of your 4Patriots products with engaging, informative and FREE online classes.

Join Preparedness Expert, Seth, every Monday to network and share invaluable survival planning tips & tricks.

You’ll learn about things like: 

  • Preparedness 101: Create a plan with tips on what to do first and what to avoid 
  • Making Assessments: How to take “clues” from news headlines & plan accordingly
  • Use Your NEW Solar Generator: Get the most out of your new product and learn to store power, cycle a fridge, daisy chain solar panels & more
  • Clean Water Course: Protect your body’s #1 most important resource if drinking water becomes dangerous
  • And much more — see below for a complete list of upcoming events

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What are the Classes Like?

The 4Patriots team — led by Expert Preparedness Consultant Seth Weller — hosts weekly Educational Preparedness Classes online via zoom. These sessions are your gateway to gaining independence and building a robust preparedness plan. 

Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your journey of preparedness. It’s a friendly group known for sharing knowledge and welcoming new members. There are also courses designed for those with more technical or advanced questions.

Seth Weller: Lead Preparedness Expert

Join us on Mondays for 4Patriots Networking Meetings at 6 pm CT. In this friendly hour-long class, you’ll get to interact with Seth and his team and discuss all matters of preparedness and current events.

Then throughout the week, choose from educational and product-related courses that will give you the knowledge and skill-sets to use your preparedness products and develop a prepared plan for you and your family. 

Join our next session and elevate your preparedness plan! Register for a Monday networking Meeting now, and see all that Seth and his team have to offer:

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It's Easy! Join a FREE Class in 3 Simple Steps!

Classes are totally FREE and most attendees join from their home computer or smartphone. You can log on in 3 easy steps

  1. Register for a class
  2. Download the free Zoom app
  3. Check your email for your invitation & click the link to join

Most folks already have Zoom and use it to communicate with their friends and family. Now, you can use it to get critical information that will keep them safe in an emergency. It’s really that easy! 

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Hundreds of veterans attended the event and received a FREE Emergency Food Kit.

Another 4,233 Veterans and their supporters claimed a FREE Kit online.

What Will You Learn?

In each class you will learn critical life skills for surviving through an emergency. Each class will equip you with expert, preparedness-focused info that you can share with your loved ones. Learn more about some of the topics we’ll cover below.

Long Term Food Storage Introduction

Long Term Food Storage is a staple in any long term preparedness plan. This course will provide a better understanding of how to properly select, prepare and store your 25 year shelf life long term food storage.

Water Solutions

Understanding your Water Solutions is key to working your circles and building out your preparedness plan.The good news is that this is one of the easiest circles to complete.

This course will discuss proper methods for catchment and storage of your water, and the difference between filtration and purification. We will share skills to ensure your filtration methods achieve optimal results to better provide for you and your family/group in any situation.

Understanding EMPs

The subject of many Post-Apocalyptic books and movies has recently moved into mainstream news media.

This course will help you to better understand the effects, repercussions and reality behind an Electromagnetic Pulse or Coronal Mass Ejection. We will also discuss the best way to prepare for and mitigate the damage.

Understanding the Patriot Power Generator 2000X and Expansion Pack

Together, we will discuss how to integrate and implement your alternate power solutions into your preparedness plan.

We will cover the initial unboxing, use and maintenance of your Patriot Power Generator 2000X, along with the use of the Expansion Pack option.

We will also discuss proper placement and use of your 100-Watt Solar Panels.

Most importantly, we will dive into running these units in the most effective manner, including helpful suggestions in setup so you get the most from your alternate power solutions.

Class Descriptions: Online Training Designed With You & Your Family's Preparedness in Mind


4Patriots Network Group

This is where we are building a like-minded and proactive community of Preparedness minded people. Bring ALL your Preparedness related questions. Whether your questions are about preps, skills, current events or creating your plan...we can help! Join us every Monday!

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Rave Reviews for 4Patriots Online Preparedness Classes

"Great information in these webinars. We are feeling so much better about how our food and other orders from 4Patriots can be used for any eventual emergency. Once again, very helpful. Thank you!"

Alison and Bill S.

“The weekly classes are essential in the development of a plan of preparation for any form of disaster. Everyone involved representing 4Patriots has demonstrated extreme product knowledge to reinforce this program.” 

Claudia L.

“You did an excellent job discussing the need for water purification and the means of water purification. This was the first time I have heard a detailed description of the new Patriot Pure Water Filter and it was very interesting. I was also pleased with the Q&A session and the quality of both the questions and the answers provided. I can tell that the group’s collective prepping IQ is increasing as a result of the excellent webinars you are providing.”

Dan F.

“The Patriot Power Generator 2000x presentation was OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was super informative!” 

Joe H.

"The webinars are excellent and SUPER informative. I have been having conversations with my husband and kids now about our plans. My kids also were able to watch some of the webinars with me, and they have been striking up great conversations about different situations and how we would handle them as a family.”

Candace L.

“We have been prepping for years, but due to the webinars you guys have helped our plan actually make sense. This is truly a service we needed so very much, and was not available anywhere else. Thank you, for all you all do!” 

Marla B.

“Seth is so meticulous and knowledgeable and prepared for any and all questions put to him — very impressive. The presentations raise important and legitimate concerns.” 

Sara F.

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Meet the Team

Seth Weller: Lead Preparedness Expert

Seth Weller: Lead Preparedness Expert

With over 25 years of consulting experience in the preparedness industry, Seth utilizes a personally developed, tried and tested system that enables comprehensive preparedness solutions, curating a wide range of products and resources tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Seth’s approachable demeanor and unwavering dedication have made him a sought-after speaker and educator in the preparedness community. Seth joins 4Patriots, sharing his disaster planning, preparedness strategies, and sustainable living practices, to ensure that those who rely on 4Patriots’ products for their self-reliance also have a proper preparedness plan in place.

Morgan Bracy Carter: Video Preparedness Consultant

Morgan Bracy Carter: Video Preparedness Consultant

Shelby Suggs: Preparedness Consultant

Shelby Suggs: Preparedness Consultant


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