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Customers Sing the Praises of 4Patriots Products

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another. For some folks, it's been financial. Many jobs have been lost or hours have been cut. For others, the main issue has been social. We miss being...

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Reaching Out to Provide Comfort in a Pandemic

Just about everything we see on the news these days is negative. Especially when it’s connected to COVID-19. The statistics regarding confirmed cases and deaths are staggering. Many of the predictions for the future of this virus are frightening. It...

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Practical Ways to Save Money During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of our lives. From where we go (or in most cases, don’t go) to what we wear and who we spend time with. From how we conduct business and how we maintain relationships....

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Common Household Items That Can Save Your Life!

When it comes to life-saving gear, you are limited only by your imagination — and your commitment to use it. Luckily, there are plenty of versatile items you already own that can double as survival gear. The following items, combined...

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Simple Steps Toward Self-Sufficiency

We have made great technological advancements as a society through the decades. It’s remarkable how many things we do now that we couldn’t do 100 years ago. Such as produce light in a room with the flip of a switch....

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Is It Safe to Return to the Gym? Will It Ever Be?

One of the businesses deemed “nonessential” when closings started happening recently was workout gyms. That’s because people often work out in close proximity to each other. And multiple people can touch the same machines in a short period of time. ...

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What Does COVID-19 Have to Do With Hurricanes?

For more than two months now, many American businesses have been closed. Countless numbers of people have been sheltering in place. And wearing masks when out in public. Still, the number of positive COVID-19 tests and deaths has risen dramatically....

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Is Your Survival Food Healthy Enough?

I applaud people who have planned for their future by stockpiling survival food.  With extreme weather events on the increase and a pandemic ravaging the world, we live in very uncertain times. Through the years, many of us have seen...

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Solar Power Myths We Can Safely Put to Rest

Solar energy has grown by leaps and bounds in the U.S. over the past 20 years. As of the end of 2018, America had 64.2 gigawatts of installed solar. That’s enough to power 12.3 million homes. In 2018 alone, Americans...

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