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Honoring Wounded Military Veterans... and Those Who Honor Them

  Serving in the U.S. military is one of the greatest things anyone can do for their country. Millions have done it through the years in different service branches. They're all heroes in my book. But some were called upon...

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Survival Hacks From MacGyver

Through the decades, a number of nouns have taken on the persona of verbs. You know what I mean, right?When we were young, nobody said, ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs party.‚ÄĚ A ‚Äúparty‚ÄĚ was something you went to. Not something you did.Most of us...

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Could you defend yourself from an attacker?

There are a lot of crazy people in the world. They can’t be counted on to behave in a logical fashion. Many of these crazy people are also violent. They will attack others for even the slightest provocation. Like accidentally...

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Every year, we know they’re coming. Summer’s extreme weather, plus our ever aging infrastructure, creates blackouts lasting anywhere from several hours to several days or more. But this summer in California is different. Blackouts are not merely likely. They are...

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First 10 Food & Beverage Items to Disappear From Store Shelves

As someone interested in preparedness, I hope you have never had to wait in a line to get inside a grocery store before or during a crisis. Hopefully you have a good supply of non-perishable food ready and waiting. Just...

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Our 5" solar panel goes to... Disneyland?

  Folks, we know just how much people love a device that not only helps in a crisis, but comes in handy every day. So when Cassie from Placerville, Calif. shared her experience with her Patriot Power Cell with us,...

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