Why Are the Wealthy Investing in Preparedness?

Americans are fascinated by the rich and famous. Regardless of whether they inherited their money or earned it.

We watch what they do. We listen to what they say. We wear what they wear – if we can afford it. And we wonder what we would do if we had their money. (You’ll get a chance to respond to that in a moment.)

Now, engaging in celebrity worship is a waste of time and energy. But it’s interesting that many wealthy individuals are into preparedness.

Some have the power to influence the stock market and even steer the global economy. But they are as concerned as the rest of us. Especially when it comes to protecting themselves, their families, and what they own.

They know how fragile the country’s economy and infrastructure are. As one panic room builder said, “People who know (what’s going on) are worried.”  

From Panic Rooms to Compounds

Today I want to look at what some of the world’s “elites” are doing to prepare for an uncertain future. Including building everything from panic rooms to full-fledged island compounds.

Many keep their preparedness plans secret. But a surprising number have shared information about their bunkers.

Among the celebrities who have constructed panic rooms are media mogul Oprah. Plus rock star Elton John and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. As well as Paypal CEO Peter Thiel and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

The cost of these rooms ranges from $50,000 to $1 million. Some have electrified door knobs to provide a shocking experience for the uninvited. Others have facial-recognition locks, ballistic-proof doors, and walls that can shoot pepper spray.

‘People Are Not Feeling Safe’

Some of these rooms come equipped with bullet-proof night-vision gear. Plus medical kits and food supplies. As well as air filtration systems.

And you’d never know it from the outside of the building. Regardless of whether they’re built inside a penthouse loft or an old townhouse.

One American panic room builder said, “I’ve never been busier.” They say the panic room boom started in 2020 with the Covid outbreak and anti-police civil unrest.

Another builder of these rooms said, “People are not feeling safe the way they used to.” I think that’s an understatement. Doomsday prepping used to be a fringe activity. Now, it has gone mainstream.

Zuckerberg’s Fortress Under a Ranch

Some of the world’s wealthiest have spent hundreds of millions on underground compounds. As well as “survival condos” and private islands. Facebook founder and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of them.

He is building a 5,000-square-foot, $100 million hidden fortress. It will be under his ranch on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Including the land purchase, the project’s total budget is $270 million.

It will contain his own energy supply and survival food stockpiles. As well as blast-resistant doors. Two mansions on the property are connected by a tunnel. Another building will contain a gym, pool, sauna, hot tub, and tennis courts.

During the building process, a six-foot wall blocks the view from a nearby road. Security guards patrol the entrance gate and surrounding beaches. Builders are not allowed to discuss the project. Cameras are pretty much everywhere.

Some Elites Focus on Grid Collapse

Zuckerberg did not start the doomsday bunker craze. But others among the “1 percenters” have taken notice and launched their own plans.

One survival shelter builder said Zuckerberg’s bunker “caused a buying frenzy.” Another added that some are saying, if Zuckerberg’s doing that, “maybe he knows something that I don’t. Maybe I should seek this out myself.”

Some uber-rich individuals focus on the possibility of an electric grid collapse. They’re buying older planes that don’t have electric avionics. And keeping older cars in their collections. They would still function following an electromagnetic pulse.

Among other concepts for survival compounds are a surrounding moat that can be set on fire at the flip of a switch. And water cannons targeting intruders, decontamination booths, and underground shooting ranges.

What Would You Do If…

As you know, 4Patriots is not a company that’s exclusive to the rich and famous. And we don’t build bunkers or panic rooms. Our preparedness products are for every American – regardless of income level.

That’s why we make our survival food, power, and water products, as well as others, affordable. Including some with payment plans.

We understand the importance of becoming self-sufficient. We see problems getting worse every day. Including wars and supply chain disruptions around the world. And extreme weather, political divisions, civil unrest, and much more at home. 


  • Don P. - May 16, 2024

    I believe God helps those who are willing to help themselves,if you truly believe in him and our Lord Jesus. No bunker without faith will survive the wrath of GOD !!!

  • Frank Barnard - May 16, 2024

    I’d love to purchase the 2000x and the expandable package but l don’t have 4000 dollars for it. I really would like a little help, I can make payments if you folks can do this it would be a blessing, I have at least 300 dollars to play with, meaning to spare, per each month till payed off. I don’t know what else to do. Maybe give up thanks anyways for lessening or reading rather.

  • S. Pizzini - May 16, 2024

    These people are only preparing for a few more years in this world but once the Anti Christ takes over they will be found and they will miss the eternal sanctuary in Heaven never ending glory!

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