What in the World is Messing With Your Food & Water?

As Americans, we take our easy access to nutritious food and clean water for granted. We know our food isn’t perfect. It has lost some vitamins through the decades. And we realize our water isn’t completely pure.

But both healthy food and drinkable water are normally easy for us to obtain at the grocery store. And from our faucets. 

On the other hand, we’ve seen the effects of major world events over the past few years. They’ve disrupted the flow of these life-giving necessities.

Severe weather events. Wars in Europe and the Middle East. A global pandemic. They’ve all wreaked havoc on our access to food and water. Food shortages and soaring prices, plus water contaminations, have been the result.

Today I want to take a look at all three of these causes. Any or all probably will continue to affect our ability to find nutritious food and clean water. And at the end I’ll let you know about a great way to secure both. Plus peace of mind. 

Hurricane Ian’s Wrath

First, let’s look at severe weather. It’s the most common cause of problems connected with obtaining food and water. Just last year, Hurricane Ian pummeled Florida after making landfall near Fort Myers as a Category 4 storm.

After ravaging most of central Florida, it gained strength in the Atlantic Ocean. Then it attacked the Carolinas. 

Ian was the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Sunshine State since 2018. And the deadliest (161 deaths) since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. As well as the costliest in Florida history with $113 billion in damages.

Winter Storm Uri’s Deep Freeze 

And who can forget Winter Storm Uri just one year earlier? The mid-February storm started in the Pacific Northwest and reached down to Texas. Nearly 10 million people lost power in the U.S. – some for a week or more. 

By the time temperatures finally got above freezing, well over 300 people had died. Six tornadoes were part of this outbreak in the Southeast.  

Both Hurricane Ian and Winter Storm Uri resulted in contaminated drinking water. And supply chain problems slowed food deliveries to a crawl.

Ukraine War

Early last year, Russia launched an attack against Ukraine. The Russians have occupied some of the country’s eastern portions since then.

The attack and ongoing violence have been condemned by the world. Many countries imposed sanctions against Russia. Or increased already existing sanctions.

Tens of thousands of deaths have resulted from the conflict. Not to mention a refugee crisis. Ukraine, with military support from the U.S. and other nations, has held its own over the past six months.

Ukraine and Russia are major producers of wheat. So, the world has seen food shortages and escalating prices. Supply chains have been bottled up. This has caused major delays in shipments of food and other products.

Israel-Hamas War

In just the past few weeks, war in the Middle East has set the world on edge again. Hamas terrorists attacked Israel from land, sea, and air on October 7. 

Israel responded to this vicious assault that killed more than 1,400 citizens. It struck back with a vengeance. Nearly 3,000 Palestinians have died. And about 10,000 have been injured in retaliatory strikes.

America is about 7,000 miles away from violence in the Gaza Strip. But global markets are negatively affected by these events. And that means gas prices will rise here again. As well as food prices. 

If Middle East countries join the hostilities against Israel, expect oil embargos that will increase the price of gas. Food and bottled water prices will rise as well, due to increased transportation costs. 

Covid Pandemic

Fresh in all of our minds is the global Covid pandemic that changed the way we lived the past few years. 

Nearly everything was affected by the pandemic. Businesses suffered huge losses. Food, water, and other products were in short supply due to supply chain problems.

And costs for pretty much everything went up. Potential contamination of food and water was on everyone’s minds. 

Hopefully we won’t experience another pandemic anytime soon. But look how quickly the coronavirus spread. All it takes is a new out-of-control virus to put us back to square one.

Grab It While You Can

As mentioned, there’s an ideal way to ensure you have plenty of non-perishable food. And cleaner drinking water. 

Even if extreme weather, wars, or pandemics affect the availability, quality, or price of those crucial elements. 

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