Unboxing the 4 Week Food Kit

You can never be too prepared. 

And that goes for what you’re buying too. Especially when it comes to your Survival Food.

That's why we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and SHOW you exactly what you're getting when you secure a 4Patriots 4-Week Kit

Check out this video of Danielle unboxing all the delicious meals you'll receive:

Having emergency food that will last many years, is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself and your family during these unpredictable times.

But that food needs to be as tasty as it is nutritious . Because if it isn’t… you probably won’t be eating it, and that’s not gonna work.

That’s why securing 4Patriots Survival Food is a no-brainer. Each meal is easy to make and DELICIOUS. Which makes getting the fuel you need during challenging times easier than ever.

Plus, it’s designed to last for 25 years! How? Well, each meal is packed in space Mylar packaging to lock in taste and freshness for years to come. And to make it easier to store, they are all packed into sealed, slim-lined stackable totes to boot!  

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You’ll get meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner... that only need hot water to make. So you won’t get stuck eating the same thing day in and day out.

You’ll get:

  • Strawberry Cream of Wheat
  • America’s Finest Mac & Cheese
  • Creamy Rice and Vegetable Dinner (Danielle’s favorite!)
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • Old Fashioned Vanilla Pudding!!!
  • Fireside Stew
  • Frank’s Favorite Alfredo
  • Plus, there are staples like Promised Land Powdered Milk and Long-Grain White Rice

And, of course, my personal favorite: Grammy’s Sweet Oatmeal — it’s stick to your ribs good!

That’s 160 184 servings of delicious food made right here in the USA, and only takes minutes to prepare. With this amount of food, you’ll get through any emergency that comes your way.

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