Things You CAN’T Do in a Power Outage? Too Many to Count

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I have a quick assignment for you. Think about 10 things you do during a typical day. Nothing special, just ordinary activities. Jot them down on a piece of paper if you want to.

I just did this myself. We may have some of the same things on our lists. Mine include making coffee and visiting my favorite websites. As well as reading and going for a walk.

Others include grabbing some items from the garage for lawn maintenance or snow removal. Plus showering and cleaning. And making some calls, cooking food and watching TV. 

After compiling my list, I realized something. Ninety percent of those daily activities have a common denominator. They require electrical power.

Power needs are endless

You need power for the coffee maker and your computer. You need power for lighting when you read, bathe and enter your garage. You need power to cook. You need power for your TV, phone, stove and a host of other items.

I’m willing to bet that whatever you are doing right now probably requires electrical power. In fact, taking a walk was the only activity on my list that doesn’t require power. Unless, of course, I’m listening to music or a podcast while I walk.

I haven’t even mentioned some of our most serious power needs. Such as keeping medicines cold. As well as making sure medical devices are working properly.

And let’s not forget about the power we need for a heater when it’s cold. Or a fan when it’s hot.

Outages getting more frequent

I’m bringing this up because power outages in the U.S. occur more frequently than ever before. And last longer than they used to.

According to an electrical and computer engineer at the University of Minnesota, there are more power outages in America than in any other developed country.

Why? Mainly because our electrical grids are outdated and rundown. And the utilities don’t want to spend money to upgrade them.

Extreme weather is the main culprit. As we’ve seen repeatedly over the past few years. But there are plenty of other causes for blackouts. They can happen anytime and anywhere. And often they last long enough to spoil food.    

Patriot Power Generator 1800 is the solution

It has become increasingly important for us to have reliable backup power. My recommended solution is the Patriot Power Generator 1800. It’s designed to provide electricity for important devices and equipment during a power outage.

This portable, solar-powered generator can produce more than 3,000 peak watts of clean, quiet, renewable power. It comes with an integrated 1,800-watt inverter/768Wh lithium-iron battery. Plus a 100-watt, commercial grade folding solar panel.

It weighs only 40 pounds, so it’s small enough to take anywhere and store discreetly. And you can daisy-chain additional solar panels for even more power and faster charging.

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 operates quietly and produces no emissions. It holds a full battery charge for up to a year. And it can be charged by the solar panel or by plugging into a normal 120V AC wall outlet.

What do customers say about it? 

4Patriots sells the Patriot Power Generator 1800. So obviously I’ll say nice things about it because I use it and love it. And you have every right to be skeptical. So, here are a few comments from 4Patriots customers who have gotten through power outages by using their Patriot Power Generator:

“Great product. Better than I thought!” says Frank I. “This product is well built and has capacity that will amaze you.

“To test it, I had it running my Smart TV, my Internet router, my Wi-Fi, and my surround sound system. I ran it for five hours and the battery still had a reserve on it. I would highly recommend this product.”

Howard E. is the type who doesn’t rush into making purchases. He gave the generator plenty of consideration first.

“I thought about this purchase for some time before I finally pulled the trigger on it,” he said. “It has been a great purchase. In my area we have to be prepared for anything with our winters.

“I tested it right out of the box, started my pellet stove, ran a fridge, and a light. I like the display showing how much power is left. But I especially like how much of a load it is running. Very quiet, no fumes; very, very easy to operate. Great product.” 

Gwendolyn W. needs power for her work. Not to mention for her medical device. And that power was never needed as much as it was in 2020.

“During the severe winter weather that hit Texas with the rolling blackouts and power outages that sometimes lasted over several days in some areas, I had use of lighting in my home,” she said. 

“(Plus) computers/Internet to be able to continue to work, use of the radio to stay informed, my CPAP on at night, and keeping my phone charged with my power generator.

“Some of my neighbors noticed I had lights on when everyone else around had no power. I have since told them about the generators and their safe use within the home versus gas-powered generators.” 

Our lists of what we CAN’T do in a power outage are lengthy. But with a dependable generator waiting for us, that list gets a lot shorter. Think about adding the Patriot Power Generator 1800 to your preparedness arsenal today.

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