Second Wave of Coronavirus Hits U.S. After State Reopenings

As Americans continue to grapple with the novel coronavirus, one question is on a lot of people's minds: are we heading into a second wave?

Health experts have been warning of this possibility for months.

But as cases top 9 million globally and new cases surge across the country and around the world, some doctors and scientists say the second wave is already upon us.

On just one day last week in America, Arizona, Florida, California and Nevada all reported record-high, single-day case increases. This included 4,317 new cases in California. Plus 3,822 in Florida and 3,246 in Arizona. And it's only getting worse.

Second Wave Hits Asia

At the start of the pandemic in Wuhan, China, officials in Beijing imposed some of the country's strictest travel controls.

According to local officials, the city had recently gone 50 days without a new confirmed case. But a recent outbreak changed that dramatically.

The capital city's fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables compounds are now shut down again. And mandatory quarantines are happening. "Zero-tolerance" lockdowns resulted in millions of people being trapped.

Beijing, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are getting hit with a second wave of COVID-19.

States See Record Infections & Hospitalizations

Here in the U.S., the first wave has been so strong that many people aren't even thinking about a second.

But many states have seen huge increases of confirmed cases since the country began reopening recently. More specifically in the Southern states where restrictions have relaxed.

Some say the numbers are higher only because testing is increasing. That's true, but it also shows how quickly the virus is spreading.

Of even greater concern is the increase in hospitalizations. In Arizona, 84 percent of the ICU hospital beds are now occupied.

"When you look at the number of hospitalizations... that cannot be due to increase in testing." So says Anthony Fauci, a White House coronavirus task force member. "That has to be due to increase in real cases," he added.

First Wave Still Cascading

As of last week, Florida has had 3,144 deaths and currently has more than 12,000 people hospitalized due to COVID-19. California has had 5,424 deaths and 169,309 confirmed cases.

"As New York and other places are coming down, others are going up," Fauci said. "Obviously, we're concerned about it.

"I don't like to talk about a second wave right now because we haven't gotten out of our first wave."

But plenty of health officials are discussing it. Most define a second wave as a recurrence of widespread community transmission.

More Shutdowns Coming

What would a second wave of cases look like here in America? In addition to making many more people sick and adding to the death total, there's the economy to consider. And food shortages.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner is a professor at George Washington University School of Medicine.

"We're going to have to face the harsh reality in some states that we may need to shut down again," he said.

If that occurs, "another round of shutdowns might have even larger effects on businesses that may be on the edge of not being able to stay solvent," said Dr. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington.

Expect Food Shortages to Continue

Something we saw quickly in America when the virus started to make its presence was food shortages. Plus water and sanitary item shortages.

Many meat processing plants were shut down. And now farm workers are testing positive.

The Los Angeles Times reported recently that at least 60 food-processing plants outside the meat-packing industry have seen outbreaks. More than 1,000 workers tested positive.

One worker told the newspaper this. "People are infected and they come to work. They keep quiet about it. We are surviving from our wages. If we have children, how will we feed them?"

Are You Ready For the Second Wave?

As the number of confirmed cases across the country continues to climb, it's become apparent that Americans need to prepare for the possibility of more shutdowns and lengthy stays at home.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the world must prepare for the second and third wave of COVID-19 until a vaccine is available.

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  • Cinda Tygart - July 14, 2020

    With all that’s going on in America and the world with the hoax of the pandemic by the foul satanic
    liberals and those that follow their orders and doctrine, we should all be on our knees praying to our heavenly Father God. His will be done, even so, come quickly Jesus, in Jesus name, Amen.

    Mainstream media is not reporting the truth. Follow to watch and listen to the truth. Masks do nothing but make you breath your own carbon dioxide at dangerous levels.

    Thank you 4Patriots for your survival food and other products plus helping our vets. Much appreciated.

  • Hal Kranz - June 29, 2020

    I’m tired of hearing the lies about the virus its about time to get out and live this is no more worse than the flu or dying in a car accident, I haven’t put a killer mask on yet I’m outside working I don’t want to hear about it anymore I love the food and the great adds and free stuff your helping vets and others have a great life.

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