How To Avoid Internet Scams


Driven by recent troubling headlines, Americans are anxious to prepare for a crisis now more than ever. 

Natural disasters, supply chain issues, and skyrocketing inflation dominate the news cycle. This can cause worry for ordinary people who want to protect their families. 

Crisis-ready essentials are in high demand. Items including survival food, water filtration, solar power, and other off-grid gear are flying off warehouse shelves nationwide.

 Deciding which emergency preparedness retailer is best can be confusing. Luckily, 4Patriots tops the list for most people during an Internet search. This pioneering company has a reputation for quality products and stellar customer service.

 Even skeptics searching for terms like "4Patriots scam" are pleasantly surprised. That's because 4Patriots is a market leader that puts their customers first. You can tell from the thousands of positive 4Patriots reviews, which are readily available for prospective customers to read.

 Folks like Becky B. from Florida, who purchased a 4Patriots 3-Month Survival Food Kit:

"This survival food is very good. My family and I had to try some of it to see if it was worth the money we spent on it... and I can say that it goes above and beyond what I could hope for. It is well worth it. I will continue to stockpile 4Patriots survival food for the security it provides." 

 Becky is one of thousands of customers who trust 4Patriots to help them be "crisis-ready." Empowering Americans to take charge of their family’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything 4Patriots does.  4Patriots lives and breathes their motto to “champion freedom and self-reliance,” and to help each customer become their family’s hero when it comes to preparedness. After 14 years in the business, they’ve blazed a trail of innovation and excellence that’s hard to match.

 From humble beginnings at their kitchen table in Nashville, TN, Allen & Erin Baler knew they wanted to create a different kind of company. Leaving the “soulless life of corporate America” behind them, these visionary entrepreneurs lived on a shoestring budget as they began offering their first energy-independence product. 

 Any profits that came in were immediately invested back into the company. And that “fire in the belly” discipline and drive? It has paid off in spades, as 4Patriots’ success has rocketed straight into the stratosphere.

 And, as 4Patriots has grown, so has their unwavering commitment to giving back. Right now, this dynamic company supports a growing list of veterans-focused charities including:

  • A Soldier’s Child Foundation — whose mission is to serve the children of fallen military members who’ve given their lives in defense of our great nation.
  • Fisher House Foundation — an organization  that provides housing to military families close to the hospital where a loved one is being treated.
  • Operation Homefront — a charity focused on helping military families through financial hardship with food assistance, auto and home repair, and other necessities.
  • Team Rubicon — an organization that deploys disaster-response teams made up of military veterans to communities that need their help, free of charge.
  • Honor Flight Foundation — invites and accompanies America’s veterans to visit our nation’s war memorials, where they can remember, reflect, and share their experiences.
4Patriots Charities

 4Patriots has also taken their giving to the next level by pledging “$1K a Day” in 2022. Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Erin Baler explains this important campaign:

“Thanks to the support of our customers — and thanks to the partnership of some truly incredible charitable organizations — we will donate $1,000 per day in support of those who champion freedom & self-reliance and those who devote their time and energy to lifting up their fellow Americans.”

 It’s clear that 4Patriots is what some might call a “unicorn” in the emergency preparedness and natural wellness space. Their success can be attributed to many things, but it all comes back to keeping their loyal customers as the focus of all that they do.

Customer Support Manager Lisa G. summed up the 4Patriots’ customer service philosophy this way:

“Never forget that behind every sale is a person. A real human being with real concerns about being able to take care of themselves and their families in case of an emergency. That is something we can all relate to and what drives us to help people become more self-reliant.”

Helping others to achieve their goals isn’t limited to 4Patriots’ customers. Valuing and honoring others is something that their employees feel as well, within the company’s unique and nurturing culture.

It’s a human-centric environment 4Patriots has worked diligently to establish. In fact, leading company and employee review site reports a 4.7 satisfaction rating (on a 5.0 scale) among 4Patriots’ employees, and 95% recommendation rate as a great place to work. 


Headquartered in Nashville, 4Patriots has nearly 200 employees across 11 states. Some team members have been on their 4Patriots career journey for well over 5 years, and yet still feel inspired, challenged, and appreciated beyond measure.

In addition to uncompromising customer service and a commitment to employee satisfaction is 4Patriots’ zeal for providing high-quality survival products and emergency preparedness gear.

Mainstay offerings like the bestselling 3-Month Survival Food Kit, Emergency Food Bars, and specialty food kits are customer favorites. 

Apart from food, 4Patriots is known for their now-famous Patriot Power Generator. Unlike potentially dangerous gas generators, this “21st century generator” is 100% solar and offers 1800 watts of power. It’s safe, silent and totally fume-free, too.

With rolling blackouts on the rise, the Patriot Power Generator is fast becoming the one “plan B” backup power protection many Americans rely on.

This kind of power has helped customers like James H. in New Mexico achieve real peace of mind. His is one of thousands of real 4Patriots reviews potential customers rely on before making a buying decision:

"Living in a small mountain town, the 4Patriots solar generator has been a reliable backup for power outages due to high winds or storms, allowing me to keep the fridge and freezer cold and still provide light, usb charging, and radio during grid-down times.

With extra solar panels, it recharges quickly, requires little space, and provides reliable power. I'm seriously considering purchasing a second one for my family.

Great product! Have been pleasantly surprised with function, reliability, and ease of operation."

4Patriots’ innovation doesn’t stop at long-term storage survival food and solar generators, though. They’ve also got water filtration products available, like the Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System, which filters out up to 99.9% of dangerous contaminants  such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, and more.

This industry leader also features all kinds of survival equipment and gear,  including the Patriot Power Cell solar power bank, HaloXT Multi-Use Solar Flashlight, Sun Kettle personal water heater, and many more useful items. New products are always in development, as 4Patriots continues to set the bar higher and higher.

So, if you are interested in 4Patriots, how do you make sure you’re getting a genuine 4Patriots’ product?

Because with the company being at the forefront of the survival market,  there are more than one potential 4Patriots scam or two out there you’ll want to avoid.

Here are some simple ways to protect yourself and stay safe on the Internet while shopping for 4Patriots’ products:

  • Avoid clicking on social media ads that may “look” like 4Patriots but may not be from the company. Check the URL to be sure, or go to to shop instead.
  • Do not accept any unsolicited “direct messages” on Facebook or Instagram from anyone claiming to be from 4Patriots. Customer service agents do communicate through Facebook, but only at the customer’s initiation.
  • Be skeptical of social media profiles and pages claiming to be 4Patriots. Instead, start at the company’s website,, and connect to their social media through the buttons on the page. 

4Patriots is one of the most trusted names in survival, and for good reasons. If you are looking for a company that wants to help you achieve self-reliance through tough times, you need to check out 4Patriots.

Read 4Patriots reviews to find out what real customers are saying, or call their Customer Service Professionals at 1-800-304-4202. See for yourself why this company has become an icon in the preparedness industry.


  • 4patriots-ltd has an instagram ad for $96 power bank deal which looks like your site. Not sure is a scam - July 05, 2023

    In cart, ready but concerned of scammers

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