How Many Ways Could Santa Use a Patriot Power Generator?

Okay, are you ready for some holiday family fun?

Don’t worry, there’s no gag gifts, ugly Christmas sweaters, or stale fruitcake required!

We’re going to guess 10 ways Santa could use a Patriot Power Generator in a holiday emergency. “Yule” have loads of fun, promise!

So put down that second glass of spiked eggnog (wink) and divide everyone into teams (like Team Jingle Bells, Team Frosty, etc). Let’s see how many the whole bunch can come up with and match these answers!

So, how many ways could Santa use a Patriot Power Generator?

Here’s our top 10!

  1. Power his sleigh with more Christmas magic 
  2. Recharge Rudolph’s nose to light his way
  3. Light the North Pole Christmas tree
  4. Charge his tablet to keep track of his “naughty” list
  5. Give his phone some “juice” to call Mrs. Claus
  6. Rev up his electric snowblower 
  7. Cycle his fridge to keep the milk cold
  8. Heat up some cookies in the toaster oven
  9. Plug in his SaunaWrap to sweat out all that Christmas Eve stress
  10. Keep his CPAP running for a good night’s rest

I bet you came up with some funny ones, even if they’re not on the list!

Post a comment below and let us know!

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