Former Navy SEAL Puts Patriot Power Generator 1800 to the Test

It’s not easy to please a Navy SEAL. They have extremely high standards. They’ve seen it all and done it all.

And after repeatedly risking their lives for their country, they don’t just take people’s word for things.

They want to test stuff out for themselves before they decide it’s right for them. And they certainly won’t recommend anything to anyone unless they firmly believe in it.

That’s why we decided to ask former Navy SEAL and survival expert Cade Courtley to test out our new portable Patriot Power Generator 1800. We didn’t want to offer anything to you that wasn’t fully approved by him.

Let the tour begin

In Cade's video he does exactly that. He takes you for a room-to-room walk around his house, showing what you can power up with the Patriot Power Generator 1800.

It’s less than six minutes and I hope you’ll watch it.

If so, you’ll see the different ways Cade tests this generator out before deciding to give it his seal of approval.

The first thing you want up and running when a blackout begins is light. So, Cade starts in his living room. He shows how simple it is to plug a lamp into the generator.

That’s entertainment

Next he focuses on the entertainment you might want during a power outage. He demonstrates how the generator powers his television.

As far as climate control is concerned, Cade explains how the Patriot Power Generator can also power a space heater to provide warmth. Or a fan to keep you cool.

As long as the devices you have plugged in do not draw over 1,800 watts, you’re good to go until the power comes back on.

Next Stop… the Kitchen

Next Cade heads to his kitchen. He unplugs the refrigerator from a wall outlet and plugs it into the generator.

He explains that with effective cycling, you can keep your food fresh and safe because the generator can protect it.

He also shows how it can power your coffee machine and other small kitchen appliances. Such as your microwave, hotplate and blender

Stay busy, stay healthy

Leaving the kitchen, Cade heads over to his desk. During an outage, if you want to catch up on work or Internet news, or just connect with loved ones, this portable generator is the way to do it.

He exhibits how you can keep your computer, phone, laptop, tablet and all your other small devices running without issue.

Multiple outlets and USB ports are what make it possible. You can also power your router to have access to WiFi.

Cade then talks about how important it is to have a portable generator if you depend on medical devices. Such as an oxygen machine or a CPAP. The generator can run a CPAP for 13-plus hours with no interruptions.

Let’s clean it up

Next on Cade’s “power tour” is the laundry room, where he plugs in his washing machine. It’s important to check out the power requirements of your washer and dryer, but you may be able to use them thanks to the generator.

Then we see how the Patriot Power Generator 1800 can be used outside the home. Including for power tools. As well as in an RV and for camping. It’s only 40 pounds, but it packs plenty of power in a small package.

Recharge the generator with the included solar panel, including while you’re using it. Once the power comes back on, you can fully charge it. Or just let the sun do it for free.

‘A must-have device’

Cade reminds viewers that the Patriot Power Generator 1800 is not a whole-house solution.

“You can’t run everything at once all day long,” he said. “But you’ll soon discover that if you have one in your home, you can fire up nearly anything that you can plug into it.

“As you are probably aware, our electric grid is sadly outdated, overburdened and vulnerable to frequent outages. Whether caused by weather, sun surges or even a deliberate attack.

“A blackout will be either a minor inconvenience or an outright catastrophe. Depending on how prepared you are to deal with it.

“With the Patriot Power Generator 1800, you’ll always be prepared. I believe it’s a must-have device to protect you and your family in the event of a blackout.

“No matter how long the power is out, you’ll be a survivor, not a statistic.”

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