Can You Stay Healthy During a Crisis?

If you found yourself smack dab in the middle of a crisis, how would you feel?

You might answer that question by saying something like, “Well, I wouldn’t feel good about the situation. But I’ve prepared for it and I believe I can handle it.”

If so, I’m very glad to hear that. But what I really mean is, how would you feel physically? An emergency will provide a challenge even if you’re feeling great. It will be even more difficult to deal with if you’re having health issues.

And, we never know how long a crisis might last. Today I want to talk about things we can do both now and during an emergency to get and stay healthy. Our health could be the difference between handling a crisis and becoming overwhelmed by it.

How you feel = what you can do

How we feel physically and mentally has a huge impact on how we approach each day. Especially as we age.

It plays a major role in our attitudes and relationships. And it often determines what we can or cannot accomplish.

In order to maximize our health, many of us eat the right foods. And get plenty of exercise and sleep. Sometimes we fail in these areas. But we all know there is a direct link between what we do and how we feel.

There are plenty of things we can do to tip the scales in our favor when it comes to maintaining or achieving good health. Let’s take a look at some of them.

My top 10 ways to get & stay healthy

Drink more water and fewer sugary drinks. As we age, our sensation of thirst is not as strong as it once was. Especially if we’re not perspiring much. It’s important to drink plenty of water, even when we don’t feel thirsty. 

In addition to keeping us hydrated, water carries nutrients throughout our bodies. And helps lubricate joints. Sugary drinks increase our risk for all sorts of health issues. 

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables are loaded with prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Studies have shown that people who eat more vegetables and fruits than others tend to live longer, healthier lives.

While you’re at it, consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish such as salmon is filled with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

Exercise more often. This can be a serious challenge for some. Especially for those who are not as physically fit as they once were. But it’s like other habits. The more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

Exercise is also a big help for weight management and mood boosting. Plus increased strength and healthy blood circulation. When possible, exercise outdoors for natural Vitamin D from the sun. 

Stretch your muscles. Once you’ve finished exercising, it’s tempting to plop down in a chair or take a shower. But this is an ideal time to stretch your muscles, which are much more pliable when warm.

Start with your neck and work your way down. You’ll be amazed what daily stretching will do for your flexibility and range of motion. 

Snack smarter. Many of us get hungry between meals. That’s OK, but often what we put into our bodies isn’t so great. Instead of reaching for a sugary treat that will only pick us up briefly before a crash, eat healthy snacks.

Carrots, celery sticks, apples and other fresh vegetables and fruits will do our bodies a lot more good. And of course, limit alcohol consumption.

Get the proper amount of sleepPoor sleep can lead to all sorts of health problems. It can reduce mental and physical performance. And it’s a risk factor for weight gain.

Some people who don’t sleep well compensate by eating more. And usually it’s junk food. Never sacrifice sleep to get that one extra thing done in your life.

Breathe deeplySometimes a mental exercise will do us more good than a physical exercise. Especially if we’re stressed about something. When you find yourself feeling anxious, you’re probably not breathing normally.

Most of us only breathe to one-third of our lung capacity. Sit back and take deep breaths, breathing in and out through your nose.        

Practice good hygiene. Hand washing, hair washing, bathing and dental care all promote good overall health. That’s especially important during a pandemic.

Trim your nails to prevent infected nail beds. Brush and floss your teeth to limit bacteria in your mouth and maintain healthy gums. There are also social implications to consider. 

Connect with othersStudies show that isolation can negatively affect our health. During the height of the pandemic, some of us filled this void through texting, phone calls and video chats with friends and family members.

With the country now much more open, volunteering in your community can promote general wellbeing. 

Get an annual physicalThis should include blood work, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements. Plus a urine sample, weight and balance checks, etc.

Blood work can tell your doctor which areas need improvement. And it might help catch a potentially serious problem before it’s too late. 

More healthy recommendations

Here are a few more suggestions that are carryovers from pandemic advice. They will be particularly important during a crisis when we especially need to stay healthy.

  • Stay away from people you know are sick. They should be in their own home, but that’s not always the case. If you have to be around people who are ill, try to keep your distance.
  • When you cough or sneeze, use a tissue and dispose of it properly and quickly. Coughs and sneezes are two of the main ways viruses spread so easily.
  • Avoid large gatherings. If you do have to be in a group of people, practice physical distancing.
  • Keep frequently-touched surfaces in your home clean and disinfected. Pay special attention to surfaces on which food is prepared.
  • Manage your stress level. This is much easier said than done for some people. Try to keep your thoughts positive and don’t spend too much time engrossed in the news, which is dominated by negative information.
  • If you feel sick, stay home. Resting at home is the best thing for you, and it’s certainly the best for other people who you might have otherwise come into contact with.   

Crisis-ready Patriot Power Greens

I mentioned fruits and vegetables earlier, but they are worth revisiting. There’s almost nothing more important you can do for your body than fueling it with superfoods. Such as fruits, veggies, probiotics and enzymes.

During a crisis, this will become much more of a challenge than it is now. Because grocery stores will have empty shelves. Or they’ll be closed altogether. But here’s a way to make sure you’ll have everything you need when an emergency strikes.

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Getting and staying healthy is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Regardless of other circumstances. I hope you’ll do what it takes to get there and stay there.

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