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USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kit

1 review

USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kit

1 review

Never Buy Traditional AAA Batteries Again! Always have power on hand for your critical devices with your 4Patriots USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits. These rechargeable batteries work anywhere you’d use “regular” AAA Batteries. And they pay for themselves hundreds of times over.

Drain them down and charge them again… up to 500 times! You’ll have portable, backup power, anywhere and anytime.

    • Ships Within 5 - 7 Days from Utah, USA
    • Rechargeable up to 500 Times
    • Fast Charge in as Little as 1.5 Hours
    • 500x The Lifespan Of Traditional Batteries
    • Kit Includes 4 AAA Batteries, 1 Clamshell Case, and 1 Micro USB Charging Cord
    • FREE Digital Blackout Report
    • FREE Shipping When You Claim 4 or More Kits

    AAA Batteries Whenever You Need Them

    Backup Power That Charges Anywhere & is “Always Ready!”

    Your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits come with everything you need to have a virtually endless supply of portable, backup power.

    Each kit is designed with your convenience in mind. From the lightweight carrying case to the micro USB cord. Here’s what you get in each kit:

    • 4 Rechargeable AAA Batteries
    • 1 Handy Clamshell Case
    • 1 Micro USB Charging Cord

    These kits make great gifts too! Or stock up for your home, RV or bug-out bag. Most customers like to get 2 or more kits so that they always have their backup batteries charged and ready.

    Charge up your batteries at home or on the go

    500x the Power of Traditional Batteries!

    Your Best Choice for Value & Convenience

    Truth be told, your Rechargeable Battery Kits can save you a mountain of money, time and boxes full of wasted and hazardous single-use batteries.

    Charge these batteries anywhere, anytime. The enclosed micro USB cord lets you charge up to 4 batteries at once! No fancy equipment required. Just plug them in, forget about them, and they’re recharged when you come back!

    Just Think of all the Ways You’ll Use These Kits

    You can use your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits to power multiple devices. So be sure to keep these handy batteries in cars, at home, at the cabin, or in your RV. Anywhere where you might need an extra oomph of portable backup power.*


    • At home
    • Power outages
    • In emergencies
    • Camping
    • Hunting
    • Fishing
    • Road Trips
    • RVing


    • Radios
    • Clocks
    • Flashlights
    • Toys
    • TV remotes
    • Digital Cameras
    • Electric razors
    • Handheld games
    • Wireless mouse
    • And much more!

    * Battery performance varies based on charging and usage conditions.

    Perfect for your TV remotes, flashlights, digital cameras and more!

    And with your purchase…
    FREE Gift:The Blackout Response Digital Guide

    With your purchase of a USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kit, you get instant online access to our digital report, The Blackout Response Guide.

    In this exclusive digital report, you’ll learn how to stay safe before, during and after a power outage.

    This is one of our best-selling reports, expertly researched and valued at $19.95. But today you’ll get it FREE. It’s packed with tips and tricks like:

    • 13 items to have ready before a power outage
    • When NOT to use candles (it’s not what you think)
    • 1 phone number to never call for blackout updates
    • How to prepare your pets
    • Step-by-step tips for keeping food and water safe

    These USB-Rechargeable Battery Kits could truly make a difference for you and your family in a crisis. Claim your Kits today!

    Here at 4Patriots -- We Champion Freedom & Self-Reliance

    You're Protected by an Outrageous 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We also believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny… so we are offering you a 100% money-back guarantee for your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits.

    Be sure to jump on this opportunity, folks. Emergency supplies are flying off the shelves right now.

    There's no telling exactly how long these battery kits will be in stock. Click the “Add to Cart” button below now to start your order.

    100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits, return them within 365 days of purchase. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

    Your Purchase Supports Those Who Serve

    When you claim your 4Patriots USB-Rechargeable AAA Batteries today, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that support our veterans and their families.

    Including Operation Homefront, Fisher House, A Soldier’s Child-Foundation and Team Rubicon.

    This isn’t lip service, either. We’ve donated more than $338,808 since we founded the company back in 2008. Wow!

    "I use a high-powered device every day for work and hobby. I started with an alternative brand of rechargeables and after months, they were inoperable. So I decided to try the 4Patriots batteries. But I was getting tired of spending money constantly and polluting, and then I found these batteries. These are a great product. Solid made, easy to recharge, and they hold the charge well - about a 98% capacity of a regular battery. I am definitely coming back to purchase again!"


    "These are amazing batteries! I tested them in a few of my devices and they work like disposable batteries.

    I do believe these batteries will revolutionize the entire market in regards to batteries."

    Anthony L.

    "These rechargeable USB batteries are so neat! Rechargeable batteries are always handy to have but being that these can charge via USB makes them so versatile.

    They take less than an hour to charge fully. The product seems to be of great quality and the batteries have long lives. Comparable to any good ‘top-name-brand’ battery. I would definitely recommend these!

    Katelyn B.

    • FAQ
    • Guarantee

    Q: What’s included in each Battery Kit?

    A: Each kit comes with four AAA batteries, a protective plastic clamshell, and a handy micro USB charging cord. Most people like to grab a couple kits at once since they make great gifts and so that they always have a backup set charged and ready to go.

    Q: What are the specs of the 4Patriots USB-Rechargeable AAA Batteries?

    A: The Rechargeable Battery Kit is compact & reliable backup power you can rely on.

    • Charging lifecycle: 500 times
    • Charging time (approx): 1.5-2.5 hours
    • Battery Dimensions: 10mm x 44.6mm
    • Kit Dimensions: 100mm x 52 mm x 29mm
    • Voltage: 1.2V
    • Capacity: 400 mAh* per battery

    * Battery performance varies based on charging and usage conditions.

    Q: How many USB Battery Kits do I need?

    A: You never know where you’ll be when a crisis hits. Or how many people you’ll be with! So it’s best to err on the safe side when it comes to stocking up. Especially if you have a spouse, kids, or grandkids. In a crisis, you’ll want to be able to share your power with them.

    That’s why we recommend getting multiple kits. To stash in your RV, cabin, backpack or handbag. And to power multiple devices… or to give to friends and family as gifts. Plus -- with more than 1 kit on hand -- you’ll always have a backup charged and ready.

    Q: How do I use my Battery Kits?

    A: Your USB-Rechargeable Battery Kits will power any device that requires AAA batteries. Here’s an example of all the stuff you can power:

    • Radios
    • Clocks
    • Flashlights
    • Toys
    • TV remotes
    • Digital cameras
    • Electric razors
    • Handheld games
    • Wireless mouse
    • Much more!

    Your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits include a micro USB that allows you to charge up to 4 batteries at a time. Simply attach the cord to the batteries and plug the cord into any 5V power source. A red light will stay lit while the batteries are charging and will turn off when fully charged. Once fully charged, unplug your batteries, and use them like any standard AAA battery. Recharge your batteries every 3-5 months to keep them juiced up and ready to power your critical devices.

    Q: What if I change my mind about these Battery Kits?

    A: Your purchase is protected by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your products, return them within 365 days of purchase. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.

    Q: Is it safe to buy online?

    A: Buying online is absolutely one of the safest ways to shop! SSL Certificates authenticate our identity and encrypt the information that visitors enter on our site. When an SSL Certificate is installed, you can rest assured that the information you send is secure. This is the same type of technology used by Amazon to protect their shoppers. We at 4Patriots understand that you are putting your trust in us when you purchase from us online. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is safe from beginning to end and we thank you for your confidence in us.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your USB-Rechargeable AAA Battery Kits, return them within 365 days of purchase. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price – no questions asked.