Patriot Power Blender® - 1 Pack

15 reviews

Patriot Power Blender® - 1 Pack

15 reviews
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Cordless Blender Crushes Ice & Makes Delicious Smoothies in 7 Seconds FLAT. The Patriot Power Blender fits right in your hand, and the included travel base means you can blend and go in seconds – it turns into the perfect “to go” cup that easily fits in your cupholder for a drink on the move.

Safe to use and easy to clean, and a snap to recharge anywhere you have access to power – from an outlet, your laptop, your car or even a portable cell phone charger.

Makes dozens of drinks on a single charge. Built to last and convenient measurements on the cup let you follow any recipe with ease.

    • Healthy drinks everywhere — no cord required
    • Powerful: Even blends ice
    • Blends up to 12 smoothies on a single charge
    • Safe to use & easy to clean
    • Ships from Utah, USA
    • FREE Strainer attachment for pulp
    • FREE Shipping for Orders of $97+ (USA 48)

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    Cheers to a Healthier, More-Vibrant YOU!

    You’ll Have Delicious Nutrition – Even if the Nearest Power Outlet is Miles Away

    There’s nothing like a delicious smoothie...

    To start your day or power through your afternoon, a creamy blended drink is a great way to pack in needed fruits and veggies, and fill you up without weighing you down.

    Whether you’re already a healthy eater, or you’d like to sneak some nourishing goodness into your daily routine… a smoothie makes it easy, fast and oh so nutritious.

    But let’s face it: regular blenders are a pain. To use. To clean. To store. And you can forget about traveling with one… what a hassle!

    Introducing the Patriot Power Blender. At home, it’s the perfect, tuck-out-of-sight blender, compact and always ready for a quick and delicious drink.

    Introducing the Patriot Power Blender. At home, it’s the perfect, tuck-out-of-sight blender, compact and always ready for a quick and delicious drink.

    And at only 1-lb and 10 inches tall… it’s your smoothie-to-go companion for quick and healthy nutrition, anywhere your travels take you!

    It’s small enough to slip into your bag or backpack, but powerful enough to blend whatever your heart desires. And it can go pretty much anywhere with you.

    It’s even TSA-compliant in your checked luggage, so even road warriors don’t need to leave healthy smoothie nutrition at home! (When’s the last time you enjoyed a morning smoothie in your hotel room?)

    And since the Patriot Personal Blender doesn’t ever need batteries or an outlet to blend, you’ll have delicious nutrition, even if the nearest power outlet is miles away.

    Fill it up before you leave in the morning, and blend your smoothie during your morning commute. Or stash one at the office or in your gym bag, and mid-day (or any time of day) you can enjoy a blended treat.

    Even during a power outage, you don’t have to leave your healthy morning routine behind.

    And beyond being an incredible smoothie maker, you’ll find new uses for your Patriot Power Blender each and every day. A quick chop or dice of veggies. A blended hummus or salsa. Even make-your-own baby food or grinding seeds or coffee beans.

    But the best part is you can enjoy a power smoothie in the morning, when time is tight and nutrition is so important. Just fill it up and blend it on the go!

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    Americans Love This Blender — and the Reviews Prove it!

    You Can Take This Thing Everywhere!

    "This is a must-have item!

    It is very convenient to clean and carry anywhere. My blender replaced bulky containers. No outlet needed. Just plug it into a USB. En route or at your desk, it is the perfect product for both.

    It is one of my must-haves, along with my phone and Walkie on my desk. Awesome product!"

    Claudine A.
    January 2021

    You're Protected by a Risk-FREE Satisfaction Guarantee

    Since you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny…

    You’ll get an iron-clad money-back guarantee with your purchase. That way, there’s absolutely no risk to you for trying out this NEW Patriot Power Blender for yourself today. Because you’re protected for an entire year.

    Your Purchase Supports Those Who Serve

    When you claim your Patriot Power Blenders today, we will provide meaningful support to important charities that help American veterans and their families. Including Operation Homefront, Fisher House, A Soldier’s Child-Foundation and Team Rubicon.

    This isn’t lip service, either. We’ve donated more than $514,255 since we founded the company back in 2008. Wow!

    Claim Your Patriot Power Blender Now

    Order Online Any Time
    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    Customers LOVE Their Patriot Power Blender

    1 Single Charge Lasts Me a Month

    “What I really enjoy is that it holds a charge for quite a bit of time… it can last me at least a month before I need to charge it up again. I’m not using it every day, but it’s there when I need it. It’s very powerful for being such a small blender.”

    Grandma's Serving Up Happy Memories — 12 Smoothies at a Time

    “I’m the mother of three grown children. The grandmother of 12. And in August, I’ll welcome my 10th great-grandchild. So I’ve been around a long time. And 4Patriots is everything anyone could want… in the way of product and customer service.

    And the newest thing they’ve come up with is their Patriot Power Blender. The kids like them… I have a granddaughter that uses hers quite frequently. It’s really nice because the large smoothie maker we used to have broke and you couldn’t make individual smoothies.

    With the Patriot Power Blender everyone can make what they want. They can make green smoothies, fruit smoothies… they can do whatever they want to!

    Perfect Gifts! Gave My Daughter 2 for Her Birthday

    “My daughter loves to make smoothies for us, but cleaning the blender can be such a chore for me… that we don’t make them very often. When the Patriot Power Blender became available, in time for her birthday, I decided to get her two. She has loved them and takes a smoothie to work with her everyday.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many Patriot Power Blenders do I need?

    A: With the Patriot Power Blender, there’s no need to be at home to enjoy a healthy smoothie, blended coffee or other healthy treat. And you never know how many people you’ll be with, especially if you’re blending at a tailgate, picnic or campsite! So it’s best to err on the safe side when it comes to stocking up. Especially if you have a spouse, kids, or grandkids. And it’s all the more convenient to have one at home and more for “on the go.”

    That’s why most customers claim more than one Patriot Power Blender. To stash in their RV, cabin, backpack or gym bag. Or to give to friends and family as gifts.

    Q: How do I use my Patriot Power Blenders

    A: Your Patriot Power Blenders work with any USB outlet. Just use the included cord and charge your blender at home, at your desk or even in your car!

    When you’re ready for a delicious smoothie or other blended drink, simply cut fresh or frozen fruit or veggies and place in the blender with liquid. Your Patriot Power Blender is powerful enough to even crush ice, so you’ll always have the desired consistency, however you like your drinks best.

    The included safety feature means the powerful blades won’t operate unless the blender container is attached. And your Patriot Power Blender also allows you to take your drink and go, and leave the base behind. Just turn your Patriot Power Blender over, detach from the base and close with the included cover.

    Clean-up is easy too. Just add a few drops of liquid soap to the container, add water and blend as normal. Then a quick rinse and you’re ready to blend again!

    Q: What are the technical specs?

    A: The Patriot Power Blender is a personal, portable, rechargeable blender that’s perfect for creating smoothies, blended drinks, salsa, soups and so much more – on the go! It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, gym bag or glove box, but powerful enough to crush ice, blend frozen fruit, and create the perfect smoothie, even if you’re miles away from the nearest outlet.

    Patriot Power Blender Specs:

        • Battery: 7.4V lithium
        • Battery capacity: 4000 mAh*
        • Power: 120W (blade spins at 25000 RPM)
        • Capacity: 420 ml (blends up to 11 oz. and holds up to 14.4 oz)
        • Weight: 1 lb.

    Here’s What You’ll Get in Each Box:

        • 1 x Patriot Power Blender
        • 1 x USB cable for recharging your Patriot Power Blender
        • 1 x Travel cup base
        • 1 x User Manual

    *Battery performance will vary based upon your charging and usage conditions, including cord and voltage-conversion efficiency, testing conditions, temperature and age. Always follow storage and use instructions.

    Q: Is this product guaranteed?

    A: Absolutely! We believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny. Your entire purchase is protected today by this ironclad guarantee:

    100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
    If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Patriot Power Blender, just return it within 365 days (that’s a full year) of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. That way there's absolutely no risk for you.

    Q: How long is this deal available?

    A: Today’s pricing is only guaranteed for today, and only while supplies last. This product is likely to experience high demand and inventories are limited. 4Patriots reserves the right to end this deal at any time without warning. Rain checks will not be issued once the deal has ended.

    Remember, Patriot Power Blenders are not sold in stores; they’re only available here.

    Q: When will I receive my order?

    A: We will ship your order directly to your home or office using a premium carrier such as FedEx. Orders typically ship within 5 to 7 business days of order. Products are shipped from Salt Lake City, UT or Memphis, TN, and you will receive an order confirmation email plus a shipment notification email with tracking number once your order ships.

    Q: Is it safe to buy online?

    A: Buying online is absolutely one of the safest ways to shop! SSL Certificates authenticate our identity and encrypt the information that visitors enter on our site. When an SSL Certificate is installed, you can rest assured that the information you send is secure. This is the same type of technology used by Amazon to protect their shoppers.

    We use a third-party credit card processor that meets strict international standards for data security. We do NOT store your credit card number.

    We at 4Patriots understand that you are putting your trust in us when you purchase from us online. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is safe from beginning to end and we thank you for your confidence in us.

    If you have any questions or prefer to order by phone, please call us 24/7 at 1-800-304-4202.


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