Your Quick & Easy Father’s Day Gift Guide

There are many different items you can give Dad as a gift for Father’s Day. But there’s one basic problem with most of them. He might not like it.

If you give him a new tie, he may not care for the style or color. If you give him a new razor, he might prefer his old one. If you give him a new Porsche… well, that would be a keeper. But most of us don’t have $60,000+ burning a hole in our pocket.

There are a select few affordable Father’s Day presents that I can pretty much guarantee he will appreciate and use regularly.

I have one specific gift in mind, but I’m saving it for last. No fair looking ahead to the answer. In the meantime, let’s look at 11 of the more popular Father’s Day gift ideas. As well as five “oddities.”

As a reminder, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. So, you’ve got just over two weeks to prepare.

11 gift ideas for Dad 

Barbeque grill accessories. Maybe Dad already has a reliable grill, but the utensils are starting to show wear. A new spatula, grill fork, tongs, etc. might whet his appetite to get grilling.

Insulated stainless steel thermos. Whether it’s coffee he wants to keep warm while driving or an adult beverage he wants to keep cold while relaxing in the backyard, this is a gift he’ll use regularly. 

White noise sound machine. Most people can’t sleep with lots of noise in the background. Others can’t sleep if it’s too quiet. If your Dad is one of the latter, this could be the perfect solution to his problem.

Desk lamp. If your Dad’s vision is not quite what it used to be, he might appreciate being able to shed a little more light on the situation. Especially helpful for reading mail or paying bills, this is an illuminating gift.

Hot sauce kit. Does your Dad frequently mention that his meals could use a little more kick? With a hot sauce kit he can add just the right amount of kick to a wide variety of foods.

Amazon Echo Show 8. This nifty device that’s both a speaker and monitor will allow Dad to make video calls. It also serves as a hub for smart-home appliances such as smart light bulbs.

Instant camera. If Dad likes to hold a photo in his hands and pass it around – rather than passing his cellphone around – an instant camera is the way to go. Look for one promising reliable focus and sharp picture quality.

Pasta maker. Does Dad like to spend as much time preparing food in the kitchen as Mom does? If so, a pasta maker could be a big help. Especially if he likes to make dishes such as ravioli from scratch.  

Turntable. Perhaps Dad has a few crates of old record albums he never plays anymore… but would like to. Buy him a turntable and he’ll be purchasing speakers in no time, if he doesn’t already have them.

Yard games. Maybe Dad isn’t playing football or basketball anymore, but perhaps he likes lawn darts, cornhole, horseshoes or other games he can play just by stepping out into the backyard.     

Popcorn seasoning. If Dad prefers to sit back and watch movies at home rather than going to the theater, seasoning on his popcorn will put him in a good mood. And he can always sneak some into the theater when he does go out for a movie.

5 unusual presents for Pop 

Now for a few of those “oddities” I promised…

Customized bobblehead doll. Send the company a photo of Dad and select which bobblehead type you want (businessman, superhero, doctor, etc.) and they’ll email you an image to approve or alter before sending you the bobblehead.

Customized face socks. Yep, Dad can have multiple images of his face on his socks. Just in case he forgets what he looks like and doesn’t have a mirror handy. 

Patriotic hoodie. Sure, it’s warm now, but before you know it fall will be here. If Dad loves America, he’ll be proud to wear a hoodie featuring an American flag and a patriotic message. 

Personalized tool tote bag. If Dad is handy around the house, he may also be the type who helps neighbors with minor repairs. This bag with his name on it will enable him to carry those tools with him in style.

Lord of the Rings chess set. If Dad loves Tolkien’s work and chess, this one will thrill him. The pieces are crafted in fine pewter in detailed likeness to the characters. He’ll probably ask you to play right away.    

My guaranteed Dad-pleaser

As mentioned early on, here’s my suggestion for an affordable Father’s Day gift I believe dad will appreciate.

It’s the HaloXT Tactical Flashlight from 4Patriots. It has nine light functions. The flashlight has small solar panels for free charging, a glass breaker, a seatbelt cutter and a compass. It also has an anti-slip handle and an adjustable wrist strap.

Despite the fact that it’s small, lightweight and easy to handle, it’s extremely sturdy. That’s because it’s made from aluminum alloy. It can handle abuse. And that includes dropping it on the floor or ground, and banging it against something.

This flashlight is weather-resistant, shock-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It even includes a magnet so you can secure it to your car and use both hands to work.

Here’s how you can get your HaloXT Tactical Flashlight. Or better yet, several of them.


  • Meredith Yarber - June 05, 2022

    I am a Disabled Combat Veteran of the US Navy, 100% T & P. I am also mother and father to my son. It’s been hard as hell, but I wouldn’t change a single thing. He is an amazing young man who has put me and my health before all else. He has been my caretaker since he was 14 years old (he is now 24 years old). As for me, my father passed away two years ago ON MY BIRTHDAY AND I STILL HAVEN’T A CLUE WHERE HE IS/WAS LAID TO REST (Due to family jealousy, hate, envy…the usual. ) I could really just use a reason to be happy on this FATHER’S DAY.) THANK YOU MY PATRIOT FAMILY.

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