Your Purchases Lead to Our Donations to Worthy Causes

Did you know you have donated to dozens of charitable organizations?

At 4Patriots, we share a percentage of our profits with a variety of organizations. Most benefit U.S. veterans. Or active-duty troops and their families. Such as Fisher House Foundation and Operation Homefront. As well as For the Troops and A Soldier’s Child Foundation.

Not to mention other philanthropic causes not necessarily connected with the military. Every time you purchase a 4Patriots product, some of your money goes to a worthy cause. Sometimes as a cash donation. Other times as a much-needed product gift.

The bottom line is, we’ve been blessed and we want to bless others in need. Now and then I like to let you know where some of your money is going. Today I’m going to give you a brief capsule report of four of our donation recipients.  

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA provides free job search support to U.S. military members. Plus veterans and military spouses. And helps companies connect with them. 

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Hire Heroes USA has helped 43,000 vets and spouses get hired. Free of charge. And aided some 44,000 others in job searches. This team of veterans and business pros transforms military service into civilian success. 

Hire Heroes USA provides personalized career coaching. As well as expert mentoring and job sourcing. The organization helps create professional resumes. And teaches job search best practices. 

Military personnel and spouses get connected with career mentors and mock interviewers. They learn effective job search networking and interviewing techniques. And receive career guidance.

4Patriots donates $1,000 per month to Hire Heroes USA.

Together We Achieve

There were many unfortunate events in 2020. The Midwest Derecho may have received the least amount of publicity. But it certainly left its mark on the U.S. landscape.

This widespread, straight-lined windstorm traveled 770 miles in August. At an average speed of 55 miles per hour. It was accompanied by a fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms. It moved from southeastern South Dakota and northeastern Nebraska through Iowa. As well as through Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.  

The derecho featured wind speeds of up to 126 miles per hour. It spawned 17 confirmed tornados. Two to three days after the storm hit, some 200,000 Iowans still had no power. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa was particularly hard hit. Realtor Raymond Siddell sprang into action. He organized a large emergency relief effort. Known as Together We Achieve, his group helped people find food, shelter and other supplies.

4Patriots donated 25 HaloXT flashlights to Raymond for distribution to those in need. As well as 25 Patriot Power Cells and ten 72-Hour Survival Food Kits. Plus 100 of our 72-Hour Survival Food Kits and six 4-Week Food Kits. 

Veteran Adventure Group

When Americans serve in the armed forces, they are given a mission. They develop a sense of duty and purpose. And they benefit from a committed network of support.

But what happens when those soldiers return to civilian life?

Unfortunately, many U.S. veterans find themselves without those things. Some turn to alcohol or drugs to fill a void. An alarming number commit suicide. 

Veterans Adventure Group helps vets manage their civilian lives. They do it with retreats that provide camaraderie and teamwork. And serve as a framework for building, training and equipping.

For the more active and healthy vets, activities include extreme events. Such as mountain climbing, skydiving, rock climbing and kite surfing. For others, there is scuba diving and skiing. Plus caving, hiking and nature excursions.

4Patriots has made several product donations to Veterans Adventure Group. Including our Survival Food and Sun Kettles. Plus Solar Sentry Lights and BugOUT lanterns.

Farmer Veterans Coalition

Georgia native Carl Camon developed an early interest in agriculture. His father farmed the field in front of their house for several years. As a teenager, Carl joined the Future Farmers of America.

Over time, Carl put agriculture on the backburner. He joined the U.S. Air Force after high school graduation. Following basic training in Texas, he served for four years in the States. Then 6½ years in the Reserves, including a stint in England.

Following his service, Carl was a corrections officer and then a teacher. He became the first Black mayor of Ray City, Georgia, winning re-election four times. He also launched the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute of Ray City in 2000. 

But Carl never lost his early interest in agriculture. He got connected with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) in 2019. Then he took on a project that combines his military experience with his love for farming. 

FVC sent Carl seeds in 2019 to fuel his community garden project in Ray City. The seeds had been donated to FVC by 4Patriots. Carl’s voice was heard in the community… and somewhere else. Carl set the tone for the 2019 FVC Convention by singing America the Beautiful during opening ceremonies. 

Victory Garden Seed Vault

We couldn’t make these types of donations without you. Your purchases of our products make them possible. You are our partners in this effort.

And in the spirit of continually giving, we’d like to give back to our community (THAT’S YOU!) by providing you with a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Deal on your Victory Garden Seed Vaults today.

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  • Elizabeth Inglis - June 14, 2021

    It was very uplifting to read your thank you letter to those who purchase your products. I didn’t know that 4Patriots did so much for veterans. There are a few organizations I try to donate to in honor of my husband (passed away 2011) who served in the military and law enforcement.
    Sincerely, Thank you for everything you do.

  • Joan Brown - May 17, 2021

    I have most of 4Patriots products and am fully satisfied. I regularly donate to veterans organizations on my own and am proud to know that my purchases also help Veterans as well. Cheers to you by passing it on. I love your products and speak highly about them to my friends and family so they are aware of them and purchase their own. I have given them my 72 hour bags for them to try.
    Thank you for “Never Forget” our troups. My father was in the Korean war as a guard, My late husband was in WWII as a Navy Sea Bee in n the Phillipines, My husband was in Viet Nam Conflict as a Missel repair man. I am proud of their service and proud of the USA in it’s being. I am a proud customer of yours.
    Thank you, Joan Brown

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