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Who is the “father” in your life?

Your dad? Your grandfather? Your son-in-law? Maybe it’s even you. Regardless, someone – or maybe several someones – has a special day coming up. And I’m sure you want to acknowledge this annual occasion with gifts.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16. Now, you can buy that father a tie they’ll never wear. Or a coffee mug they’ll never use. Or a piece of lawn care equipment that will rust in the garage.

Or, you can get them (or yourself) something practical that will actually be appreciated. And something that will prove you really care about them. I’m talking about preparedness items that may end up saving their lives.

Some dads are easy to buy for   

Perhaps the father in your life is Howard the Handyman. Or Owen the Outdoorsman. Or Gary the Gardener. Or maybe it’s Clint the Coach, Shane the Chef, or Mark the MacGuyver Dad.

It doesn’t matter. 4Patriots has something for everyone. And in a wide price range to fit any budget.

Below I’ve listed some Father’s Day gifts that would be perfect for Howard, Owen, Gary, Clint, Shane, or Mark. As well as other gifts that could appeal to just about anyone.

I’m confident you can find whatever you’re looking for, regardless of who the father is in your life.

Tailoring gifts to their personalities

Howard the Handyman will love the All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit. This 95-piece kit, built by survival experts, includes a way to charge a dead battery, fix a flat tire, and charge a phone.

Owen the Outdoorsman is certain to appreciate the CoyoteXT All-in-1 Tactical Shovel Kit ($119.95) and the StarFire Camp Stove ($59.95). With the shovel kit, he can dig, chop, hunt, and even clean game. The camp stove is a simple and efficient way to boil water and cook food with only kindling and leaves as fuel.   

Gary the Gardener’s thumb will turn even greener when he opens up a Victory Garden Seed Vault ($29.95) or a Gardening Tool and Storage Set ($22.20). The seed vault contains more than 9,000 non-GMO, heirloom survival seeds to grow beets, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and zucchini. The tool set features 7 durable hand tools to help with the process.   

Clint the Coach knows the importance of keeping food and beverages cold when his players get hungry and thirsty. And he could provide exactly that with the Freedom Fridge ($249.95). This portable mini-cooler can keep food, drinks, and temperature-sensitive medications cold, while also keeping other food hot.   

Shane the Chef will be in culinary heaven when he receives the 1-Week Survival Food Kit ($79.95). This perfect “hunker down” supply of non-perishable food is both easy to prepare and tasty. And it comes in disaster-resistant packaging.

Mark the MacGuyver Dad will enjoy the Patriot Power Cell CX ($29.95) and the HaloXT Tactical Flashlight ($29.95). The Power Cell is a portable power station that fits in a pocket. It can charge three devices at once and charge for free in the sun. He can also take advantage of nine different functions with the solar-powered flashlight, including a seat belt cutter and glass breaker.

Customer favorites Dad will love too

Any of those dads – plus countless others – would also treasure some of these items:

  • Patriot Power Generator 2000X ($2,99.95). Double the capacity and more peak power than before. Includes a free solar panel.
  • Patriot Power Sidekick ($499). 9 power outlets to charge your critical devices. Safe to use indoors and never needs gas.
  • 3-Month Food Kit ($699.95). More than 700 total servings of delicious, easy-to-prepare, and long-lasting food.
  • Solar Go-Fridge ($847.95). Keeps food, beverages, and medicine cold without ice. Perfect for RV adventures and camping.
  • Patriot Pure Air Advanced Purification System ($249.95). Reduces up to 99.95% of harmful, airborne contaminants with a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter and UV light.
  • Emergency Go-Tote ($199.95). A done-for-you go-bag in a stackable, covert tote. Features food, water, power, and safety items.

Don’t wait too long

With Father’s Day less than four weeks away, now is the time to order those gifts.

I don’t want us to run out of what you’re looking for. And you don’t want to receive it a day late.

Ordering now will give you plenty of time to wrap it. Now is also a good time to hint around to loved ones that you’d like one of these gifts for yourself.

It’s a win-win. And each of these gifts will provide the peace of mind that comes with every 4Patriots purchase.

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