You Know You Need an Emergency Radio… But Which One?

You’ve received a few emails from me in the past about emergency weather radios. The purpose was to tell you how important it is to have one handy. That’s why these radios are included in just about every bug-out bag list you’ve ever seen.

Based on how many of you have purchased the 4Patriots Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio, I assume you don’t need any more convincing. 

You realize that extreme weather is becoming more frequent and more violent. And you know weather forecasters are predicting more hurricanes and more tornados this year than usual. 

So, I’m not going to waste your time trying to convince you to add one to your survival stockpile. But if you haven’t done so yet, I do want to provide some tips on what to look for in an emergency radio. Because there are many choices out there. 

Say yes to NOAA

The first thing you should do when it comes time to selecting an emergency radio is make sure it’s a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio. 

Having access to critical information is key to surviving in any emergency. With a NOAA weather radio, you’re certain to receive timely information about weather threats in your area. Including evacuation routes and other breaking news.

These radios broadcast official National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24/7. If you program your county’s six-digit code into it, a loud alarm will sound when dangerous weather approaches. 

Some of these weather radios allow you to choose which particular alerts you want to receive. And which you don’t.

Plenty of charging options

OK, now you’re set with weather alerts. Is there anything else you need in an emergency radio? Yes, plenty.

Let’s start with how to keep it charged. A dead emergency radio is useless, so don’t choose one that gives you only one or two options.

You want a radio with a powerful battery inside. But you also want other ways to charge it.

Including plugging it into an outlet, exposing the radio’s solar panel to the sun and cranking it up by hand.  

Power bank with a flashlight

Any of those options will keep your emergency radio charged. But you also want to have a radio that can “share the wealth.”

You may find yourself in a position where you need to charge your cellphone. Or a tablet, e-reader, camera, flashlight, cooling fan or another item. Select an emergency radio that can do all that.

There’s no guarantee you’ll have daylight when a weather emergency interrupts your life.

You may need to light your path. So, make sure your radio includes a bright flashlight.

 Light, compact and durable… with extras

Other features you want in an emergency radio are just as practical. For example, you don’t want one that’s heavy. It would be a burden to carry in your hand or in a bag.

You also want a radio that’s compact yet durable. One that can take a few dings without getting damaged.  And what about some extras the average person might not think about? 

Choose an emergency radio that includes a sturdy metal clip so you can attach it to a backpack or belt loop. Select one that has a charging indicator so you always know how much juice it has. Pick one with an earphone jack so you can listen discreetly.  

Finally, you want an emergency radio that’s priced right. If for no other reason than so you can buy several of them. For your home and vehicle, and even as gifts for loved ones.

My recommendation is...

The emergency radio I’m recommending will not be a surprise. I let the cat out of the bag back in the second paragraph.

And it might be difficult to believe, but every feature I mentioned as being important in an emergency radio is included in one radio – the 4Patriots Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio. 

Of course, this is not a coincidence. We started with the end in mind with this product. We made sure this tactical information hub features NOAA weather alerts, with seven 24/7 weather channels and AM/FM and shortwave radio.

We insisted it include an LCD display clock with alarm and an ultra-bright flashlight.

We made it lightweight with the ability to recharge with the power of the sun.

We added a hand crank for emergency starting. We even made sure that it could power up other devices when you need them most. Including your cellphone.

I feel like we’ve made the 4Patriots Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio as desirable as we possibly can. But if you need any extra incentive, how’s this?

If you purchase three of them, I’ll knock a small amount off the price of each unit, provide you with free shipping, and toss in a few bonuses. Including a free Patriot Power Cell, a free 72-Hour Survival Food Kit and a free $25 gift certificate.


  • Jorge De la Rosa - November 16, 2021

    I thank God and all of you guys who work so hard trying to save us in the coming trying times. In the past I’ve purchased from you some basic items: Solar charger, your excellent flashlight and a lot of survival food. Currently I’m saving to buy a 1800 W generator. My regards and gratitude. Stay safe,

    Jorge De la Rosa

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