Would you pass the Glovebox Quiz?

You'd be shocked at how many people get stumped by it. Especially Dads...

Don't have time? Skip the quiz and grab the #1 survival gadget to keep in your car.

It's the multi-tool "9 life-saving functions in 1" and is a favorite among homemakers, truckers, security guards, police officers, and even former Navy SEALs.

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BillLowry - June 22, 2020

I carry this tool in my center console. It’s my Glove Box!

GLenn ATkinson - June 22, 2020

The BEST flashlight in the world, by far!! I have 4 of them. They make great gifts to loved ones and friends. Made in USA, and made to last a lifetime! WELL worth the cost. The more you purchase, the more you save. Once I got mine, it was “out with the old, and in with the new!!” You will LOVE yours!!!

David Lipinski - June 22, 2020

good product.

David Lipinski - June 22, 2020

hi, already own four of this product.

Grady Pior - June 22, 2020

Not only do I have a Halo I have a stun gun pepper spray 13 inch switchblade in a few little other odds and ends including the survival pen and I also carry some in my tackle box when I go night fishing along with a little 380

RIchard Golding - June 22, 2020

I have this flashlight it is fantastic to carry it does everything highly recommend it

Jan Marie Scott - June 22, 2020

Of course I passed “The Glovebox Quiz”, since I have 1 in my car, use 1 on my job and gave a few as gifts. I am in love with my Glovebox Angles. And so are my friends. I have bought meals, cooking utensil, water purifiers, Pocket Power Cells and more and tell all my friends about your wonderful products. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.

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