Will You Need a ‘Vaccination Passport’ to Travel?

New coronavirus cases are rising in Europe and elsewhere. So, travel restrictions are tightening.

The United Kingdom now requires travelers from more than 30 countries to isolate for 10 days after arriving. Canada already had that policy in effect.

And even if a country does not have such a policy in place, new restrictions could be imposed at any time. With no notice. That means passengers could get turned away when they arrive. Or have difficulty returning home.

All air passengers coming to the U.S. are required to have a recent negative COVID-19 test result. Or documentation of recovery from COVID-19. This includes American citizens.

Cruise Ship Will Launch the Program

Those restrictions are concerning to some travelers. And the travel industry. But we may be on the verge of something even more restrictive. Ironically, the travel industry is supporting it.

There’s now talk of “vaccination passports” being required prior to travel from one country to another.

In fact, it’s more than just talk. Royal Caribbean International recently made this announcement. Its ship, Adventure of the Seas, will resume sailing from the Bahamas. The seven-night excursions are being scheduled from June 12 through August.

Adult passengers need to show proof they have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Those under 18 must show a negative coronavirus test result. Crew members must also be vaccinated.

 A Bad Year for Princesses

Michael Bayley is Royal Caribbean’s president and CEO. He said, “The vaccines are clearly a game-changer for all of us.”

Bayley added, “We believe starting with cruises for vaccinated adult guests and crew is the right choice.”

The cruise industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. It started in February 2020. That’s when more than 700 passengers and crew members on board the Diamond Princess tested positive.

The next month, an outbreak occurred aboard the Grand Princess. On the way to Mexico, the ship was rerouted to California. Thousands of passengers were quarantined. More than 100 were infected and at least eight died.   

CDC Says Don’t Cruise 

The CDC lists cruise ship travel among its “Very High” concern level.

Its website reads this way. “CDC recommends that all people avoid travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, worldwide. The risk of COVD-19 on cruise ships is very high.

“It is especially important that people with an increased risk of severe illness avoid travel on cruise ships.

“Cruise passengers are at increased risk of person-to-person spread of infectious diseases. Including COVID-19. Passengers who decide to go on a cruise should get tested three to five days after your trip. And stay home for seven days after travel.”

Will New Passports Ease Fears?

We’re likely to see the vaccination passport idea enacted with other forms of travel. Including airplanes, trains and buses.

Airline officials and others in the travel and tourism industries are looking at it as a relief measure. They want to get back some of the money they lost over the last 15 months.

They believe it will make some people feel safer about traveling. And might persuade governments to loosen restrictions.

Some governments already require proof of vaccination. Including against yellow fever, rubella, cholera and others diseases. Countries including Iceland, Poland, Portugal and Cyprus have announced plans for proof-of-vaccination certificates.

There’ll Be an App for This

Travel-related trade groups are developing and testing different versions of vaccination passports.

The International Air Transport Association calls it “Travel Pass.” IBM is developing one called “Digital Health Pass.”

Any vaccination passport would be in the form of a smartphone app. Or paper documentation. 

Passengers would be required to show this proof of vaccination before boarding a plane. Or a recent negative coronavirus test result.

Expanding Beyond Travel?

So far, vaccination passports have been discussed mainly in connection with travel. But in some countries, they’re expanding upon the idea.

For example, Israel is using a “green passport.” It ensures that only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 can attend public events. Such as concerts.

A move in that direction in the U.S. would be worrisome for many people. Especially those who have chosen not to get a coronavirus vaccine. There is also concern about security breaches. Many people are hesitant to share health information that could be hacked.

But NBC News medical contributor Dr. John Torres thinks it will happen. He said, “Some type of vaccine certificate or passport will likely be needed. Not only for travel abroad. But possibly even to get into sporting events, theaters, hotels…”

‘Not So Fast,’ Say Some

Even if vaccination passports are limited to travel, there are those who don’t believe they are a good idea. At least not yet.

Dr. Mike Ryan is the director of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program. He says that using vaccine certification as a requirement for travel “is not advised.”

This is partly due to the fact that 25 percent of the world’s countries will not be able to administer vaccines in 2021.

The CDC is still discouraging nonessential travel, regardless of vaccination status. A spokesperson said the agency “has not issued guidance on management of vaccinated people during travel.”

Some form of vaccination passports will probably be in effect here soon. How many aspects of American life they will affect remains to be seen.


  • Sonia - May 14, 2021

    In my opinion it may make sense to have this vaccine card to enter other countries. However, if everyone that chooses the vaccine are essentially immune to the said disease then why would you force others to have it when that person is choosing to be a risk. If the vaccine is effective then those vaccinated are not at risk. They have been working on this propaganda a long time so we will be pitted one against the other, neighbors and family members alike. Coming to the U S A soon.

  • Shawn - May 06, 2021

    Vaccine passport, certificate or whatever else they want to call it is a horrible idea and unconstitutional. It calls for divulging personal medical information to anyone who requests proof of a vaccination. It will require segregation of vaccinated and nonvaccinated people at public events or establishments or will eliminate people from participating and moving freely in their community, county, state, country. This is an untested vaccine and we shouldn’t be required to be lab rats in order to live our lives without coercion and threats. According to VAERS, there have been over 3,000 deaths, so far, of people getting this vaccine which is why we should decide for ourselves if we want to take the risk. If government is allowed to force us to get this vaccine, what other vaccines or medications will we allow to be forced on us? Freedom not fear!!!

  • Lea Brady - April 12, 2021

    I am one of those that is not getting the shot at least this year, I feel people should be forced to get a vaccine they are not comfortable with, if that was the case enforce the flue shot. Those that chose to not be vaccinated should not be descriminated against in any way,travel, restaurants, theaters etc. I support those that chose to do this but please don’t chastise those that chose not to. I’ve been tested 8 times and only once last year did I get a positive result. Thank you

  • Eric - April 12, 2021

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea to have proof of vaccinations or not. First off it’s a free state still right? second, a lot of people are on the fence about the shots, third, I don’t think the goverment should make my mind up for me, yes I know something is out there killing a lot of people, but think about it. they say it’s air spread, well I need someone to tell me why when we have windy days a lot more people don’t die? They came out with the vaccinations too quickly, like months. Cure cancer that fast. I don’t travel outside the good ole US OF A anyway. what is in that shot anyway? Why do they want everyone to get it, is there something in it to control us when the goverment wants us to be good, they press a button and everyone that got the shot walks around like zombies. We don’t hear about anything but covid killing people and guns. LEAVE GUNS ALONE. GUNS DON"T KILL, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, GUNS ARE TOOLS JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE. I have a shirt I wear that states: IF GUNS KILL PEOPLE THEN PENCILS MISSPELL WORDS FORKS MAKE PEOLE FAT AND CARS DRIVE DRUNK. Think about that, cause it makes sense.

  • Ginger deMeyer - April 11, 2021

    Frank, although I usually concur with your opinions, I most respectfully disagree with your stance against the vaccine. I have traveled to all seven continents and more countries than I even counted. Quite often entry into numerous countries required proof of vaccination which makes complete sense to me. As for those referring to individuals who fought in WWII for our freedoms, such logic is absurd. In the 1950s, polio, rubella and smallpox would not have been eradicated have individuals objected on such a ridiculous premise. Yes, we have rights. I have the right not to be given a death sentence from such individuals just as they believe they have the right to ignore scientific facts and spend their last days on a Earth, on a ventilator, unconscious and ins0lated from all whom they loved until Covid 19 takes their life. Just as WWII affected the entire planet, this novel coronavirus is a WORLD PANDEMIC and we need to all pull together to combat it as the Allies trident then. A person’s unsubstantiated conspiracy beliefs does not give them the right to kill the rest of us.

  • Martin Thostenson - April 09, 2021

    Three words. Invasion of privacy. It will cause a great many lawsuits.

  • Tim - April 09, 2021

    This vaccine is dangerous. It’s experimental. Not doing it. As a matter of fact there is a lady from America who is stuck in Mexico because she tested positive even tho she had the vaccine. I’m good with this.

  • Sandra - April 09, 2021

    I cannot believe it has come to this I am so sad. At 63 years old my boyfriend had covid in December I quarantined with him. It was flu like with a cough. I had very little if at all symptoms I tested 6 days later and came back negative so guess I won’t know till I test for antibodies. Either way I do not want the shot! from being a child of the fifties to this is blowing my mind. My grandfather,father, son have fought for our freedom. To come to this in the guise that its good for us is so unbelievably scary. To think I won’t be able to have the freedom to travel go to events that involve public. Will car travel from state to state be next?? Folks who want the shot get it, those that don’t should not be punished. The freedom to choose that is what were about. Second amendment is next on the list. Not to much to look forward to in retirement.

  • Cynthia Anne Delgado - April 09, 2021

    Isn’t this scenario remind us of foreign countries have been trying to take over the United States for centuries? By taking away our conditional rights of freedom of speech,and expression. Also, why doesn’t the CDC make a list of all the names of the animals that were used for the virus so we would know if we are allergic to them and cause death. Wouldn’t that allow individuals the right to deny the COVID 19 vaccination with proof to also save lives

  • Sandra Mason - April 09, 2021

    I am 100% against and unproved vaccine. What side effects in 5 or10 years?? I am also against a passport to travel freely in the U.S. America is not a socialist country and we must stand firm to resist those forcing this on us. I am disgusted that this is what is happing to the America I know. Something is terribly wrong when you don’t need an ID to vote but need a vaccine passport.

  • Marilyn Quinn-Dilley - April 09, 2021

    I do not intend to take the vaccine. A passport for a vaccine that is un-tested and NOT FDA approved? That’s nonsense. People are having bad reactions from this vaccine, and most test positive for Covid after taking it. One the CDC’s site it states that the vaccination is not FDA approved, but also is not known to protect against Covid. They can’t know anything about this vaccine as it has not gone through the normal trials it should have. With the survival rate so high this is ludicrous. When you hear 98% effective or 65% effective you are listening to a lie. It takes TIME to know how effective ANYTHING is let alone a vaccine. If one has to have a travel permit I will not be traveling. It is not worth the risk.

  • Douglas - April 08, 2021

    Ive always wondered what if we didnt travel to theses places would we be a healthier nation I believe so. Iwill not be taken the shot and dont think that I will travel abroad. I have a problem with show me your papers before you can proceed. People will allow them self to be controlled like cattle. I cant do that.Im a person who believes in God and family and can make decisions for myself whats right and wrong and best for us.I try to stay in tune with whats going on and prep for whats coming with the help of 4 patroits. We all have our own mind do whats right for you.

  • Lisa - April 08, 2021

    I cannot believe this is happening. People who have underlying conditions that have gotten the vaccine have died from it. Healthy people who have gotten the vaccine have died from it. Its not a safe vaccine to get. I am not getting it. And this is my right. Its unfair and unconstitutional that this is happening all because the political agenda wants control. There r studies that the bias news are not reporting that this IS NOT a safe vaccine. Its a depopulation vaccine. Meaning to get rid of the elderly and the sick. This is all a hype and people are believing it. The media is making it sound like a safe vaccine because they are all leftists. Controlled puppets. This is all politics to control our lives.

  • Diana - April 08, 2021

    I understand travel to other countries may need vaccinations and such as it has always been. When it comes to our freedoms in the USA, I’m very much concerned about any type of papers having to be carried by citizens. First, it violates all hipa laws which even married folks cannot get info shared if the spouse doesn’t sign off on the sharing. Second, this nation is so close to becoming socialist and we must fight to keep every freedom we have. And carrying “papers” to be able to travel in my country, has a maxi time element feel to it. Just my opinion but you asked. Have a great day. God Bless and thank you for your products.

  • Diane - April 08, 2021

    This so called travel vaccine passport would be a problem for those who are allergic to some of the ingredients. We have already seen some who have died or gotten very ill from this vaccine, most likely because they were allergic. To ban people from traveling unless they have had the vaccine is all about control. That is what this whole thing has been about: controlling the people. We have lost our constitutional rights over this and worse is yet to come.

  • Jackie Loges - April 08, 2021

    I 100% disagree with vaccine passports. It is true that some countries require certain vaccinations to travel there. #1-the vaccines required have been around for decades and are TRUE vaccines. #2-if I don’t want that country’s vaccine, I change my itinerary and don’t go there. To require a COVID vaccine passport to travel anywhere greatly steps over the boundaries of my personal freedom to travel. For those who got the COVID vaccine-you are safe from those who did not according to the CDC. To vaccinate oneself is a personal decision. As far as Royal Carribbean Cruiselines go-good luck with that mandate because my health status is none of your business. If a passenger wants a guaranteed risk-free perfectly healthy cruise, it doesn’t exist. Life itself is a risk everyday.

  • Cheryl Deloney - April 08, 2021

    I am not believing what is going on. I do not plan to take the vaccine. So I am penalized or restricted to travel because of a vaccine which is still not proven to be 100% safe?

  • Tracey Snache - April 08, 2021

    Aaniin, Hello. Worse stuff is coming, at least in Canada, hence why l am now on your mailing list. Back in October 2020, l saw and read a leaked Liberal email, on PMO Trudeau’s orders, which outlined what was going to happen in Canada. Liberal Committee members pushed back but Trudeau shut them down, and so the email was leaked. I cannot locate it to this day, and as you probably know, once social media realizes something is not supporting the 2021 or 2030 Agenda, then it disappears or changes in some way. Currently we are in an alleged shut down, but there are still flights as l write this. We have isolation, fines, quarantine/detention centres, the same as all commonwealth nations (England still colonizing). And the email mentioned deploying the army in Q2. Not sure if it is for testing or vaccinating. Sharing to you so your community knows what is really happening in Canada. Pretty scary. I may move to the US soon. Miigwech, Thanks for reading.

  • Kathie - April 08, 2021

    I am so against the vaccine and The card. How many more rights will the government take away from us. Next we will have to wear an armband and be told to get on a boxcar. How can people be so blind in trusting their so called leaders? I had Covid for in February of 2020, I just went for my yearly blood test and I have the antibodies, I don’t need an experimental vaccine. They are saying the antibodies may only last a month or two. Hello it’s been over a year and I still have them. Why would it be any different from the measles or another childhood virus we only got once and had antibodies against? They are all in bed with the big pharma to make money.

  • Charlene Hitchcock - April 08, 2021

    I think requiring the Covid-19 vaccine to travel, attend sporting events or to stay in a hotel is extremely barbaric. They are taking away our freedoms, becoming more dictarship control of our lives. They are directing us to socialism. I am 💯 against this entirely.

  • Pamela Matthews - April 08, 2021

    I can not take the vaccine due to allergies. Does that mean I will be forced to never travel again. I am sorry but I am a free American citizen and just because I not only can not nor do I want the vaccine will I kowtow to these dictators. What happened to HIPPA laws what happened to our constitution. How long are we going to allow them to play with our lives

  • Pat - April 08, 2021

    So what happens to God’s human beings that are allergic to multiple compound vaccines? This is not a one size fits all. God didn’t make us all the same. We are made of different DNA. There are humans that have had anaphylaxis reactions. Which a human is saveable from covid but not anaphylaxis reactions in some cases.

  • Scotty Roper - April 08, 2021

    It is just one more step toward the elite class leading us around by our nose. I will not be vaccinated for a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate by a gov’t that fails at almost every program they touch. This is a simple take over of mankind by the privileged class. The amazing part is how easily society in general are laying down there rights at the feet of the officials that were elected to represent them.

    However, the Bible does say that this type of thing will come to pass and I believe it will and mine and your lives will be directly affected by it. But it is ok, don’t fear I know who wins in the end…. I read the back of the book!!

  • John F Staley Jr - April 08, 2021

    Dear 4 Patriots
    I get what you are saying about the vaccine but I truly hope you also get the fact that besides the almighty dollar there are folks that are becoming extremely ill and passing away from this jab ie vaccine & one of my close friends has. If you would like & probably won’t I can send you a 54 minute video from a woman who discusses this and the news media will absolutely not report!!!
    There are also numerous folks that do believe that besides regular technology so to speak that this does contain Luciffer technology also, so for those who believe in this and it is true, those who take it can not be saved no matter what. I hope you consider this but you most likely can’t?
    Thanks and God bless you. John

  • jim - April 08, 2021

    how would you know the test kits haven’t been precontaminated, then you are screwed.

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