Will Our Survival Food Really Last 25 Years?

Have you ever wished you could time travel?

It would be pretty exciting to travel back in time and witness historic events. Such as the Pilgrims landing at Jamestown in 1607. Or George Washington crossing the Delaware in 1776. Or the signing of the Declaration of Independence that same year.

Traveling forward in time would be even more adventurous. I’ve always wondered what America will look like in 100 years.

But if I could only travel ahead 25 years, the first thing I’d do is prepare and taste our 4Patriots Survival Food. I’m confident it would be just as delicious and nutritious as it is today. But I’d love to prove it to people.

We start with the best food

I can’t travel to the future. But I can tell you how I know our Survival Food will still be good in 25 years. It’s all about how the food is prepared, preserved and packaged.

And that’s what I’d like to tell you about today. I want to be able to provide you with confidence that our Survival Food will be ready and waiting for you whenever you need it. Even up to 25 years from now.

First of all, you need to know we don’t use any chemicals or other junk to artificially keep our food from going bad. We don’t go there and never will.

Next, you should know that the starting point for the meals in our Survival Food kits are high-quality vegetables, fruits, meats and grains. The kind we’d be proud to serve our own families.   

Low-heat dehydration method

After our food selection, we use a state-of-the art freeze-drying technology that seals in freshness and flavor. It’s a very special low-heat dehydration method developed by food scientists.

It’s a slow, painstaking and expensive technique. But it’s well worth it because you end up getting incredible taste and nutrition. For a great value.

Next we utilize an American-made packing machine that packs your meals into resealable, triple-layer Mylar pouches that keep out air, light and moisture. This is the sturdy material NASA uses to protect our astronauts in space. So you know it works.

A high-capacity oxygen absorber sucks out any excess air. That’s key to sealing in the food’s long shelf life. And that’s how food can remain delicious for long periods of time.

Lastly, the pouches are “cold-sealed” to keep them airtight. This sealing method keeps heat far away from your food. And these factors all add up to ease of preparation once you’re ready to enjoy it.

Maintaining nutrients and flavor

Some people are do-it-yourselfers who prefer to gather their own survival food for the future.

I get that. I’m a DIY guy myself. And I definitely have some canned goods tucked away. As well as items such as peanut butter and crackers.

But without using the freeze-dry technique and Mylar packaging, it’s pretty much impossible to guarantee your food will stay good and nutritious much more than a couple of years. Let alone 25 years. 

Is it really that important to use an expensive, low-heat dehydration method? Yes. Rapid dehydration is quicker and less expensive. But the problem is that during this process, nutrients and flavor are ruined.

Food preservation enemies are defeated 

OK, but is it really essential to keep things like air, light and moisture away from survival food? The answer is a resounding yes.

Air causes oxidation, which creates undesirable changes to food. Such as color, flavor and nutrient content. Light exposure causes a chemical reaction that damages pigments, vitamins, fats and proteins.  

And moisture allows microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds to develop. They could even make your food deadly.

All right, but is it really vital for the Mylar pouches to have three layers. Again, yes. One layer at the bottom gives the bag strength. The aluminum layer in the middle is designed for long-term food storage. The top sheet is a puncture-resistant layer.

None of us can travel 25 years into the future. But I’m confident that if we could, we’d find 4Patriots Survival Food as tasty and nutritious as it is today.


  • Bob Roemer - August 19, 2022

    I’m 72 and purchased a 12-month supply of 4Patriots products back in 2013 and I’ve not opened anything since the original purchase … my “emergency” survival food supplies have been securely stored in a cool, dark and undisturbed location over 13 years … my peace of mind knowing they’re shelf-stable and readily available is priceless … with 12 years remaining, I’ll likely not survive long enough to know, prove or disprove their actual shelf-life … IMO, it’s a critical investment more vital than gold … Thank you !!!

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