Why We Can't Count on FEMA to Save Us in an Emergency


In 1979, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was established. The idea was that extreme weather and manmade disasters were too much for local governments to handle.

So, a federally-funded agency would step in whenever and wherever a disaster struck. And take care of the people affected.

There was little discussion about Americans taking care of themselves in a crisis. It was assumed they either couldn't or wouldn't.

But a federal agency would certainly provide people with food, water, and short-term shelter until the emergency passed. Wrong.

Reality Destroys the Dream

Well, a not-so-funny thing happened over the past 40 years. Actually, a couple of things. For one, there has been an increased number of disasters in various parts of the country.

For another, the severity of those disasters has increased. Storms used to knock out power for a day or two. Now many are causing blackouts lasting several days to weeks, and even more.

FEMA started getting stretched too thin. Eventually the agency was forced to admit it could not handle every disaster. They didn't have enough funds or employees.

So FEMA began encouraging citizens to stockpile emergency supplies. To put the pressure off themselves and onto the people in crisis.

FEMA Admits It's Broke and Broken

It wasn't too long ago that former FEMA Director Brock Long made this admission. It's up to the average American to become self-reliant.

"We have to make sure that we implement a true culture of preparedness within our citizenry," he said. "We don't have it.

"It cannot be solely on the shoulders of the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

Now, both FEMA and the American Red Cross recommend that every American have non-perishable survival food on hand for an emergency.

FEMA Delivers Unhealthy Food

However, FEMA's problems have gone beyond funds and personnel. The agency is also being accused of providing unhealthy food to disaster victims.

Uriyoan Colon-Ramos is a professor of public health at George Washington University. She and a group of researchers went to Puerto Rico recently to see the condition of food received from FEMA following Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

They discovered that 11 of the 107 different food items in FEMA's distribution warehouse were chips and candy. They also found the remainder of the meals exceeded the upper limits recommended for daily sodium, added sugars or saturated fats.

"As a public health nutritionist, I just don't know why we are providing these foods," Colon-Ramos said.

She says more specific guidelines need to be put into place. And that monitoring has to improve: "The repercussions of what (food) we may provide... it could affect people's health."

North Carolinians Denied Aid

Not only that, but FEMA has now started denying requests for aid. Including a request from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. He wanted disaster relief for people whose homes and businesses were damaged by Hurricane Dorian this September.

Jeff Byard is the FEMA Associate Administrator. His denial letter read:

"It has been determined that the impact to the individuals and households from this event is not of such severity and magnitude to warrant the designation of individual assistance."

Here's what one of Cooper's spokespersons said. "This is disappointing news for families who lost everything in Hurricane Dorian and still need help."

The Message Is Clear... It's Up to You

The fact is, FEMA is unreliable. And on top of all their numerous issues, now you also have to worry they might deny your request for help when you're in dire need.

That's why the best thing you can do for you and your family is prepare yourself by your own means.

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  • Nathan Barton - November 23, 2019

    No doubt most of the information in your article is correct. However, for anyone with any knowledge of history and government, you completely destroyed your credibility. Your article talks about FEMA as being established in 1979 as though it sprang fully from the brain of Jimmy Carter like Minerva from Zeus.
    In reality, FEMA is just the most recent version and successor of federal Civil Defense Agency, Administration, Authority and other versions. These date back to the 1930s in some areas, and the Federal Civil Defense Agency itself, which evolved into FEMA, was established by President Harry Truman way back in 1950. This information is readily available with a few seconds research on Wikipedia and other freely available data sources. Some of the functions that are now in FEMA were carried out by federal agencies created as far back as 1932. With roots that go back to the Wilson Administration.
    The reasoning of the various administrations and Congress (in funding them) was NOT what your article claims, but far more complex. (And honestly, more insidious.) All of these can be seen (with much justification) as part of the growing power and control of the Federal Government. And part of the so-called Progressive movements and agenda – a movement which can accurately be described not as “progressive” but “regressive” as it moves us closer and closer to tyranny: akin to socialism and communism.
    But because this may not seem to fit your agenda and your marketing plan, you include incorrect information in an otherwise good article. I am not saying this is intentional on the part of you and your employees. But a mistake is a mistake. The incorrect informaiton thereby damages your reputation. If you can’t get basic facts of history right, why should people believe the rest of what you write?
    Please, for your sake and the sake of the people who need your products, make sure of your facts.

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