Why my friends & family are going to get one of THESE this holiday

With the holidays just around the corner, shopping season has officially begun. Gifting options are endless but let me make the pitch to "give the gift of life" this year… with the 4Patriots HaloXT Tactical Flashlight.

Let me tell you why all my friends and family members are going to receive one of these this holiday. The most important element to any piece of survival equipment is that it is multi-functional. In other words, you want each item to perform multiple tasks.

Now, a flashlight is a great gift, no doubt. But The HaloXT is so much more than a flashlight.

Here's what this durable, lightweight "life-saving" piece of gear can do:

  1. Ultra-bright LED flashlight capable of illuminating up to 200 meters away
  2. Red SOS beam
  3. Work light with two modes
  4. Integrated magnet for hands-free use
  5. Recharges with the sun
  6. Powers your phone or any other critical device with a USB charging cable
  7. Seatbelt / rope cutter
  8. Glass-breaking hammer
  9. Compass

See what I mean? Nine functions in the palm of your hand.

Take it with you when walking your dog not only for illumination, but self-defense with the glass cutting steel point.

If your cell phone is about to die – give it a quick charge from the HaloXT. Or the obvious uses in a power outage – a versatile flashlight like this can be beside your bed, which is where I keep one of the many HaloXTs I own.

Just last week I watched a police officer on the news free and save a driver that had driven into a canal using a window breaker, just seconds before the car completely submerged. Again, the gift you give could save a life!

I recently had a vehicle breakdown long after the sun had set and the HaloXT, which is always in my truck, was priceless. I was able to assess the mechanical failure and use the red SOS mode to ensure any approaching vehicle had plenty of warning (because I didn't feel like getting run over while under my truck).

Once I realized I was going to have to walk out, it was great to have the powerful LED beam to light my way. And this light ultimately helped me get the attention of an approaching vehicle.

This situation could happen to anyone. I was thrilled I had my HaloXT with me, and I'm proud to recommend it. Because I can tell you, I was able to field test it… and the HaloXT performed amazingly!

So, if you're wondering what to get the folks on your list this year, here's my advice. Make sure it's practical, functional, versatile… and proven to work.

To me, this solar tactical flashlight checks all the boxes, and it'll help make sure everyone you love stays a survivor… not a statistic!

Cade Courtley 

4Patriots Contributor
Former Navy SEAL

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