What to Do Before, During and After a Crisis

After everything we’ve experienced the past two years, I have a question. How could preparedness NOT be a top priority for every American?

I’m referring to a number of different events. Like the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather. Supply-chain problems and inflation. Political upheaval and civil unrest. 

Over and over again we’ve witnessed circumstances that have upended people’s lives. And eaten away at their finances. And caused plenty of concern for an uncertain future.

I think it’s highly unlikely things will improve. And we’ve learned that FEMA and other relief organizations can’t save us in an emergency. We need to become self-sufficient. Now.

Don’t wait; start (or continue) today

There’s no time like the present to get prepared for the future. As the Ready.gov website says, “Disasters don’t wait. Make your plan today.”

See, the problems have become too great for government agencies. They try, but they’re short-staffed and spread too thin. They don’t have needed resources. And the help they’re able to offer often comes too late. 

They realize that. So they encourage individuals to do everything they can for themselves and their families to be prepared.

Whether you are experienced at prepping, a newcomer to the scene or somewhere in between, this information is for you. And at the end I’ll let you in on a great addition to your preparedness efforts.

The bare minimum checklist

Here’s what I would call a “bare bones” preparedness checklist.  

  • A three-day supply of non-perishable food per person
  • One gallon of drinking water per person per day
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank emergency weather radio
  • First-aid kit, including prescription medications
  • Plenty of extra clothing
  • Sanitation and hygiene items
  • Important family documents
  • Pet food and other supplies
  • Cash

It’s very likely you will need more survival food and more water. Plus water purification devices. And back-up power in the form of a solar-power generator and hand-held power packs. But we have to start somewhere.

Before, during and after

Here are some additional suggestions from FEMA for before, during and after a disaster. 

Before – Know the risks and danger signs. Purchase insurance, including flood insurance. Develop a family action plan. Assemble a disaster supply kit. Volunteer to help others. 

During – Put your plan into action. Help others. Follow the advice and guidance of officials in charge.

After – Watch out for damage near your home, including downed wires. Repair your damaged property. Take steps to prevent or reduce future loss.

Peace of mind is priceless

The physical benefits of preparedness are obvious. Anytime you want you can see your survival food stockpile. You can hold your water purification devices in your hands. You can move your portable solar-powered generator into any room. 

The emotional benefits of preparedness are not as clear. But they’re just as real. Realizing you have adequate supplies to keep your family and yourself safe in an emergency instills confidence.

Knowing exactly what you and family members will do when a crisis occurs helps reduce fear of the unknown. And gives you peace of mind.

Taking steps to protect your home against intruders who may come calling after the stuff hits the fan reduces anxiety.      

4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit

As I mentioned above, you will probably need more than a 72-hour supply of shelf-stable food for an emergency. That’s why I’m recommending the 4Patriots 4-Week Survival Food Kit.

With more food and variety than ever before, this Kit features 196 servings. Delicious and nutritious, it includes food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Not to mention real milk.

Among the tasty items in this Kit are Buttermilk Pancake Mix, America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, Frank’s Favorite Alfredo and Old Fashioned Vanilla Pudding. With proper storage, your food will be good for up to 25 years. In other words, it will be there when you need it most… whether that’s next week or years from now.

As with our other Survival Food Kits, your food is protected in triple-layer Mylar pouches. Each pouch is cold-sealed to keep damaging heat away from your food. And once you’re ready to enjoy it, it couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Just boil, simmer and serve.

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  • Valerie Austin - March 20, 2022

    I have bought several items from 4Patriots as I prepare for undertaking times. I have not tried the food items because I want them available, but I have been very pleased with the quality of all products received, from food packaging to seeds to sun kettles to generators, etc., etc. Thank you 4Patriots!

  • Linda - February 11, 2022

    I am a vipe customer for many years know, I seen the writing on the wall, At this time in preparedness there wasn’t many companies out there. When I was looking for alternative I found Frank and I became a follower then 4Patriots started to evolve.
    There where free 72 hour kits available that is when I stared gathering 4Patriots I had to start slow because we are a low income family of three and the only bread winner was myself with two disabilities in the home. We are Canadian and there was no problems in shipping to Canada as there are know.
    Over time I was able to get many of the 4Patriots Products .
    Water filtration, was my priority I could not see getting all this wounder full food with out the means to prepare it. Down the road I have been able to set up a water Shelf and know I have 55 gallons on hand at all times. With my first two gallon counter top gravity filter, that I got from 4Patriots I can filter 4 gallons a day and filling 5 gallon water dispenser jugs.I had 10 of these and they were always in rotation. Last year I obtained a 55 gallon food grade drum and set up my water shelf. Know my counter top gravity feed filter sits on top of the drum and for every 5 gallon dispenser jug that is removed from the drum is replaced with my filtered water.
    Know I am very confident in having my 25 year food supply from 4Patriots I have at least 3 months per person in our home. it is not that much but considering my economic state. that is more then most people have.
    My dream was to have in place the Patriot side kick or the Patriots generator but that is not possible with the restrictions at the border. I have has to resort to buying from another company that imports to Canada. But at least I have a small solar generator that will run small appliances and light.
    But before the restrictions were put in place I was able to get 4 solar flash lights, they are fantastic by the way. The sun Kettle is another I would like to achieve hopefully there will be no restrictions. I tried to get a few more flash lights and they had restrictions I hope the sun Kettle will not have these restrictions
    Most all the above I have put in place thanks for all the work you guys have put into 4Patriot

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