West Coast Wildfire Smoke Drifts to East Coast

How bad are the 90 wildfires currently engulfing the West Coast region? Suffice it to say the smoke has drifted all the way to New England – some 3,000 miles away.

Even worse, the fires have now killed at least 36 people. Including 25 in California. More than 20 people in Oregon are unaccounted for. Tens of thousands have evacuated their homes.

Approximately 4.6 million acres of land has burned. In California, Oregon, Washington and seven other states. Temperatures that have been 10 to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year have led to an elevated fire risk.

As have dry conditions and low humidity. One West Coast governor said the only moisture in his state was the tears of people who have lost homes in the fires. Making matters even more dangerous, high winds were predicted for late last week. 

Most Unhealthy Air Quality on the Planet

Smoke from the wildfires has caused hazy skies in the Plains and the Midwest. Plus Virginia, New Jersey, New York and into New England.

Some people out for their morning walks have been able to look directly at the sun. Without it hurting their eyes. That’s how thick the smoke is.

The smoke has produced some interesting looking sunrises and sunsets. But it is also resulting in health problems for those breathing it.

Measurements have revealed something astonishing. The smoke is giving some areas in the U.S. the most unhealthy air quality on the planet.

Large sections of Oregon and Washington state are experiencing hazardous air quality. The same is true in British Columbia, Canada.

The Great Indoors

Residents in some places have been advised to stay indoors due to poor air quality. Including in Portland and Salem, Oregon. Many recent emergency room visits in Oregon have been for asthma-like symptoms.

The 7 million residents of California’s Central Valley have also been warned. They’ve been told not to venture outdoors. The Oregon Convention Center is being used as a shelter for those suffering from the smoke.

Smoke advisories and air quality alerts have been issued throughout the Northwest. As well as in California, the Northern Rockies and the Great Basin region. Cloth masks being worn due to COVID-19 are of little help when it comes to the smoke.

At least one airline temporarily suspended flights from Spokane, Washington to Portland. Due to visibility issues.

Breathe at Your Own Risk

In several states, United States Post Offices are being temporarily closed. They include California, Oregon and Washington.

This is happening prior to the November presidential election. Just when election officials are preparing for historic levels of voting by mail.  

Of more immediate concern is the health condition of those breathing in the polluted air.

Firefighters are especially susceptible to smoke inhalation. But anyone living in the vicinity of these fires – and some outside those areas – is at risk.

A Huge Economic Hit

Estimates of damages and loss from the fires are between $130-$150 billion. 

That’s according to AccuWeather CEO Joel Myers. He said those kinds of numbers  are usually reserved for catastrophes such as a Category 4 or 5 hurricane.

Losses include homes and places of work. Plus agricultural and infrastructure damage. As well as car and job losses, and power outages.

In some areas, looters are trying to take advantage of the situation. Law enforcement is urging residents not to take the law into their own hands. 

Blaming – and Thanking – Trump

Jay Inslee is the governor of Washington state. He has called his state’s fires “apocalyptic.” In an open letter to Donald Trump, Inslee blamed the president for the situation.

He wrote, “Your refusal to address climate change… will accelerate devastating wildfires like those you’re seeing today.”

California Governor Gavin Newsome thanked Trump for federal help the state has received to combat the blazes.

“I want to thank you and acknowledge the work you have done to be immediate in your response,” Newsome said. He, Trump and others participated in a roundtable discussion. For the purpose of discussing the dire situation. 

Climate Change or Poor Management?

Inslee, Newsome and other West Coast officials have claimed that climate change is the reason for the increase in wildfires.

“We feel very strongly that the hots are getting hotter, the dry spells are getting dryer,” Newsome said.

Trump has responded that the cause is poor forest management. He suggested cleaning forest floors and using controlled burns.

Newsome compared breathing the air in California to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes. But he admitted his state’s forest management has been lacking. “We acknowledge our role and response,” he said.

Wildfires Growing in Number and Intensity

Whatever is causing wildfires on the West Coast, there is no debate that they are getting worse.

There were 43 recorded wildfires in California from 1980 to 1999, but 300 from 2000 to 2019.

Oregon recorded no significant wildfires from 1980 to 1999, but had 63 over the past 20 years.

The three costliest fires in U.S. history have all occurred in the last three years. Each happened in California. That’s according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Wildfires are out of control in the U.S. That won’t change anytime soon. No matter where you live, do whatever you can to make sure the air you breathe is as clean as possible.


  • Nancy in Oregon - September 23, 2020

    The Oregon fired came within 35 miles of where I work and live. The air quality was unbelievably terrible – ash blowing through the air like a snow storm. The smell of smoke was present in my office…..but at home, there was no smell thanks to our old (can’t get parts for it anymore) Alexa Pure Air Filter! If this one ever quite, we will poste haste order a new updated model. Thank you for helping us (senior citizens) through this horrible time. Nancy in Oregon

  • Kimberly McGowen - September 21, 2020

    PLEASE do not be fooled! I live in SE Washington state and have lived all my life here…. the fires in the West are NOT because of global warming or climate change! They are directly due to horrible forest land mismanagement and ARSON. Plain and simple! Being a hunter and spending many years in these mountains, the causes are obvious.

  • Denise R Powers - September 21, 2020

    The only people to blame for climate change is our selves. We have polluted the earth.

  • Jeffry R Koshney - September 21, 2020

    My step father was the state warden for the NJ Forest Fire Service. My father in law worked for the federal forestry service fire division. I can tell you I remember hearing the 2 talking about how badly managed for fire prevention the west coast was. My father in law was working the west coast for years before he transferred to the rast coast. He was always fighting with politics over management of the froest.

  • Vicki - September 21, 2020

    This article fails to mention the 7 arsonists who have been caught starting the fires. There is even a video of a man starting a fire with a lighter and then walking away. This has nothing to do with supposed climate change.

  • LARRY YAKLICH - September 21, 2020

    they keep cutting budgets, but when money is given the uppet management seems to get huge bonuses. go figure, just like when Rocky Mountain Regional VA was being built. it is a horrible waste of space. we see that the forest service is understaffed. but what bothers me the most is these young people don’t want to work at night. and catch people with illegal fires while camping. we always carry water in jugs to put out embers left by STUPID PEOPLE who don care. too bad our government employees don’t care as much as us NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS. we hunt, fish, picnic and pick up after slobs. every week.
    I WISH MORE PEOPLE CARED ABOUT OUR EARTH AND ANIMALS. So many hunters and others do care, but what I see is the “Me generation” the ones who want to be one with nature do the most littering. I snapped a pic when 2 of them were walking at a lake, gave them 2 bags and told them to pick up all trash on path or I would turn them in. I am a above knee amputee, and USMC VETERAN, I did turn them in and they both got a $1000 fine. I hope they learned, but really doubt it

  • Richard - September 21, 2020

    Are the city/state arson fires from rioting figured in these numbers? If not? Why not? Then City, County and State governments need to be responsible parties!

  • Karen - September 21, 2020

    Thank you for this update regarding the fire situations. Appreciate your fact filled commentary. It’s reassuring how you keep us informed & moves you into another area … called trust. That’s what true patriots do! Again thanks.

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