Warning – Potential Internet & Phone Blackouts May 10-11

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a warning regarding potential technological blackouts today and tomorrow.

Two massive sunspots have merged, ejecting multiple solar flares. Two of the flares are considered the largest in their category. Expanding as they travel through space, they are expected to reach Earth late today (Friday) or early tomorrow.

As a result, NOAA has raised its geomagnetic solar storm watch ranking from “moderate” to “severe.” This is the first time the “severe” ranking has been issued in 19 years.

Making sure the warning is taken seriously, the organization’s statement read in part, “This is an unusual event.”

Technological disruptions could range from blackouts of high-frequency radio to satellite communication and GPS problems. If the solar storm proves to be even stronger than expected, it could negatively affect the electric grid.

We suggest you power up all your electronic devices prior to this evening.


  • Jon Fraser - May 12, 2024

    Thank you very much, I did not realize that this was part of your services ! I am impressed with your sincere commitment……Jon

  • Colleen - May 12, 2024

    Thank you, 4 Patriots we’re going the extra mile and letting us know the potential threat Colleen Francica

  • Dan Hobbs - May 12, 2024

    You folks are awesome, you keep me and my wife up to date on the issues that affect all of us! We’ve purchased a total of 4 -72hour kits wish it was more,at 71 years old the old saying of we’re definitely on a fixed income and will try to buy some more kits as permitted.thank you all for your ongoing hard work.stay safe and God bless you all.

  • Ronnie Ross - May 12, 2024

    Oh boy! This on top of malware in Via Christy hospitals and after Wichita, KS malware!

  • Patrick Dolan - May 12, 2024

    this magnetic blackout storm upset or damage anybody with a ICD pacemaker??

  • Leonard Sergent - May 12, 2024

    Will get right on it also have my solar power banks I bought from you folks.They work great.I will try to make sure I am ready.

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