[VIDEO] Survival Minutes | Household Fire Starters

Discover unexpected fire-starting hacks with former Navy SEAL, Cade Courtley! đŸ”„ Dive into this Survival Minute and unlock the secret potential of everyday items. From tortilla chips to hand sanitizer, be prepared for any survival situation.

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The Inside Scoop 🎬:

- Former Navy SEAL, Cade Courtly, provides tips for starting a fire as part of the 4Patriots Survival Minute series.

-  Tortilla chips can be used to start a fire due to their high oil content.

- Hand sanitizer can also ignite a fire because of its high alcohol content.

- Steel wool, when combined with a 9-volt battery, can help start a fire. Spread the steel wool out, touch both poles of the battery, and it begins to ember.

Transcript đŸŽžïž: 

“Hey folks, this is former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley with your 4Patriots Survival Minute. 

I'm going to show you three common things that can help you start a fire first. 

Number one, tortilla chips. Alright, because they have a lot of oil in them they actually totally work to help start a fire. Stack them up and away you go.

Number two, hand sanitizer. It's got a high alcohol content - that's what does the sanitation. It also helps you start a fire.

Number three, steel wool. Now, this is great if you have steel wool and a 9-volt battery, preferably fine steel wool. Spread it out so the air can get in there, touch both poles of the 9-volt and there you have it starting to ember already. 

So there you have it; tortilla chips, hand sanitizer, steel wool and a 9-volt battery - and you have things that are going to help you start a fire.

This is Cade Courtley with your 4Patriots Survival Minute. Be a survivor not a statistic.”

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