[VIDEO] Power, Food & Emergency First Aid All in Your Trunk?

Eric J. gives a review on the most-comprehensive Emergency Car Kit on the market. The Patriot Power All-in-1 Emergency Car Kit … a 95-piece Car Kit packed full of critical survival tools, that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Just open your trunk!  

The Inside Scoop 🎬:

  • Eric J.  from Florida provides a review on the NEW Patriot Power All-In-1 Emergency Car Kit.
  • The Kit comes in 3, clearly-labeled, zippered cases: power, food and safety … 3 unique car safety kits in 1. 
  • The jump box included in the power kit can be used as a power bank for USB charging or for jump-starting vehicles. Eric jumpstarted his F250 2004 diesel 6.0 with two dead batteries.
  • The emergency safety kit includes items such as ponchos, first aid kit, hand warmers, emergency blanket, road warning light, gloves, flashlight, tools kit, reflective triangle, glow sticks, and a wire brush set for battery maintenance. 
  • The emergency food kit contains vacuum-sealed lemon-flavored food bars and water pouches, which Eric and his wife Michelle sampled. 

Transcript  🎞️: 

“Hey everyone, welcome back. Today's video is sponsored by 4patriots.com. They sent me this kit and they wanted me to check it out on an honest review. Thank you 4patriots.com for sending this free to me. 

So, let's check out the Patriot Power All-In-1 Emergency Car Kit. So in this kit you have three different zipper cases here. Each one has a different purpose. The emergency safety kit, the emergency food kit and another emergency kit - doesn't have a name on it. Let me show you why.

 Okay, we're going to look at each one of these individually. And I could tell you that in this one here, I've already used the components in this one. Okay. 

So, right here we have the four Patriots jump box with the included cables… can be used as a power bank for USB charging your phones or a jump start here like I'm going to do now to start my truck. Now this is a diesel and 6.0, 2004 Diesel. And I do have two batteries in here. Now, this one was replaced not too long ago. The reason that it's dead is because of this one. This is not the same battery, and it is dead inside. Now make sure this is fully charged for you to use it. And basically, you could take this positive right on here, take this negative right on here a little bit right on the bad battery because these are in parallel. So that battery over there is okay, but when you have a dead one hooked and parallel, this is draining that one. Now, what we're going to do is hold the power button until you see the lights come on like this indicates a full charge and we're going to hold jump start and then you'll see the green light. We're ready to jump start. now I'm going to turn the key. See what happens. I can even hear ready. There you go, start it right up and if it'll start a 60 diesel it'll start the average passenger vehicle.

This unit right here I gotta tell you if it will start an F250 2004 diesel 6.0 with two dead batteries, okay, it will start pretty much anything. And on top of this, you also have two 5 volt 3 amp output USB outputs. So, you can charge your phone on this. You can use it as a battery bank. You can plug in 12 volt 6 amp output, and it's in my room or uh on the table there, there's a wall charger as well. 

In this kit you have, this is funny, you have an air compressor. There's actually a couple different items in here. An air compressor, okay. I have not used the air compressor, and you know, I haven't had to use it yet, but this air compressor has a battery in it in itself. You see that? And this will inflate more than just your tire if you have a flat tire. It comes with this here, you would basically screw this on like this. And then you can attach it to your tire, and there you go. Alright. It's running. It's fully charged you can set your PSI on here. And if you wanted to just use this for let's say a raft or a basketball there's a charger for that. But in here you can see there's a bag here for a needle for a basketball, for different inflation, you know for a raft, for a uh a balloon or or whatever. It's multi-purpose. It's more than just for tires. And this charges via USB-C here, and it looks like it also has a USB output as a battery bank as well.

Now, the emergency safety kit and the emergency food kit. So, let's go with the emergency safety kit first. Let me show you what we have. Emergency ponchos in the event that you're in the rain or your, you know, on the side of the road you need a poncho. We have a first-aid kit in here. Always good to have a first aid kit. There's some safety pins in here. There's some tape, there's some Band-Aids, forceps right here, And we have tape, you know, bandage tape. So, a little emergency first-aid kit. Okay, these are air activated hand warmers. This is an emergency blanket. If you unfold this blanket, if you had to if you were freezing in your car or outside, you can put this blanket around you and it's going to trap as much body heat as possible. This is 75% alcohol wipes. A USB rechargeable road warning light. This will potentially save your life if your vehicle is stranded or you are pulled over on the side of road, or you're on the side of a mountain somewhere, or you know, out in the snow. I mean, this has multiple patterns it looks like. It can be used this way on the you know flat it could be used standing up, if you want to do that, okay. Some gloves. They got the silicone here. They may be for warmth, but man you can grab anything in the snow, or wherever. That's very, very, rubberized sticky. Who doesn't need a flashlight? It blinks, okay. It's quite bright. Look, small, wide, small okay. A small tools kit. Aow it's got sockets here. So that was a 12 millimeter, eight millimeter okay. Metric with a little screw handle here okay. And some screw bits. You never know when you're going to need a screwdriver. This is an a reflective triangle. So this goes like this okay. And you have an emergency triangle. And this way it's reflective this between this and the little uh battery powered road flare. You can get visibility so that you don't get struck by a vehicle. We also have emergency glow sticks. Snap! Here you go, look at that. A glow stick. The last thing in this kit is the three piece wire brush set. Y’all know, man. I mean, battery terminals get corroded. all it takes is corrosion on a battery terminal in your battery. When you're at a gas station 400 plus miles from home to find out that you're not making good connection. And instead of asking or using your jump start here, you can use your hopefully your little kit here, to loosen the battery terminal and use the the brush here, clean off terminal and get a good connection. So wire brush always good to have. 

Alright, so the third one and Michelle wanted to sit down now and check this out, right Michelle? So this is the emergency food kit. Okay, so this is one pack of emergency food bars. These are lemon flavored. Now, these are vacuum sealed. And a bunch of water pouches, emergency drinking water, honey, split one of those open and put it here. We're gonna try one of these because I know it's just water. Try it real quick. Let's see. You know, if you had to survive. What does that water taste like? Wow. Wow. It tastes like regular water. Yeah! I mean you could drink this out of a pouch because you're not going to have a cup with you. 

Alright, well that about wraps it up for this video. And thank you to my beautiful wife for being a part of my video once again, whether it be a cameraman or a woman or help me eat a food bar and check this stuff out. You know, you never know when you're going to be in a disaster or an emergency situation where you need stuff like this. The honest truth is you can go to a lot of places and get stuff like this. It's not a secret, but 4Patriots made it very convenient to have everything covered in a convenient car carrier like this with just about everything you would need. I appreciate 4patriots.com for sending me this to check out. Brand new from them and that's pretty much it.”

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