[VIDEO] 3 Foods Never To Eat In a Crisis 👎

Stephen from 4Patriots explains why MREs, single variety buckets, and canned foods might not be your best bet for long-term survival. Instead, explore our ideal solution - a 3-month survival food kit packed with delicious, long-lasting meals to keep you well-fed during emergencies!

The Inside Scoop 🎬: 

  • MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) are not suitable for long-term crisis stockpiling, as they are intended for short-term consumption (up to 21 days) and have a limited shelf life of three years.
  • Single-variety buckets, typically heavy in grains, can lead to meal fatigue, nutritional gaps, and expiration date issues, as they contain only one type of meal per bucket.
  • Canned foods, although having a shelf life of up to 5 years, can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria if dented or improperly sealed, posing health risks.
  • An ideal solution for crisis preparedness is a 3-month survival food kit, consisting of a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options, designed for long-term survival with a shelf life of up to 25 years.
  • This survival food kit offers diverse meal options, such as lasagna-style marinara, stroganoff, black bean burgers, chili mac, and desserts like brownies, ensuring both nutrition and taste satisfaction during emergencies.

    Transcript  đŸŽžïž: 

    Did you know there are three foods you should never stockpile, especially for a crisis? I'm Steven with Four Patriots, and today I'm going to tell you exactly which foods leave folks hungry during unexpected emergencies. Once I've shown you those three foods, I'll also reveal an ideal survival food solution that has been the go-to for thousands of Americans who want to eat like kings during a crisis.

    Now, here are the three foods you must avoid:

    1. MREs: Commonly thought of as survival food, MREs are actually intended for short-term rations, lasting no more than 21 days. Not only that, but because of their three-year shelf life, you would need 126 MREs per person at any given time to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. That's 10 and 1/12 cases per adult. To keep your supply fresh every year, you'd have to buy four cases and either eat or throw away four cases per year.

    2. Single-variety buckets: These are multi-gallon buckets filled to the brim with nothing but one type of meal, typically heavy in grains. While most folks buy more than just one variety to make full meals, this can lead to problems like meal fatigue, gaps in nutrition, and navigating expiration dates. Once you've opened the bucket, you're committed to consuming it. This kind of stockpile has the potential to leave you with nothing but a single variety of food once the other bins run out.

    3. Cans: Although cans can stay good for up to 5 years, they can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria known as clostridium botulinum, especially if dented or improperly sealed. This bacteria can make you sick. All three options—MREs, single-variety buckets, and cans—will leave you without vital nutrition and preparedness in a real-life emergency. These options could end up being part of your crisis rather than your backup plan.

    Let me introduce you to an ideal preparedness solution. In these two heavy-duty totes is a 3-month survival food kit, assembled with long-term survival in mind. When a crisis hits, you never need to worry about leaving the house without a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that taste like home cooking. This kit is guaranteed to ensure you enjoy what you're eating.

    Many MREs and other survival food brands can taste salty, have a strange aftertaste, or leave you with an upset stomach. But in this 3-month survival food kit, there are meals like lasagna-style marinara, hearty stroganoff, black bean burgers, and chili mac that taste like they're straight out of your Grandma's kitchen. There are even dessert options like brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Here's the deal: while supplies last, you can get two discreet storage totes packed with a walloping 3-month supply of survival food. These totes are capable of feeding you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks for months at a time. Best of all, this food lasts up to 25 years and all fits in here. In addition to all of this survival food, you're also getting amazing free bonuses like several free guides and extra food, and we're going to ship it all to you for free.

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