Unboxing the Patriot Power Generator 1800… Almost Too Good to Be True

By now you’ve all heard about our new Patriot Power Generator 1800. I can’t remember the last time we were this excited about a new product. 

Today I’m going to remind you about how the 1800 is an improvement over our best-selling 1500 model. As well as how many hours you can power certain appliances with it.

First, though, I’m hoping you’ll watch this short unboxing video. Our own Danielle will literally unpack the new 1800 while she describes what it can do.

That way you’ll get to see exactly what it looks like and how easy it is to set it up. And you’ll also understand why we say it’s worth its weight in gold.

Just watch Danielle's unboxing video above. But please know, this Patriot Power Generator has all new bonuses and is even available on easy, monthly payment plan to boot! Get all the details, right here


New and improved

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside the box. Danielle does a great job of explaining how the 1800 works, doesn’t she?

If you purchased our Patriot Power Generator 1500, you got a great deal. And you have a machine that will provide you with much needed emergency power for a long time.

If not, let me tell you why our new and improved Patriot Power Generator 1800 is something you’ll want to have.

Just like the 1500, the solar-powered 1800 is portable and compact. Not to mention fume-free, silent and safe. And it’s the same size as the 1500 at 15 inches by 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches. click here to see the full specs 

How is it better? 

But the 1800 weighs two pounds less (40 rather than 42). And it provides 1,800 watts of continuous power rather than 1,500.

It also has 28 percent more storage so you can use it longer. And 52 percent more peak power.

The 1800 charges in 3.5 hours rather than 4. You can fully drain and charge your Patriot Power Generator 1800 more than 2,500 times. That gives it about four times the shelf life of most generator products.

And there are two ways to charge it. Through a standard wall outlet and with the free power of the sun, by using the included solar panel. 

Can I power my fridge?

One of the questions we’re frequently asked about the new Patriot Power Generator 1800 is whether it can power a refrigerator.

That makes perfect sense. In addition to keeping some lights on during a power outage, people want to keep their food from spoiling.

 The answer is “yes.” And if you have a newer, energy-efficient fridge, you’ll be able to keep your food colder for a longer period of time. 

That’s because older refrigerators require about 800 watts of electricity to run. As opposed to only about 100-200 watts for newer models. With the 1800, you can get close to four hours of continuous running time for a newer fridge. click here to see the full video

Cycling your refrigerator

Now, here’s the even better news. Refrigerators do not normally run continuously. They’re designed to cycle on and off to maintain an ideal temperature.

 So, if you’re cycling your power during an outage and managing your refrigerator well, you can probably get about 16 hours of usage.

 And with proper power management, you could power your freezer indefinitely. That way, your food reserves won’t go bad.

There are also a few things you can do to help your refrigerator along so that it works even longer. 

Keeping it full rather than only a quarter or half-full, for example. And placing your fridge in a cool location. Such as an insulated interior room or basement, rather than a warm garage or porch.

Run times for appliances 

Another question we get regarding power usage is how long certain common appliances can run when powered by the 1800. Here’s a look at a few:

  • USB lamp – 384 hours
  • Phone charger – 128 hours
  • Aquarium heater – 46 hours
  • CPAP machine – 13.8 hours
  • Portable stove - .92 hours
  • Microwave oven - .82 hours

Solar panel included

Earlier I mentioned the solar panel. In the video, Danielle shows how easy it is to remove the solar panel from the box and set it up.

I like the fact that it has adjustable legs. That way you can catch the rays of the sun at optimal angles.

The 25-foot extension cord is also a major convenience. It allows you to keep your generator inside while your solar panel is outside soaking in the sun.

Just set up the solar panel, plug it in and you’re good to go. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Outlets galore 

There are countless things you can power up with your Patriot Power Generator 1800. 

The generator has two 120-volt AC outlets and four USB outlets. Plus one 12-volt Anderson Powerpole outlet and one 12-volt DC outlet.

The portability is great, too. It’s only 40 pounds and has two easy carrying handles. So, move it from room to room and take it in your vehicle for camping, fishing or tailgating.

It’s so quiet and fume-free that you can literally sleep right next to it. And because it’s small, it stores discreetly.   

Plenty of cool bonuses

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a great deal as is. But if you know us, you realize we like to sweeten the pot.

So, here’s what we add on for free to make the 1800 even more appealing: 

  • Patriot Power Cell
  • Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater
  • HaloXT Tactical Flashlight
  • Solar Air Lantern
  • USB-Rechargeable Battery Kit
  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit
  • And plenty more 

The 1800 is in stock… for now

No company wants to say anything negative about their product. But I have to be completely honest with you.

There is one downside to the Patriot Power Generator 1800 – it’s very difficult to keep in stock. 

Our first run of 500 solar generators sold out in 11 days. We then got a new stock and thought we’d be OK for a while. But guess what? That second run sold out in 12 days. 

My suggestion is that if you want to take advantage of a great deal on a great solar-powered generator, do it now while we have a supply. Because as soon as we sell out again, it could be three to four months before they’re back in stock. 

I don’t know if we’ve every poured more value into one product before. And in addition to everything else you get with this generator, we offer something money can’t buy – peace of mind.

With the Patriot Power Generator 1800, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.  

See our NEW & improved solar generator, right here




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    Not only are their products just what they say they are if an error occurs they will make it right they did for me and I’m impressed by the implant

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