Unboxing the Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater

Whether you're living off the grid or in the middle of a survival situation, having access to clean water is vital. Because the average person can only go 72 hours without it...

But there is a simple solution to get clean, safe water... no matter where you are.

Let me walk you through just how easy it is...

In a recent video, Danielle unboxed the Sun Kettle™ Personal Water Heater & covered all of its life-saving features: 


Now, as I've already mentioned... you need clean water. Key word there being... clean! If you're feeling brave... you can take your chance on puddle water. But I'd advise against that.

Unpurified water could have some really nasty critters in it (like E. coli or Giardia)... stuff that will make you sicker than a dog. In a survival situation, that's the last thing you want.

So how do you take dirty water and make it clean? Especially in an emergency situation or if you're off the grid?

You boil it! How?

Here's a hint: Look up.

You see, the Sun Kettle works like your own "personal water heater" that runs entirely off the power of the sun. That's right... it's SOLAR.

In about 45 minutes you'll have clean, hot water for drinking, cooking, cleaning... whatever you need. Plus, it's lightweight, sturdy and easy to use.

Here's how it works... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1

Fill the Sun Kettle with water... wherever you can find it... heck I've even seen folks pack it with snow. Then you twist the cap back on & seal it up. Now, that seal is important. It helps create pressure which makes your water heat up faster. So make sure you got it on there nice and tight.

Step 2

Open the wings and point the Sun Kettle at the sun. The wings contain parabolic mirrors that collect the sun's energy and reflect it right at the water... causing it to heat up. It sounds dangerous, but the glass is safe to touch. Even if it's full of boiling water you can grab it and it won't burn you. Which is great for safety, and for any kiddos that may be around.

Step 3

When the cap starts steaming it means you're done! Now you can enjoy your clean, safe water. Or fold up the wings & keep it warm for later.

Your Sun Kettle can be used for:

  • Cooking food
  • Preparing coffee, tea & cocoa
  • Making hygiene comfortable
  • Purifying drinking water by killing germs
  • Prepping a warm washcloth bath
  • Melting snow for drinking
  • Using hot water for first aid
  • Keeping liquid hot for hours

It's as simple as that! It's like having a mini-microwave the size of a thermos!

No matter where you are... if you're in the middle of a crisis OR if you want hot coffee for a camping trip... The Sun Kettle is a literal lifesaver.

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