Trump and Associates Test Positive for COVID-19… Is Food Hoarding Inevitable?

It’s been a wild last couple of weeks, right? The U.S. president contracts a disease that has killed more than a million people globally.

Then we learn at least 17 people in President Donald Trump’s orbit also tested positive for COVID-19.

 Including First Lady Melania Trump and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. And former adviser Kellyanne Conway and presidential aide Hope Hicks. Plus RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and campaign manager Bill Stepien.

As well as senators Mike Lee and Thom Tillis. And campaign adviser Chris Christie and presidential adviser Stephen Miller. Plus three assistant press secretaries and a Coast Guard admiral.

In addition, three reporters who cover the White House have tested positive.

Second Debate Is Iffy

After a quick release from the hospital, Trump told Americans not to fear the virus. He was quickly back to work in the White House.

His primary physician, Dr. Sean Conley, says the president “reports no symptoms.” Another White House physician says there is no need for Vice President Mike Pence to quarantine.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden urged Trump to cancel the second presidential debate, scheduled for Thursday, October 15, if he was still infected.

“I think if he still has COVID, we shouldn’t have a debate,” Biden said.

It was then announced that the debate would be virtual. Trump has said a virtual debate would be “ridiculous.” As of this writing, he says he will not participate. 

Many States Seeing Virus Surges

In the meantime, one-half of the U.S. states are reporting increases in confirmed coronavirus cases. 

In Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers issued an emergency order. It limits public gatherings to no more than 25 percent of a room or building’s total capacity.

“We’re in a crisis right now and need to immediately change our behavior to save lives,” Evers said.

Recently, Wisconsin reported its highest daily cases and highest death toll. As well as record-high hospitalizations. 

New York New York? 

Early on, New York and New Jersey were considered the U.S. epicenter of the pandemic.

Now New York is seeing new clusters of infections. In those areas, schools and most essential businesses are closing. 

Andy Beshear is the governor of Kentucky. He says his state is seeing its third major escalation of cases.

Even in some states that have not been hit hard in the past are experiencing record high daily counts. Including Montana and Alaska.

Fauci Fears More Hospitalizations

Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a stark warning for Americans. “Instead of going into the fall and winter on a sharp decline… we’re actually going… with some parts of the country ticking up.

“Which will ultimately lead to not only more infections, but more hospitalizations. And then community spread. Which will ultimately lead to morbidity and mortality.” 

The U.S. leads the world in reported infections with more than 7.5 million. More than 211,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects this. We could have 2,900 daily deaths by January.

Vaccine Unlikely Before Election

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued guidelines regarding a COVID-19 vaccine.

They said no company could seek an emergency use authorization for a vaccine before mid-November.

That’s because companies are required to include at least two months of follow-up after volunteers get their second dose.

The vaccines that have advanced the farthest in clinical trials are made by Pfizer and Moderna. They require between three and four weeks between doses.

‘No Margin for Error’

Trump has made it clear he wants an effective vaccine widely available prior to the November 3 election. 

At first the White House blocked the formal publication of this latest guideline by the FDA.

But the FDA did publish the guideline on its website. Dr. Stephen Ostroff is the former FDA acting commissioner. 

“There really is no margin for error here,” he said. “Even when you’re talking about limited use of a vaccine, there has to be some level of assurance that there isn’t a risk here that would far outweigh the benefit.”

Watch Those Store Shelves

A number of other health experts are concerned virus infections could soon climb. Especially with people spending more time indoors. And with flu season about to kick in.

 If so, there is likely to be another run on food and other supplies at grocery stores. We may see the same empty shelves we witnessed back in February. Or worse.

 The hoarding will probably start sooner rather than later. Stores will begin or continue limiting the number of certain items people can buy. Including food.

But many people will engage in panic buying. So, even the small amounts of some products we’re allowed to buy could be gone when we get to stores.

What to Stockpile Now

Here are a few items you should try to grab now, before the second round of hoarding begins. This could help keep you out of stores if and when things get worse.

  • Non-perishable food with a long shelf life.
  • Ground beef, chicken, pork and fish for freezing.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables for freezing.
  • Bottled water and other beverages.
  • Face masks and other personal protective equipment.
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes.
  • Household cleaners
  • Toilet paper, paper towels and other paper products.

Nobody knows exactly where we are in terms of dealing with COVID-19. But it’s pretty clear we’re not out of the woods.

Stockpile the food and other items you might need to ride this out.  

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Erwin Brady - October 16, 2020

I live as a Biblically original, historical, grammatical intent Christian individual and minister, raised on the family farm growing up. Not even the word “Conservative” truly says it anymore, because even that word became muddled in the last several years Biblically and politically. That shows how I approach what happens now in a destructive way nationally, and what threatens to get worse on November 3 or 4. I gradually pick up skills and tools I would need if major disruptions happen nationally in November. I grew up “White Trash,” and I actually moved on up to so-so income. That is my financial standing now as retired. So I do whatever I can in general based on that.

Goodbye and God bless.

cheri - October 16, 2020

A safe, effective vaccine will take time to finish & distribute; the effectiveness might only be 50%. And with trump refusing medical experts’ advice to help save people & simply doing the easy but dangerous herd immunity which experts have found doesn’t work with a pandemic & with no other plan to control it in place, a huge, huge # of people will get sick. Not having the expert medical care we provide to the president, a vast # of people are expected to die and resources expected to be stretched past their limit. Stocking up on food items sounds like a wise idea as a result.

Floyd Solano - October 15, 2020

I’m a former Marine, have my DD 214 to prove it. Served overseas and was not afraid of any sickness. Most guys messed around with the local women, and guess what, they were in a bad situation. Most likely you know what it is like to hear what bullets sound like whizzing over and around you. I started out to say, I love your Patriot Power Greens. I will order again as soon as I can.. Awesome stuff.

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