Top Food Choices for When the Power Goes Out

We may be scattered across the country from each other, but we’ve all experienced the same thing at one time or another. Or perhaps many times.

The electrical power goes out. And there’s no telling when it might come back on. If you don’t have a generator, or there are other things you need to power up with your generator besides your refrigerator, you have some food decisions to make.

Such as what you can safely eat and drink before those foods and beverages go bad. Now is the time to take a quick peek in your refrigerator to see if you have enough for a couple of meals.

But don’t keep your refrigerator door open too long. The last thing you want is to allow warm air into a refrigerator that is already slowly losing its ability to cool food.  

Fridge first, then pantry

Next on your agenda should be determining what’s in your pantry. And what kind of meals you can make without power.

Because once again, you don’t know how soon power will be restored. This will be easier because most of the items in your pantry have longer shelf lives than those in the fridge.

While canned food is not a great long-term survival food plan, it doesn’t hurt to have some canned food available.

It won’t taste as good as your freeze-dried survival food. And it definitely won’t last as long. But it has its place in a food pantry.

Canned food serves a purpose

Among the canned food you might want to keep in the pantry are vegetables. Such as corn, peas, chickpeas and green beans. Plus black beans, lima beans, carrots, beets and others.

You can also include canned fruit in your pantry. Such as apricots, peaches and pears. As well as Mandarin oranges, pineapple, cherries, grapefruit and mixed fruit.  

For additional protein, include a variety of meats in your canned stockpile. Such as chicken breast, cured ham, corned beef and roast beef hash. Plus Vienna sausages and spaghetti and meatballs. As well as fish including tuna, salmon and sardines.  

Soup is another canned staple you should have. Such as chicken noodle, tomato and vegetable. And squash, mushrooms, beans and lentils. Stew is another canned item. Including beef pot roast, beef barley and vegetable beef.  

And don’t forget to keep a manual can opener on hand. You’ll feel pretty silly if you have 50 cans of food and no way to open them because the power is out.

Other non-perishable choices

There are plenty of other foods you can keep in your pantry that don’t come in cans. They do come in handy, however, when you’re hungry and the power is out.

Boxed food such as cereal won’t last too long. But it should be fine for the duration of most power outages. You should also have plenty of protein and fruit bars on hand. As well as dried fruit, granola bars, peanut butter and other nut butters. 

But hold off on most of those items until you’ve consumed any fresh fruit and breads you have on your counter or kitchen table. They’ll go bad first, so eat them before that happens.

As far as beverages are concerned, drink your refrigerated milk first, then your canned juices. Keep some non-perishable pasteurized milk or non-diary milk around as well. 

How long until food spoils?

Getting back to your refrigerator for a moment… If a power outage continues for several hours or more, how do you know how long your food will stay good? 

As a general rule, an unopened full freezer can keep foods safely frozen for about 48 hours. Most food in a refrigerator will remain safe for about four or five hours.

A food thermometer will allow you to check the internal temperature of meat. It should be 40 degrees or lower.

And remember this slogan: when in doubt, throw it out. You’re better off being hungry until the power comes back on than being sick for days afterward. 

Shake it up with this meal replacement

Choosing a meal replacement during a power outage can be difficult. But here’s an easy selection I’d recommend. 

It’s the 4Patriots Survival Shake Kit – Chocolate. I’m willing to bet you’ve never had a survival drink that tastes this good.

You get 32 servings in one kit, designed to last 20 years. This quick energy and nutrition provider gives you 29 grams of protein and 480 calories in one serving.

It may be the easiest food preparation you’ve ever experienced. All you do is add water and shake. Then enjoy a creamy, malted milkshake flavor. 

The 4Patriots Survival Shake Kit is made in the USA, ships from the USA and comes directly to your door. With free shipping in the 48 contiguous states.

It comes in “disaster-resistant” packaging. And in convenient, stackable boxes. Keep some at home, some in your bug-out bag and some in your car. It’s perfect for emergencies. Or anytime you get a craving for a delicious chocolate shake.

Just writing about it makes me want one!

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