Today Is Election Day – Every Vote Counts

It's finally here. Presidential election day. It's a day many Americans have been eagerly awaiting – or possibly dreading – all year.

It's an election day unlike any other in the country's history. It pits an incumbent president many people either love or hate versus a former vice president.

But we've had contentious elections before between two very clear choices. That in itself is not new.

What's different this year is the way the election is being conducted. And the belief that the final result may not be available tonight.

More Early Voting Than Ever

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more Americans than ever before decided to vote by mail. Or vote early in less crowded places than what we may see today.

It's estimated that nearly as many presidential election ballots will have been cast prior to today than will be cast today. The Brookings Institute tells us this would be the first time that's ever happened.

The trend was already headed this way. Nearly 30 percent of ballots were cast early or by mail in recent elections.

This year, with so many ballots mailed in or cast early, there will be claims of fraud on both sides. And it could be days or weeks before all the ballots are counted.

Mail-in Ballots Cause Concerns

One concern about high numbers of mailed-in ballots is the possibility of some being received too late. Or being rejected for a variety of reasons. Even if only a small percentage of ballots are not counted, it could make the difference in a swing state.

Another worry has been doubt about the U.S. Postal Service's ability to handle all the mail-in ballots. And during the primaries, voting delays occurred due to a shortage of poll workers.

Many polls have shown that former Vice President Joe Biden has a fairly significant lead over President Donald Trump.

Other polls show the race being closer. Some have speculated that as with the 2016 election, those planning to vote for Trump are less likely to make that known. Which would lessen the credibility of the polls.

To Appear or Not to Appear

Prior to and after his COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump conducted rallies. The purpose was to invigorate his base and point out his differences from Biden.

The former vice president has made fewer appearances. One of his spokespersons said that's due to safety issues regarding the virus.

Biden and other Democrats have repeatedly said the election will be closer than what most polls indicate. That's another way of telling supporters not to take anything for granted.

Both candidates and their campaign workers have strongly encouraged supporters to cast their votes.

Biden's Coffers Are Larger

Trump's re-election campaign has faced a few challenges. One is that Biden's campaign has raised significantly more money. Perhaps over $130 million more.

Also, several Republicans in Congress appear to be distancing themselves from the president.

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska blasted Trump's coronavirus response and accused him of "flirting" with dictators. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said he won't support Trump's re-election bid.

Even political allies have voiced concerns. Including South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

Trump's Battle Is Twofold

Trump has stated that he's not only battling Biden and other Democrats. But mainstream media as well.

The recent nationally televised town halls were a case in point. The New York Post reported that Biden fielded "softball" questions. They came from ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos and the audience.

Trump, on the other hand, was getting "grilled and talked over" by NBC News moderator Savannah Guthrie. That's according to The Times and Democrat in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

The president recently cut a CBS interview with Lesley Stahl short. He called her "extremely hostile." And challenged viewers to compare the interview to the network's interview with Biden.

Second Debate Spirited But Civil

Trump also had words for Kristen Welker of NBC News. She moderated the second in-person debate on October 22. He referred to her as "terrible" and "totally partisan."

The debate was much more civil than the first one when both candidates repeatedly talked over each other.

But there was still considerable disagreement on the issues. And numerous accusations of lies were tossed back and forth.

If nothing else, voters received a clearer picture of the differences between Trump and Biden. At least when it came to healthcare, climate change and dealing with COVID-19.

Cast Your Vote No Matter What

Many of us have already voted. So we can sit back and watch as the ballots are tallied tonight.

Others of us decided to wait to vote in person today as we have always done in the past.

Regardless, the important thing is to vote. Even if you live in a state in which it's highly unlikely your choice will win, make sure to vote.

This is one of the greatest freedoms and privileges we have as Americans. So let's take advantage of it.


  • Sandy - November 04, 2020

    Thank you Frank! Well written article! Well said! We appreciate you being there !
    It’s so important to always exercise your right to vote, no matter what!
    Right now its a guaranteed right !

  • Penni B - November 04, 2020

    I am rather certain my candidate will not win the election, yet I voted my conscience. In spite of President Trump’s actual keeping many promises, I do not see either party actually making government any smaller, at least not where spending is concerned. Senator Rand Paul pointed out several issues that we have either bi-partisan agreement: ’Don’t touch this!’ , or an unspoken agreement to that effect.
    Then there are the Republicans who miss essential votes (glad I don’t live in their states, they would be getting some strongly worded letters of protest from me!) and allow evil to continue:
    So I voted my conscience.

  • clyde holder - November 04, 2020

    Covid-1984 isn’t the only plague sweeping this country, the plagues of stupidity and fear is even more consuming then covid will ever be. America as we have known it is dead and the key players of the Deep State, Trump and Biden, did their part in killing it. Go Vote, you say?? For whom,I say. The freedoms we had are dead, only gun ownership is still with us, and Trump’s red flag laws will soon kill that freedom. Our world has become our prison, and our government our slave masters who are even now planning a 90% population reduction. Voting is an illusion, the deep state “allows” you to “vote” for their man who has already been picked. Is America great again Ha,Ha!!! Stupidity and fear rules and will be the death of us all. Watch and see.

  • Pixie Garcia - November 04, 2020

    Your article about voting is a bit out of kilter. First, you put the first debate in the wrong light. I watched it myself and the only one that talked over anyone was Trump. When Biden was asked a question Trump grabbed his mic and changed the conversation! You used Trump trash about mail in ballots otherwise known as absentee ballots. Trump himself cast an absentee ballot in Florida of which he is not a resident! His trash about absentee balloting starts with himself. One thing you said was truth all the way. VOTE! Biden may not be my first choice but he and Harris are a definite solution to the evil path Trump has taken us on.

  • Jo Ann Basgall - November 04, 2020

    I appreciate that your emailed article About today’s election (article also appears above) seemed to strive to be non-partisan. To be honest, given the trends today, that is not what I expected. But, it is refreshing. And important, I think. I believe that the greatest danger our nation faces is its internal divisiveness. I am glad that you are not adding fuel to the smoldering fire. Our Nation and our democracy is worth saving. We need to find a way to look beyond our differences, to accept them, really, and recognize that when we all pull together, those differences contribute to our strengths. Hoping fervently for a peaceful election and post-election, and transition, if that is the outcome. Yours, JB

  • Roy Jones - November 04, 2020

    My ballot was cast all red

  • Marnie Johnson - November 04, 2020

    My vote is for JESUS but #He is not on man’s ballot of many corruptions! Case closed, that’s my take on the matter!

  • Lisa Fahnestock - November 04, 2020

    If your any kind of patriot you must get out and vote today. Vote for the candidate that stands for God and freedom.

  • Tim Harlan - November 04, 2020

    Just cast my vote for Trump. Don’t like some of the things he’s said or done but no way in hell I’d vote for “Hiden” Biden & Harris. As a retired/disabled Marine Corps vet, I’m doing what I think is best for our country.

  • catherine wickwire - November 04, 2020

    Hi Guys,I have been up praying in the midnight hour for your president. He will Trump in the final hour. many people in gov’t will in the end vote for him,they just don’t want others to know.
    I was @ Timmies yesterday to get a coffee and the store had it posted that they preferred that I pay by either debit,credit,as they where moving to a cashless system in the future. I PAIDCASH.
    WE are the last free nation left,there is no boat waiting to take YOU to another country with a welfare cheque in your name.
    God Bless North America

  • John - November 04, 2020

    I’m not looking for this to be posted, but I wanted to say “Thank you” for not trying to sway our vote, one way or another. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and I appreciate the way you handled this one. I respect people and businesses that stay clear of politics and religion; not telling people who to vote for or what to believe in.

  • Adam - November 04, 2020

    Keep cleaning the swamp President! 4 more years!

  • William Varnador - November 04, 2020

    We know Trump but we do not know what Biden will do. Do we want a soloist gov.I do not think so.

  • Terry W. Scrogham - November 04, 2020

    I voted for freedom, but no matter how it turns out I think it’s important to have good survival food stocked up. I have breakfast food, dried fruit and vegetables and a bunch of 72 hour kits. Thanks to 4 Patriots for all you do.

  • William Varnador - November 04, 2020

    What worries me is we already know Trump but we don’t know Biden.What will he and his Democrats do to our country.Socialist gov do we want that? I think we will loose a lot.

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