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  • Marilyn Harris - June 18, 2022

    I am so thankful I found you and am more than pleased with all the things I have purchased. The food is great but now I can fix it even if I don’t have gas or electricity. With the sun kettle and my Starfire stove I am in business. Also the Power Cell, radio, flashlight and everything else I have makes me feel safe
    I can finally say " someone has my back". 😁😁😁😁♥️♥️♥️

  • PAUL MOJSL - June 18, 2022


  • Teri Brezin - June 18, 2022

    I am thrilled with all the products I’ve purchased so far, from the solar-powered flashlights to the food I have stored! I doubt that I’m done “shopping” here, but as a senior, on a fixed income, I have to shop a little at a time. I still need some of the bigger generators for simply power, a grandaughter in an electric wheelchair, lights, food storage, etc.
    I’ve purchased enough food for JUST me for a year, but if the SHTF, I’ll have both of my kids and their families too!
    I want to thank 4Patriots for all their products and their quick deliveries! They make me feel safe. I love that they help the veterans, who did so much for us, as well. Thank you 4Patriots!
    I’m also eager to see what this new product is! I’m sure it will be very important to our survival too!
    May God bless those at 4Patriots and may God bless America!

  • Tina Tinch - June 18, 2022

    Really excited!!!

  • Judith - June 18, 2022

    Looking forward to seeing the new product

  • Lisa Michelle - June 18, 2022

    Can’t wait to see it! Thank you for all your doing to help people get ready!

  • Cecelia Cummings - June 18, 2022

    You have always came through for my family. I hope to have a chance for the new item

  • Linda K. Bozsoki - June 18, 2022

    I would like to see more options for gluten free meals and maybe some specials including the gluten free options.

  • Debra Lambert - June 18, 2022

    Just interested to see what the new prodict is.

  • Bruce Van Eerde - June 18, 2022

    You should have a way for 4Patriots customers to communicate amongst each other in the event of an emergency that might knock out internet and cell phone communication. Like satellite phones with some kind of register of #’s. Accurate unbiased info can be life saving were such a thing to happen! Just a thought.

  • Helen Young - June 18, 2022

    Can’t wait to see your newest product. Have lots of them now. We will be prepared thanks to your company.

  • Marlene - June 18, 2022

    I’m excited!!!

  • Norm Liesener - June 18, 2022

    Have ordered several things from you and all have arrived as you said they would. God bless you. NormL

  • Brian Heinz - June 18, 2022

    Thank you Frank can’t wait to get eyes on this. We are in a serious situation in this country and anything that helps preppers we need it now.

    Thank you and your group for what you do and I pray it don’t come back on you and your people.

  • Geneva Elbers - June 18, 2022

    I am anxious to see what it is!

  • Donna Powell - June 18, 2022

    Just a Thank You for all y’all do to keep American Patriots with a supply of food and safe with the with the looming disaster that is in Washington!

  • Lawrence Golder - June 18, 2022

    Always willing to learn

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