Tactical Flashlight: Staying Prepared For a Power Outage

Tactical Flashlight: Staying Prepared For a Power Outage

When you lose power, you lose the ability to see once it gets dark outside. Not only is this a major annoyance, but it can also be dangerous in many situations. If you have to go in your basement, attic, or outdoors to check on power lines, you will need a powerful light to help you see. 

While most cell phones do have a flashlight built-in, they are not always the best light source. Plus, what if you can’t charge your phone due to losing power? 

A tactical flashlight is your best bet for making it through a power outage safely. Ours is made from aluminum alloy, making it one of the sturdiest and most durable flashlights on the market. It is also waterproof and has nine light functions. The best part of all is that it’s solar-powered! 

This means that the flashlight is powered by small solar panels built into the side of it. These panels convert energy from the sun and use it to charge the flashlight! Instead of batteries or chargers, your flashlight will charge during the day and give you hours of light once it is fully charged. If you prefer to charge your devices, it also has a USB charging option. Either way, you will never have to go without light again!

Having a flashlight on hand is not only convenient, but it can also be life-saving. Being in the dark can be detrimental to your safety. If it is pitch-black outside, you won’t be able to read medication labels or look at your fuse box, for example. And, for those who have a hard time getting around, it will be even harder to make it up and down the stairs. Keep reading to find out more information regarding preparation for a power outage!

What Other Supplies Will I Need?

You know that you will need a flashlight to be prepared for a power outage, but what else will you need? Being prepared is the best way to ensure you and your family remain safe during a power outage or any other emergency. The only way to prepare is to gather supplies and tools ahead of time to make sure you are ready to go! You don’t need anything crazy, and you don’t need a ton of supplies. There are a few essential items you should consider acquiring. 

If it is helpful, you can make a checklist of all the things you’ll need for an emergency. Think about what you would need to survive any emergency, and write it down on a list. 

Then, account for every member of your household before you purchase the supplies. You should have enough of everything for everyone who lives with you. Also, consider your or your family’s specific needs, like medicine, infant formula, and other similar items. 

Survival Kit

You should have a survival kit prepared at all times. It doesn’t matter if there’s a power outage, a lockdown, or a natural disaster. A survival kit is a must-have. This kit should contain all of the necessary items needed to help you survive. Tools, supplies, food, and water are all items you should consider including. It does not need to be elaborate, but it should at least have the absolute essentials to help you make it through an emergency. 

Ideally, these are the items you should consider having in the kit:

  • Heat source: A fire-starter is your best bet here. A lighter or matches will work fine. You never know when you will need a fire, whether it’s for warmth, to cook, to purify water, or to send smoke signals for help. 
  • Light source: This can be the solar-powered flashlight we already talked about, or something else, like a lantern. As long as it is reliable and durable, it doesn’t matter.  
  • Water or water purifier: Make sure you stock up on clean and purified water. An alternative would be to buy a water purifier, which can purify thousands of gallons of water.  
  • First aid kit: Unfortunately, injuries tend to go hand in hand with emergencies, even power outages. Make sure you have enough supplies to tend to minor cuts, wounds, sprains, and infections. 
  • Tactical knife: You may have to cut through wiring, tape, or gauze during an emergency. You can also use it for self-defense and hunting if need be.  

Survival Food

Another critical thing to have prepared for a power outage or emergency is survival food. Survival food is food that is non-perishable and has a long and stable shelf-life. It should be high in calories to keep you full. And, it should have enough nutrients to help sustain your energy throughout the emergency. 

Our survival food and food kits are built to last for 25 years, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never go hungry, even during an emergency.   

Power Generator

One of the best devices you can have for a power outage is a generator. Our Power Generator will help give you power when you need it most. Don’t worry about fuel or powering the generator. Ours is solar-powered, so it self-charges when the sun is out. This means it is fume-free and quiet, unlike other generators. You can use it to power large appliances, like refrigerators, freezers, medical devices, and handheld devices like cell phones. 

How Should I Prepare For a Power Outage?

Besides gathering the food and supplies we outlined for you above, there are other steps you should follow in order to prepare for a power outage. 

During a power outage, the first step you should always take is to report the outage. Just because you lost power does not mean other people did. And even if other people did, you can’t assume they’re reporting an outage for your neighborhood. Here are a few things you should consider doing in order to prepare for when a power outage happens: 

  • Watch the food in your fridge and freezer: You will likely have to throw things away depending on how long the power is out. After four hours, the food in the fridge will go bad. After 24 hours, the food in the freezer will go bad (if the door is left unopened). 
  • Unplug everything in your home: You don’t know exactly when your power will come back on, and sometimes there can be an electrical surge when it does. Just to be safe, keep everything unplugged to prevent an electrical fire. 
  • Stockpile books and boardgames: Once you are safe, you will need a way to pass the time. Make sure you have plenty of books, magazines, and games on hand to pass the time. 


Hopefully, you see the benefits of having a tactical flashlight readily available. The best way to be prepared for a power outage is to stock up on supplies and tools and follow the necessary steps to keep you and your family safe. 

Power outages can be scary, but they do not have to be dangerous. 4Patriots has everything you need to be prepared! 


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