Survival Tools That Fit in Your Pocket

When you walk out your front door in the morning, what do you make sure you're taking with you?

For me, there are three things I always check. 

Did I bring my wallet? Check ✔️

Did I bring my cellphone? Check ✔️

Did I bring my keys? Check ✔️ 

For each of those items – and maybe you have one or two more you always carry with you – one could quote the American Express card motto: "Don't leave home without it." 

These three items have something else in common. They can all fit in a pocket, whether it's in your pants, shirt, or jacket. There's just something safe and secure about a pocketed item. And you can tell it's there without even having to look.

3 compact tools from 4Patriots

Now, most survival tools are larger than your wallet, cellphone, and keys. But thankfully there are some that are compact enough to fit in a pocket. 

And if you think about it, that's not a bad place to keep certain tools because you never know when you'll need one of them. 

Sure, you can also keep these items in a backpack or bug-out bag. And it's not a bad idea to do exactly that with your backup items. But just knowing you can fit some crucial survival tools in your pockets is a good reminder that you should have them with you whenever possible.

Today I want to talk about three of these survival tools. They are a power bank, a tactical flashlight, and a mini solar panel. And it just so happens that 4Patriots offers all of them at very affordable prices.

Patriot Power Cell

The Patriot Power Cell is a pocket-sized "power plant" that can keep your important electronic devices charged. Including your cellphone, tablet, GPS unit, and many others. 

You can charge your power cell with a USB adapter and a wall outlet or with the free power of the sun, thanks to its five-inch solar panel. Once it's charged, you can use it to power up two devices at the same time.

Despite its compact size, the Patriot Power Cell is powerful. It can recharge your smartphone up to six times before needing to be recharged. And its ruggedized exterior protects against drops. Plus, it features a bright flashlight and an SOS flasher. 

Most of our customers buy four at a time. When you do, you get $5 off each unit. Here's how to get yours…

HaloXT Tactical Flashlight

You probably own at least one flashlight. But if they are not multi-purpose tactical flashlights, you're depriving yourself of having something far superior. In addition to several light functions, the HaloXT has small solar panels so you can charge it with just the power of the sun. 

As well as a glass breaker, a seatbelt cutter, and a compass. The HaloXT also has an anti-slip handle and an adjustable wrist strap. Despite its small size and light weight, it's extremely sturdy. That's because it's made from aluminum alloy. It can handle abuse.

This tactical flashlight will continue to perform perfectly. It's weather-resistant, shock-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It even includes a magnet so you can secure it to your car and use both hands to work. 

And you can charge other devices with the HaloXT. Including your cellphone and Patriot Power Cell. Here's how you can get yours... 

PocketSun Solar Panel

Have you ever watched workers installing solar panels on the roof of a house or other building? Those bad boys are effective… but they are usually pretty large and heavy. And require at least a couple of installers. What if you could easily pull a compact solar panel out of your pocket and start charging one of your devices?

Now you can with the PocketSun Solar Panel. Just unfold it and set it down where the free energy of the sun can reach it. Then start charging your USB devices. Such as your phone and tablet.

Weighing less than one pound, this mini solar panel features two USB ports so you can power multiple devices at once. And it never needs batteries.

You can take this extra backup power wherever you go. Including when you travel, camp, and fish. It's great for emergencies or everyday usage. Get yours here… 

Simple to use and perfect for gifting

In addition to fitting in your pocket, the three survival tools I've described above have something else in common.

They're all easy to use and make great gifts. When you buy several, you can keep them in different places in your home and in your vehicle, and give a couple to family members and friends. 

They're also silent and safe, and don't require the electricity you pay for to keep them charged. 

As one of our customers, John C., said, "I cannot believe how many items this company has come up with for our comfort and safety in our survival. Every item has a lot of thought & energy involved in protecting us from just about anything."

Thanks, John. That's what we're here for. Hope you don't mind, but I printed your comment and carry it with me… in my pocket.

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