Survival Food: The Ultimate Guide

Survival Food: The Ultimate Guide

If you are interested in learning more about preparing for emergencies, you have come to the right place. When people start to think about preparing, they often think about gathering tools, supplies, extra clothing, and other similar items. This is great because these items are important. However, two things are more important than survival gear: food and water. You would be surprised at the crazy situations people make it through without tools and supplies. You rarely hear survival stories if the people did not have food and water. 

This information is not meant to make you stressed. It’s meant to help you prioritize what you need if you are preparing for emergencies. The absolute best way to prevent stress and make things easier in scary situations is to be prepared. Planning ahead will take out all the guesswork for you if disaster strikes. We have put together the ultimate guide to survival food, along with a few tips for the other supplies you might need for emergencies. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Are Survival Kits and Food Kits the Same Things?

No, survival kits and food kits are not the same things. Survival kits, otherwise known as preparedness kits, are designed to give you the tools and items you need to survive. Of course, you do need food and water to survive. Both kits are necessary for your survival during an emergency situation. One gives you the tools to make it through an emergency, and the other gives you energy and nutrients so you can stay focused on the situation at hand.  

Often, people will just combine the two kits into one main survival kit. That way, it will be easier for you to access, and you won’t have to worry about where one kit is. A good idea would be to get a large, durable, and waterproof container. Even a big plastic bin will work fine. 

Then, make your survival kit and your food kit. Once you have all the items you need for both, you can organize them in the bin. You can still have them separated by food and by tools/supplies, but they will be together and conveniently located in the same place. Doing this is a sure way to save you time and energy. 

What Items Should I Have in Each Kit?

The items you have in each kit are very important. And while both do not have to be elaborate or filled to the brim with supplies, there are some essential items that should always be included. It is important to note that not every kit will look the same or have the same supplies in it, and that’s fine. You can always adjust and choose the items based on your specific needs. 

One of the main factors to consider for food and supplies is how many people live in your household. For example, preparing for a single-person household and preparing for a family of five are very different tasks. You will have to get the correct rations of food for each person in your home. And, if there are babies or toddlers, that preparation might look even more different. While there are many guides and lists that can offer advice and suggestions, only you know what your family’s specific needs are. 

Survival Food for Your Food Kit

One of the best parts about survival food is that there is no prep work to be done. It comes preserved and packaged, ready to be added to your survival kit. All you will need to do is organize it and ration it if each member of your household has a section in your survival kit. Other than that, you are good to go! Check out the list below for the survival food you should consider having on hand.

  • 4-Week Survival Food Kit: This contains enough rations for one person to have three meals a day for four weeks. 
  • Emergency Food Bars: These bars make the perfect supplement to any survival food. They can also act as a meal replacement. 
  • Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Survival Kit: This is a great way to ensure you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients through your survival food.    
  • Supplements to Food Kits: Besides the food kits, you can have jars of other supplemental foods like veggie soup, rice, and even pancake mix. 

Survival Kit

Your survival food will go into your survival kit. If you are just working on a survival kit alone, that’s ok too. Remember, your survival kit should include items that will allow you to survive. Think to yourself: what would I really need to survive in an emergency? Narrow it down to the bare necessities, and that will make a great start for your kit. We have created a list of suggestions for essential items you should consider including in the kit.

  • Solar-Powered Flashlight: Make sure you can always find your way in the dark with this solar-powered flashlight. No batteries required. 
  • Tactical Knife: You must have something to cut through things. You never know when you’ll need to slice through rope, tape, or even electrical wires.  
  • First Aid Kit: Always be prepared for injuries that can happen, especially during natural disasters.


Now that you have read our ultimate guide to survival food, you should feel more confident in your emergency preparedness abilities. Preparing really is not a hard thing to do, but you just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to do it. 

In the long run, putting the time in now will only save you time during an emergency. Don’t waste your time trying to gather supplies and food at the last minute when you should be focusing on making it through the emergency.

The great thing about our survival food is that it will give you the sustained energy you need to focus and stay fuller for longer periods of time. And, gathering the food and supplies you need now is the one action you can take to be ready for anything. Realistically, it should not take you much time at all to prepare your emergency preparedness kit. 

Once you order your survival food and supplies from 4Patriots, all that’s left to do is organize it all together in a waterproof container! It couldn’t be easier, and the one thing that is guaranteed is your peace of mind. 


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    I have an ileostomy and am on a low fiber diet. I like the eggs, and plan to get some. Do you have yogurt and soup? I am also non -GMO.

  • Linda Carlson - August 11, 2021

    Nice to know that at my age and a widow that I will be prepared for an emergency.

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