Survival Food Questions – You Asked, We’re Answering

Remember the days when survival food did not have a great reputation?

Those who ate it were not impressed with its taste. They complained that it lacked nutrition and variety. They felt it was difficult to store and over-priced. Some even wondered if the claimed shelf lives were accurate.

Great strides have been taken over the past 20 years to put these fears to rest. There’s now much more confidence in survival food’s value. Thanks to taste tests, nutritional information labels, and greater variety.

In fact, I bet you can’t guess which one of these photos is survival food and which one is from a restaurant. What do you think?

If you guessed A or B, you’re correct. These are both made from survival food. 

Of course, there are still questions and concerns. And they are perfectly legitimate. We want our customers to be confident about their purchase and what their putting in their bodies. 

So let’s take a look at some comments you sometimes here about freeze-dried survival food and decide if they are TRUE or FALSE. .

Question – True or False: Canned food is the answer to long-term survival food storage.

Answer – False

Explanation – Having some canned foods in your pantry is not a bad idea. It can’t hurt. But shelf lives fall well short of what you and your family may end up needing someday.

Freeze-dried foods last much longer. And they will taste as fresh in many years as they would today.

Freeze-dried food can stay good for up to 25 years. Assuming it is properly stored. And that means keeping it in a cool, dark, dry place. Where air, light, moisture, insects, and rodents can’t get to it. Say goodbye to rotating food.


Question – True or False: Freeze-dried food tastes bad and loses nutritional value.

Answer – False

Explanation – Canned food can lose its taste and nutritional value over time. But freeze-dried food tastes as good and fresh as the day it is packaged.

Natural food has moisture in it. That’s what helps it taste good. But that moisture also makes it vulnerable to microorganisms that cause spoilage.

When food is frozen, microorganisms are unable to grow. Freeze-drying food removes nearly all moisture.

Once food is freeze-dried, it’s simply a matter of packaging it properly in airtight bags. Such as bags made of Mylar. And then storing it where it can’t be contaminated by the elements.

This process also helps freeze-dried food retain its nutritional value better than canned food. Without the use of harmful chemicals.


Question – True or False: It doesn’t matter how or where you store your survival food.

Answer – False

Explanation – The top five enemies of stored food are light, heat, air, moisture, and pests. Light can deplete vitamin content. The storage temperature for most foods should be 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The more oxygen food is exposed to, the shorter its shelf life. Moisture is where bacteria grows, so it needs to be removed to make food shelf stable. Strong, airtight containers will keep furry creatures out of your food.


Question – True or False: Freeze-dried meats don’t break down well in the body. 

Answer – False

Explanation – Some have concerns about freeze-dried meat affecting their digestive systems.

But freeze-dried food is usually more easily digested than canned food. That’s due to the fact that it does not contain additives or preservatives.


Question – True or False: Freeze-dried foods are expensive.

Answer – False

Explanation – People sometimes worry about the cost of freeze-dried food. Prices may seem higher because freeze-dried food is often sold in bulk.

But by using a calculator, you realize you’re saving money by purchasing freeze-dried food. 


Question – True or False: Your options are limited with survival food.

Answer – False

Explanation – When many people hear “freeze-dried,” they first think of fruits and vegetables. And those are certainly items you should stockpile.

But freeze-dried meat can also provide plenty of nutrition. Including much-needed protein, minerals, and other nutrients.

Why is this important? For one thing, if a crisis goes on for more than several days, you’re going to desire something other than fruits and vegetables.

For another, the stress you’ll experience during an emergency will raise your cortisol levels. That means potential muscle loss. Maintaining strength will be a must in a crisis. Meat will be key in your diet.


Why 4Patriots?

The preparedness industry is a big one. For good reason. There is much to be concerned about these days. Including extreme weather, wars, supply-chain problems, rising food prices. And much more.

Not surprisingly, 4Patriots has competition. Everyone is going to say they’re the best. I have yet to hear a company say they are the worst. That would probably not be a good marketing strategy.

So, how do you know which company to choose? Well, all I can tell you is that millions of folks have chosen our survival food and other products. We’re known by customers and the media for our quality and variety.

We make customer service a top priority. We give 365-day, 100% money-back guarantees. And we give back significant sums of money to organizations that support American veterans and their families.

If you’re already a 4Patriots customer, thank you for your business. And for making our donations to charitable organizations possible. If you’re not yet a 4Patriots customer, please give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  • Gary M McCallum - May 24, 2024

    I am really fortunate to find the 4Patriots Company. This company has so many different food kits available. They also have survival gear to buy. They offer a payment plan to buy bigger expensive items, such as the generators. This payment plan is a great deal for a lot of people who cannot afford to pay the whole amount at once.
    The way things are going now, we are lucky to have this company around, so that we can buy survival food & gear.

  • James Levenberg - May 24, 2024

    If someone is not quite sure about any of your products I can attest to the service provided to 4Patriots customers. So far, I am happy with everything I have purchased from this company and I have acquired just about everything that is offered. I made several orders over the last couple years. Due to the volume of my business some hiccups are inevitable. There were a couple issues, mostly due to shipping which is not entirely 4Patriots responsibility. Regardless of how miniscule or severe, every concern I had was alleviated. Over a couple years and several orders the issues were minimal by comparison and 4Patriots bent over backwards to ensure my satisfaction

  • sherry broome - May 24, 2024

    I don’t like hot oatmeal(cookies-Yes) or creamy wheat. So I don’t order the big sized meal plans. Only one person will eat the oatmeal and occasionally will get his kids to eat it. I don’t like bananas so gave my sister a bag. She said it tasted like bananas for a few seconds then the taste wore off. It’s just me and would need to get rid of more stuff to make room for whatever comes in.

  • Blackie HASSENZELLA - May 24, 2024

    I have tried other companies products before discovering 4 Patriots. Since that discovery I have stayed strictly with 4 Patriots. My stash of food surpasses 200 totes and 40 of the stackable water bricks for bulk foods such as oatmeal, sugar, salt, coffee, flour, etc., etc. if you’re serious then I would highly recommend 4 Patriots. I’ve received broken totes and food packages that were punctured by sharp corners of other packages and customer services were on the spot to correct those issues and more. Never have I had someone who thought anything bad or out of the ordinary with these complaints. Again, to my way of thinking there is no better company and no better product than 4 Patriots. Take a minute to look at what they have to offer and I’m sure you will be surprised and pleased with their product line that includes numerous items for survival, clean water, warmth, safety, comfort, and protection. Thank you 4 Patriots for what you do for America.

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