Stressful Times Call for Unity and Patriotism

Did you ever think the United States of America could become this divided?

I have to admit, I did not. Some are saying the country has not been this fractured since the Civil War.

Even when it comes to crucial issues where it seems like Americans should see eye to eye, there is division. Such as dealing with a deadly pandemic and civil unrest.

There is so much fighting between those on the right and those on the left that we can’t seem to get anything done. And other nations are laughing at us.

No apologies for love of country

This is a time for unity, not division. This is a time for recognizing common enemies. And battling them together. It’s also a time for recognizing common goals. And achieving them through cooperation.

While unity is our goal, we don’t want to compromise our values. We won’t apologize for loving our country.

Despite all the problems our nation is facing right now, many of us stand together as proud Americans. We’re not embarrassed or afraid to call ourselves patriots.

Personally, I’m proud to work for a company that has “Patriots” in its name. Maybe that’s one of the things that led you to connect with us.

Revisit American history

Now, it’s one thing to claim we’re patriotic. It’s another to demonstrate it. Today I’d like to discuss specific ways we can show our love for America and its values.

One is to learn as much as we can about our country’s history. Most of us were taught the basics and perhaps much more in grade school.

But it wouldn’t hurt to revisit some of those history lessons. Reading about how our nation began and developed into a superpower serves to fill us with pride.

America has made some mistakes along the way. We’re not proud of them. But we’re pleased with the resolve we’ve shown to correct them. And we’re hopeful of continuing on that path.

Vote in every election

A second way to exhibit our patriotism is to vote. And not only every four years in the presidential election. But every time there is a chance to make our voices heard at the ballot box.

Yes, voting is a right that Americans who came before us fought and died for. But it’s also a civic duty.

This goes all the way back to the founding of our country. The colonists were upset that they were being taxed by those they did not elect.

There are people in a number of countries around the world who aren’t allowed to vote. They’re jealous of our voting rights. Let’s not let those rights go unused.

Support the U.S. military

Supporting our veterans and active-duty troops is a third way to show your patriotism.

There are many ways you can do this. One is by giving financial gifts to non-profit organizations supporting U.S. military members and their families.

Another is by making clothing and other donations to those groups that help out vets. And which send care packages to our troops overseas.

Still another is by supporting businesses that donate a portion of their profits to organizations that benefit our troops and vets.

Fly Old Glory proudly

Many of us fly the American flag outside our homes on special occasions. Such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Others fly it 365 days of the year. (Make that 366 days this year.) Whatever you’re comfortable with, flying Old Glory is a fourth way to demonstrate patriotism.

There is no more important symbol of freedom and liberty. Some folks even have a flagpole in their yard and rarely take their flag down.

Just keep in mind there are rules about how to honor the Stars and Stripes. For example, it should not be flown after dusk unless it’s illuminated.

Teach kids about patriotism

A fifth way to show your love for America can have even more far-reaching effects than any of the things I’ve mentioned so far.

And that’s teaching your children and grandchildren what patriotism means. And how to demonstrate it. Don’t assume their schools will do this for them.

Most of what they will learn about patriotism from you will come through observation. You won’t have to say anything. Just be patriotic and they’ll get it.

But there are some specific actions you can take to help the process along. For example, teach them the Pledge of Allegiance and explain what it means. Show them how to behave while the National Anthem is being played.

Make sure they understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Teach them how our government is supposed to work. And instruct them about their responsibilities as U.S. citizens.

America is experiencing tremendous upheaval right now. I’m confident we’ll get through it, but there will be more bumps in the road.

By showing our patriotism in a variety of ways, we’ll prove that America and its values are worth the fight.


  • Bill Schmidt - June 19, 2020

    Excellent blog post 4Patriots. Thank-you!

  • Bill Schmidt - June 19, 2020

    Rich Collins, you nailed it! Thank-you!

  • Alice Ramey I like your message very very much - June 11, 2020

    I like your message very very much I think it’s time that we all have that message so I am going to transfer it to some of my people though they like to know them to know I know it’s pretty hard to do that I’m just new at this thing but thank you for the information and the knowledge and all the food that I have bought so far and everything else and God-bless shoe for you for doing this and God-bless our service men

  • Richard Jones - June 11, 2020

    Speaking of supporting our troops, supporting the USO is a great way to do that—I saw Hugh O’Brian in Nam sing Luck Be A Lady Tonight from Guys and Dolls in ‘67 or ’68—not just shows, they provide companionship, goodies, calls home and stuff—just what guys & dolls need in the desert or wherever they serve, reminds them of home and what and who they’re fighting for.

  • David Gorton - June 11, 2020

    Thanks for being there! You folks are the best at what you do!! God bless you and yours!!!

  • Rich Collins - June 11, 2020

    I just read your post on being a patriot and how we can show support. You mentioned the reason for our founders to come here, the right to vote, fly the flag and support our vets. Education of our children and have them learn through witness from our actions. I have some questions as I am a patriot who comes from immigrant parents who made a path for all us through hard work, dedication, belief in god and praise for the opportunity we have in this country. My parents were discriminated against because they were Catholic and Irish. Two of my four brothers were in the military and one could not due to early childhood illness and I choose to go into religious life to be a missionary and was in the seminary for 6 years and was a professed religious. I did not continue because I had three vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. Poverty and Obedience I was use to but chastity was killing me. I still have a mission driven mentality and I am in my 70’s. I choose to work for over 50 years with the poor, disabled and families of need in the special education profession. When you talk of first responders I consider teaching the very first responders to deal with all the woes we see in our inclusive society. Your experiences in the military carried oaths to your country and brothers in arms. You have defended those ideals. Did you serve with soldiers of different colors, creeds or socio economic status and did you take that oath only when you were serving? History has many lenses as it is interpreted via our biases. Did you feel loyalty to the people you served which is all American citizens regardless of who they are? I am so proud of the current and retired military leaders who are speaking out as to the lack of integrity in our leadership. I fully resent how Our active military have been treated when they follow their oath to protect there men and get disgraced and demoted when they protect their men whether it is an Admiral or General. General Mathis stood up for his soldiers with courage and spoke his mind and was kicked out of the pentagon. He had so much class that the service men and women wanted to line the corridors of the pentagon as well as to he car to show respect for his defense of all military . He said no as he said , “I am doing my duty”. That is leadership. Tell the truth and don’t support the conspiracy of lies from whoever is telling them. Don’t defy the constitution by misuse of our military and resources as it is a gross mis-justice to all. I am a Patriot who serves and honors our country, our ideals, our citizenry in my service to the underserved. I have worked for the rights of vets who have closed head injuries and get drummed out the military before they qualify for disability because the symptomatology is hidden and has a slow debilitating effect on performance which is exasperated and morphs into PTSD. The lobbying lead to early identification of symptoms. I was pissed off because my kids who graduated form my programs who went to the military and were wounded got discharged after returning due to the closed head injuries that were not diagnosed. That was an abuse to our service people. I am sure that you experienced far more experiences in your career which you could relate to and report.
    Honor says you tell it like it is. History needs to be honorable in how it is reported. The blights in our history needs to faced so as we not repeat the past mistakes. We need to own what we have said and done and be honorable. Inclusion of all the history as it relates to immigrants and slavery is valuable to your children’s integration to the world. I believe in the greatness of our country and I fly the flag but I also accept our collective history and the impact of discrimination towards my parent and people of color. I could never walk in a black mans shoes nor could you I expect as I would have be incarcerated because I would fight back against the systemic racism. I have seen it. I have witnessed it. So have you. Don’t we have a responsibility to all our citizens? Isn’t that why you served? I value your products and your service to our country. I pray you can be part of a positive and inclusive process of healing in our country. We need it. The world needs it. Our Allies need to know we are dependable and we are honorable and keep our word. Our influence is being eroded due to our current issues. There are extremist on the right and the left and outside countries are using this opportunity to destabilize us internally. It is human nature to read only what supports your point of view. They know that and feed disinformation in all media, right or left. The question is are we brave enough to read to understand where the others are coming from. Are you a Christian? Can you be objective in reading about the history of Blacks and adopting Christianity as slaves and now in the current state of their existence? Read " The Cross and the Lynching Tree" by Dr Cone. Can you be open to understanding it from the black experience? I don’t know if you have made it this far as I don’t think you are accepting of my point of view. I hope you are and I hope we can dialog. You have quality products and I hope an open mind to dialogue. Thanks for making it this far in what was not a planned thing as our times are difficult for all. Be well. God Bless you and yours.

  • Denise - June 11, 2020

    I don’t know how divided REAL America is…. the imported and foreign run groups are trying to kill off the inner cities as hard as they can… Your message this morning WAS censored. the image? was missing with a space covering that area in small squares of blocking image….

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