Solar Energy: Your Everyday Pocket Power

Solar Energy: Your Everyday Pocket Power

If you’re not using solar-powered tools and devices, it’s time to make the switch. Chargeable and battery-operated devices are a thing of the past. They are outdated and are not nearly as reliable or effective, especially in emergency situations. When it comes to emergencies, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your device will have enough charge to get you through. Plus, searching for extra batteries is annoying. 

Forget about emergencies for one minute and think about the items you use daily that require batteries or a charger. Cellphones, flashlights, and generators are all great examples of devices you don’t want to worry about having enough power. You want to be able to use these things even when you’re in a pinch. With regular chargers and batteries, there isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll have enough power. 

Consider a mobile charger that comes with a power pack as its charging base. If you are on a road trip, traveling, or running errands and you didn’t fully charge the base, then you’re out of luck. You won’t be able to charge your device. The same goes for if you’re camping or doing something outdoors and need a flashlight. If you don’t have new batteries or a backup set, you won’t be able to use it. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations, you know how frustrating (and dangerous) it can be. That’s where solar-powered energy comes in. Any time the sun is out, your device will charge. You never have to worry about having a fully-charged device again! Many people assume solar power is just for the panels that go on your roof, but that is not the case. Solar power can be used every day on devices big and small. 

Why Is It a Good Idea to Use Solar-Powered Devices?

In case you did not know, solar power converts the energy given off by the sun and turns it into power and electricity. It does this through a special panel that collects the energy and transfers it to whatever it is attached to. In the case of solar panels, they are attached to your home’s energy grid and supplies power to your home. 

With smaller tools and devices, there are grids that are equal to the size of the device. In many cases, it is directly built into a part of the device, like on the side of a flashlight or on top of a power pack for a portable charger. 

There are quite a few reasons why you should consider using solar power when it comes to more large-scale uses like powering your home. We will focus on why you should use solar power to power your smaller devices every day or in the case of an emergency. Check out our list below to see the top three reasons why it’s a good idea to use solar-powered devices. 

Saves You Money

In any case, solar power saves you money. You’ll never need to buy a charger or batteries for your solar-powered device again, which does add up over time. 

Plus, one device will last you a long time because you can charge and drain the battery from hundreds to thousands of times. That means you will get a minimum of five years of use, on average. And, if you are interested in using solar power for your home, it will cut down on your energy bills there, too.  

No Charger or Batteries Necessary

 Besides the money-saving factor, always having batteries on hand (or taking up room in your junk drawer) is annoying. So is having extra chargers that go with your device. 

If you have something that is solar-powered, the charger is already built-in! It will have a small panel on it that acts as the charger. And if you don’t have a solar-powered device, you can still charge your device with a solar-powered charger or generator

Safer and More Reliable

As long as your device is in the sunlight during the day, you never have to remember to charge it. Just leave it by a window or somewhere sunny until you are ready to use it. 

With non-solar devices, not having batteries or not having an outlet to plug into can be dangerous, especially when you need power during an emergency. If you rely on something like a radio, cellphone, or even a flashlight, you shouldn’t have to worry about it failing you when you need it most.  

What Are the Best Solar-Powered Tools?

Solar-powered tools are great for everyday use, and they are even better in an emergency. If you need power for a device, solar power is the way to go. You will never have to worry about not having a charge again. Here are the best solar-powered tools you need:

  • Rechargeable Batteries: If your device doesn’t have a charging cord or a built-in solar panel, then these batteries will be your new go-to. You can charge and drain them 500 times, and they work on any device that takes regular batteries.
  • Power Generator: This is a must-have for emergency preparedness. Use the generator inside your home to power larger devices and appliances, like refrigerators and medical devices. 
  • Tactical Flashlight: This is great for emergency situations and daily use. There are many times when we find ourselves needing extra light, like when we go into basements or attics. Even looking under your sink if there’s a leak.

Are There Portable Solar-Powered Devices?

Yes! While the items we mentioned in the above lists are also technically portable, some devices are specifically made for portability. This means they are small enough to travel with you, and they can go anywhere at any time.

  • Patriot Power Cell: These power cells are only slightly bigger than your cell phone. They are strong enough to charge any device that uses a USB charging cable. Each cell has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. Plus, there’s a built-in flashlight!
  • Mini Solar Generator: This is perfect for stashing with your survival kit or packing for travel. This generator also only weighs eight pounds. It’s small but mighty with a 300-watt capacity. It has eight outlets and can be used to power your most essential devices, like laptops and radios.


As you can see, solar energy is the best possible way to power all your devices, big and small! From pocket-sized power cells to full-sized generators that can power large appliances like freezers and microwaves, there’s nothing you can’t power with solar energy.

At 4Patriots, we have all the solar-powered devices you will ever need. Whether it’s a camping trip, preparing for an emergency, or just charging your cell phone every day, there’s a solar-powered device for that.

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