Why You Need a Portable Power Bank

When I was a kid, I would frequently tell my parents I “needed” one thing or another.

Maybe it was something small like a pack of Topps baseball cards. Or something bigger like a new basketball. Perhaps it was a single G.I. Joe action toy. Or a whole set of plastic Army men figures.

Regardless, I would try to convince them that this was an essential thing for me to possess. My parents would then explain to me the difference between wanting something and needing something.

I’m reminded of this because when cellphones first became widely available, I saw them as a “want” rather than a “need.” Now I realize I need one. And if a cellphone is a need, so too is a portable way to keep it charged.

Today I want to tell you why I believe portable power banks are a necessity, not a luxury.

Charge your cellphone

Perhaps the single best reason for carrying a power bank with you wherever you go is to charge your cellphone. Cellphones are great, but their batteries… not so much.

Now, some people are on their cellphones all day long. Others only use them occasionally. Cellphones are used for many different purposes.

Like calling, texting and photo taking and sharing. Plus news gathering and social media interaction. As well as gaining directions and enjoying entertainment. It’s not surprising their batteries wear down quickly.

There’s not always an outlet available for charging your phone when you’re out and about. And even when there is, such as at an airport or coffee shop, juice jacking can be a concern.

You don’t want a dead phone when you really need it. Like when you’re lost or in a life-threatening situation. A portable power bank can keep that from happening.

Charge other devices

You may use your cellphone more than any other electronic device. Then again, you might use a laptop, tablet, iPod, GPS or other device more frequently.

A portable power bank will come in handy for charging those devices as well. Again, especially if you’re using them away from home.

Or maybe you find that a couple of your devices need charging at the same time. Portable power banks can handle that chore with multiple USB ports.

They are also very convenient to carry around. You can fit most of them in a shirt or pants pocket. Or a backpack pocket. So it will always be with you when you need it.

Traveling, hiking or camping

Portable power banks are especially helpful when you are in transit. Or when you’re camping, hiking or fishing.

Seldom are there outlets handy for charging a cellphone or other device in these circumstances.

But with a fully-charged power bank – or better yet, several power banks – you don’t have to worry about your devices dying.

Portable power banks will supply your devices with exactly what they need during your temporary time away from electrical outlets.

Rough and tough

Another great reason to carry a portable power bank is because they are rugged. They can withstand a fall or a bump.

When making a portable power bank choice, make sure it’s also water-resistant. You don’t know what the weather will be like when you need to use it.

And if you were to drop it into a puddle or even a body of water, you want to make sure it will still work properly.

Many people keep a fully-charged portable power bank in the glove compartment of their vehicle. Even if it bounces around while you’re on rough terrain, it will work perfectly.

Providing convenience

Now, this does not exactly qualify as a life-threatening problem. But sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up.

Let’s say you’re in your favorite chair and notice that your cellphone, laptop or other device is running low on batteries.

Or maybe you’re lying in bed listening to an audiobook or watching a movie on your tablet and notice the same thing.

Yeah, you could get up, plug the device in and try to get comfortable elsewhere. But why not just use your portable power bank to keep the device running until you have time to charge it in an outlet again?

Aiding others

When we think of self-sufficiency, we think about how we can take care of ourselves. This makes perfect sense. After all, it’s “self” sufficiency.

But another reason some of us wish to be self-reliant is because we want to be in a position to help others who may not be.

Like you, I need to take care of myself and my family first. But if I have more than enough – whether it’s food, water or power – I can come to the aid of someone who doesn’t.

Someday you might find yourself in a position to help a stranger who desperately needs to charge his phone or other device. If you have several portable power banks with you at the time, you could make a new friend for life.

Help from above

Now, what if your portable power bank runs out of juice and there is no outlet available? You’re sunk, right?

Not if your portable power bank can be charged with the free power of the sun. If it has a built-in solar panel, you’re in business.

Some solar-powered portable power banks even feature a built-in flashlight to help you see in the dark.

Which is especially helpful if your phone needs recharging and can’t provide the light it normally does.

Not All Power Banks Are Created Equal

I hope I’ve convinced you that a portable power bank is more than a luxury. You may find that you “need” it much more than you “want” it. I believe your best option is to have backup power that recharges from the free power of the sun. And my top recommendation is the Patriot Power Cell

The Patriot Power Cell is small but mighty. It's perfect for those of us on-the-go, anytime your cellphone needs a recharge. You can take it to the store or anywhere else... it'll fit in your purse, your backpack, even your back pocket. Heck, you can even keep it on the dash so it can recharge as you drive.

Learn more about the Patriot Power Cell here

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